5 Quart Coleman Hard Cooler with Reversible Hinges

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Date last modified: February 18, 2023

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We examined the best small hard coolers and read reviews from some of the most well-known review websites. This analysis has allowed us to determine which Small Hard Cooler is the best one to purchase.

Consider using this small hard cooler, which can keep ice frozen for six to seven hours, for shorter outings like picnics. The lid can be turned around to reveal a tray or table for placing food and indented cupholders for your canned beverages. Even though it can only hold up to six soda cans, the container is large enough to hold a couple of people's lunch or snacks.

When we looked at the top 14 products in the category, we analyzed 110 expert reviews, and the Coleman Reversible Hinges Small Hard Cooler, 5-Quart came in at position 4. The complete ranking is shown below.

Bring a Coleman 5 Quart FlipLid Cooler with you to your next event so you can have a cooler and a small table. You'll have enough room to pack a full meal in a container that can hold six cans. The bail handle makes getting to your destination simple whether you're taking lunch to work or going on an afternoon picnic. The FlipLid hinged lid flips over once you get there to be used as a tray with molded beverage holders. The EZ-Clean top wipes clean after use, leaving you prepared for your next enjoyable experience.

It functions as a small, portable cooler to keep food and beverages chilled.
It's the perfect personal cooler for the ideal picnic. Even better, you can use it to complement a larger cooler and follow the craze among campers.
It can accommodate up to six pop cans or possibly one person's lunch. It is compact, unlike many larger coolers, and spacious enough to hold a few food items. Additionally, it has a flip-top hinged lid with molded beverage holders that doubles as a tray.
The hard exterior allows you to use the cooler as a small picnic table, reading surface, etc. It can hold up to 6 cans of ice. Additionally, you can use it as a small wine cooler around the house, especially if you choose the red version of the product. It is incredibly inexpensive, yet could still pull off looking sophisticated enough for expensive wine.
More effectively insulates than the majority of fabric lunch boxes Simpler to clean and dry Provides a longer life span than fabric lunch boxes
The flip lid is simple to clean. It can hold approximately six bottles of beverages. You can use the flip lid as a table to eat and drink. The flip lid has a bottle holder.
However, what truly distinguishes it from other coolers is the FlipLid top. When it's time to eat, you can do so worry-free no matter where you are because the lid itself is reversible and can be used as a serving tray with molded can holders.
A good American-made cooler that enhances the enjoyment of your adventures
The ideal amount of space is provided for a six-pack and some ice. Customers laud the quality of this cooler's construction, in particular the way that when the lid is fully opened, it remains firmly open to reveal cup holders and a spot that can serve as a small table. One of the best ice chest coolers available is this one because it has insulation that keeps ice frozen for six to seven hours.
The ideal one-person hard cooler for camping trips is this one. Its sturdy exterior provides plenty of storage space.
Heavy-duty Pebax hinges, which are up to 8 times more durable than conventional plastic hinges, are present in this cooler.
To provide a stable surface for drinks, the FlipLid has a beverage holder built into it. After finishing your meal, shut the door and prepare to leave. It is simple to clean the top and remove any messes.
But there are some issues with its size due to how small it is.
For a picnic or barbecue, this 5-quart Coleman cooler might not have enough room to store food for the entire family.
Possibly not the best option for Tupperware There is no lock on the lid. The quality of the insulation is average.
Some clients criticized the handle and lid, the lack of insulation, and the price.
Inadequate insulation Lid and handle have a dubious durability.

A small cooler can help you stay stocked with cool drinks, snacks, and even lunch while you're away from home, whether you're going to the beach or working at a construction site. However, small coolers come in a wide range of designs and features, so it's crucial to weigh your options carefully before making a purchase.

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Capacity is one significant difference between coolers. You'll need a cooler that can hold everything you want to bring on your trip but is still small enough to be portable. Some coolers can only hold a six-pack, while others can accommodate long-neck bottles, cases of canned goods, and plenty of snacks for many people.

Make sure your cooler has wheels and that the locations you'll be visiting don't have stairs or other challenging terrain if you frequently need a larger capacity. A hinged lid is useful for smaller coolers because you only need to partially open it to reach inside and retrieve items.

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Additionally, many hard coolers have lids that have multiple functions. Some can be turned over to become tables, making them ideal for picnics. Lid indentations are useful for setting your drinks down while you take sips. Others have components that act as storage for things like your thermos or a few water bottles.

Small coolers can hold more than just lunches and snacks. In fact, a recent craze has campers traveling with a set of coolers that resemble a set of luggage. To carry everything with you to your campsite, beach towel, or picnic table, find a small cooler that matches your much larger one.

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Although there are many features, the cooling capacity of your chosen cooler is the most crucial. This is influenced by the cooler's design. Many modern coolers have insulated walls to keep out cold air and keep the interior at a comfortable temperature for as long as possible. But be careful to pick a lid that seals tightly because leaks can occur when your cooler's lid isn't properly sealed.

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  • Size may be the factor that most distinguishes coolers from one another. Make sure to select a cooler with a smaller build if you're looking for one that can be carried around. Bulky coolers can be difficult to transport and store, particularly if you use them at work.
  • A cooler can be easier to carry thanks to a few features. The first is the handle you'll use to carry it around. Some coolers have molded handles so your hands can remain at ease even when they're fully loaded. However, a shoulder strap is another helpful component that will spread the weight across more of your body rather than requiring you to carry it solely with your hands. Larger coolers frequently have wheels, which make even a large, heavy cooler portable.
  • If you want a mess-free way to keep your items cool, you might want to invest in a few ice packs. Without them, you'll have to rely on ice, which can leak and wet items like sandwiches and chips that you want to keep dry.
  • Even though a small, light build can be useful, you might find that you lose capacity. If you're attempting to pack for a picnic or weekend of camping, a cooler that can only hold a few cans won't be of much use. However, there are times when you may only require a small cooler to transport a few items. When shopping, bear this in mind and seek out a cooler that complements your way of life the most.
  • Take a close look at the lid as you shop. Some coolers have lids that can be turned around and used as trays. You can even rest your drink if they have molded cupholders. Once you've retrieved your items, other lids have a weight capacity that enables you to sit on them, giving you additional seating for your upcoming adventure. Additionally, there are coolers with compartments for storing cutlery, napkins, thermoses, or water bottles.
  • Customers' willingness to pay for quality coolers has been demonstrated by the rise in popularity of well-known, vacuum-insulated coolers. However, rivals have employed a similar insulating technique to keep your food and beverages icy cold without making you pay half your salary. With decades of experience in the cooler market, some well-known name brands have continuously improved their technology to offer the best cooling power currently available at a competitive price.
  • When it comes to cooling power, cooler manufacturers try to outlast their rivals. There are still some coolers that can last 24 hours or longer even though you can find plenty of them that can keep your items chilled throughout the workday. These more durable coolers, however, might still be the better option even if you're only out for the day because they can shield internal items from extremely hot or cold temperatures.
  • After using your cooler, make sure cleanup is simple. This is less of a problem with smaller coolers than it is with larger ones. If you can't easily tip your cooler to empty the water, look for a drain plug that will allow the water to drain from the bottom.
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