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Another newcomer to the premium cooler market is Canyon Coolers. Established in 2010 under a new name, the company was founded by two Flagstaff, Arizona, rafting enthusiasts who set out to develop a product capable of withstanding the extreme conditions encountered by river rafters in the Grand Canyon.

Because of this, the group decided to call themselves Canyon Coolers.

Desert Ice Chests

  The Canyon Thrilling Adventures Series of Canyon Outfitters canyon adventure series review thumbnail canyon outfitter series cooler review thumbnail Our Rating 4-5-star-thumbnail 4-star-thumbnail Cost per Unit (Amazon) $$$$$ $$$$$ Ice Life 40-360 hours 36-300 hours Complete Analysis Link Link

The Adventure Series and the Outfitter Series are Canyon Coolers' two current lines of products. Details of each are provided below.

canyon cooler adventure and outfitter series

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Coolers from Canyon's Adventure Series

Canyon's best coolers can be found in the company's Adventure Series. These items are built to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh conditions, and a wide variety of additional features. This is essential, as you will want to transport your coolers wherever your outdoor adventures take you.

There are four available capacities in the Adventure Series: 22 quarts, 30 quarts, 103 quarts, and 222 quarts. This size range, when compared to other premium brands on the market, hits most of the target audience, including those looking for a small/portable ice chest as well as those looking for a medium to large cooler that can fit most requirements for a long weekend or family gathering. and a massive, durable cooler for those who want to spend a lot of time outdoors but can't afford to replace their equipment every few days.

canyon adventure series cooler lineup

Cooler Options for Your Canyon Adventure

Canyon Coolers took a more tailored approach to designing each size of their Adventure Series coolers, while many other brands adopt a one-size-fits-all mentality.

The Scout 22-Quart, their smallest model, uses a Roto-molded construction that has become the industry standard for any company aiming to compete in the premium cooler market despite its thinner insulation wall. The HUNTX foam insulation it uses is far more effective at keeping the cold out than standard cooler insulation. It's important for any cooler, no matter how small, to have adequate insulation.

Canyon Cooler Review

Built-in tie-down points, redesigned cam latches, and a food-grade AirTight seal all contribute to its durability and convenience, while also keeping contents cold and safe from the elements. A Nylon strap is attached, and there are lips on the side for easy carrying. In our experience, ice retention lasts for around 40-50 hours.

The next two coolers on the list are the Mule 30 Quart and the Prospector 103 Quart. Despite their vast differences in storage capacity, they are all conceptually very similar, so it makes sense to discuss them together. After sizing up, the first thing you'll notice is the The Mule 30 has built-in wheels, which is a nice feature.

Canyon Cooler Review

You can take these wheels across any type of terrain, including dirt, sand, snow, and more. The Mule 30 doesn't have a Nylon strap like most backpacks, but rather an extendable handle like a suitcase. Rope handles and integrated Roto-molded lips make the Prospector 103 a versatile cooler.

The Mule 30 and the Prospector 103 both benefit from a nifty 2 Average HUNTX foam insulation thickness is 7" This is among the thickest walls we've seen in a cooler, and it's a big reason why the Canyon Cooler can keep ice for so long.

canyon cooler insulation

In addition to the food-grade gasket, both the Mule 30 and the Prospect 103 feature extra-tough, oversized latches that give a good bite and help to maximize ice life. The Mule 30's ice should last around 100 hours, while the Prospector 103's ice can last anywhere from 160 to 240 hours under ideal conditions.

Canyon claims a longer ice life is possible, but we found that under normal conditions (using the coolers frequently and opening them to retrieve items) the ice lasted a bit less time. Multiple built-in tie-down points, no-lose drain plugs, redesigned cam-latches, non-skid feet, and increased clearance all come standard on both sizes, as do tough construction and practical features.

The massive 222-Quart Long Cooler is the largest option in the Adventure Series. According to Canyon Coolers, this cooler was made for people who need a simple, effective ice chest that can carry a lot of stuff and keep it cold for a long time at an affordable price and who work in harsh and demanding environments. All of those are appealing to us.

Differentiating it from smaller sizes are specific characteristics. The handles are significantly bigger than what we're used to, and they seem to be made of a rubbery material rather than the usual nylon. Internal dividers, marine-grade hinges, EZCAM latches, and two drain plugs are included, as well.

With its impressive four latches, you can bite down and squeeze the extra thick AirTight seal to help keep the ice inside. The insulation measures in at a still-impressive 1 R-value, which is thinner than that of the Mule 30 and Prospector 103 on average. 75” – 2 2” thick  

In place of HUNTX insulation, Canyon used Huntsman High-Density PU Foam. This adds up to a remarkable ecosystem in the ice, Expect between 240 and 360 hours of ice life under typical conditions. One of the largest in the business

Cooler Ice Canyon Life Series

canyon adventure cooler ice life

Refrigerators from the Canyon Outfitter Series

Canyon's "entry-level" series of products is called the Outfitter Series. Don't mistake them for the cheap coolers offered by other companies. These coolers are just as sturdy as ever thanks to their top-notch construction and components.  

Despite their thinner walls, their ice life is great and sufficient for most uses. The price can be reduced significantly if you are willing to forego some ice life and amenities in exchange.

When compared to the Adventure Series, the Canyon Outfitter Series offers a wider range of sizes. There are a wide range of sizes available, from 22 to 125 quarts. There is a good range of sizes available, so this should work for most people. Even though the Outfitter Series lacks the largest 200-quart models found in the Adventure Series, it does provide a few more options in the medium to large size range.

canyon outfitter series cooler lineup

Specs of the Canyon Outfitter Series Ice Chest

All of the Canyon Outfitter Series Cooler sizes share a similar design philosophy (with a few exceptions, which we will discuss), so they will be discussed together.

The EZCAM latches, skid plates, no-lose drain plugs, and extra-tough handles (rope handles in the 35, 55, 75, and 125-quart sizes and a large nylon strap in the 22-quart size) are just some of the features shared by all five sizes. In addition, Canyon offers a basket accessory that, for an additional cost, allows for the addition of anywhere from zero to three baskets (depending on basket size).

Canyon Cooler Review

AirTight seals are standard on all models, which helps to keep the ice inside. Two EZCAM latches are included in the 22, 35, and 55-quart models to help maximize the squeeze of these large seals, while three EZCAM latches are included in the 75 and 125-quart models.  

The walls' thickness of insulation is above average for the business sector. The HUNTX foam used in all of our coolers has been shown to effectively insulate against sound temperatures. There will be a pause of about 2 a front wall thickness of 1 On the rear wall, at a height of 75 8” and 2 The height is 75", the width is 2 25" on the top, and anywhere from 1 a drop of two feet and a half

In what ways does this shed light on the existence of certain forms of life in ice, and how There's a lot of variation between sizes. You can see this correlation between ice chest size and ice life from reading just a few of the many cooler reviews we have here at TheCoolerZone.  

As is the case with most cooler brands, the Canyon Adventure Series Coolers' advertised ice life is longer than the actual ice life. We presume that manufacturers test their coolers under ideal conditions in which they are never opened, exposed to extreme heat, etc. This happens in the real world extremely rarely.

These are just some possibilities for the ice-dwelling creatures you might encounter. Our recommendations are based on past experiences and current habits. Keep in mind that there are many variables that can affect your actual outcomes, but use this as a guide:

Cooler Ice Canyon Outfitter Series

canyon outfitter cooler ice life

36-48 hours for a 22-quart Outfitter

35-Quart Outfitter: 100-140 Hours

120–180 hours on a 55-quart Outfitter

140-220 hours for a 75-quart Outfitter

200-300 hours on an Outfitter 125-Quart

In the table below, we've compiled the Canyon Coolers and indicated, based on our testing and experience, how long the ice will stay in each one.

all canyon cooler ice life

Canyon Cooler's Lifetime Guarantee

The warranty offered by Canyon Coolers is a major plus. Their coolers are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Compared to the vast majority of cooler producers, this is a major selling point for the Canyon Cooler.

Cost of a Canyon Cooler

The cost is often brought up when discussing high-end coolers. We won't sugarcoat it, high-end coolers don't come cheap. While the price tag on high-end coolers like the Yeti, Engel, Canyon, and Bison may put some people off, there's no denying the superior performance and durability of these models compared to their less expensive counterparts.

When comparing quarts per dollar, which is how we typically measure value on this site, Canyon Coolers are on par with or even cheaper than other premium cooler brands. For those on a shoestring budget who still want a high-quality cooler but are willing to spend as little as possible, this is an excellent option.

Mountain Dew vs. Coolers by Yeti

How do Canyon Coolers stack up against Yeti's dominance? Which of these is best for you?

Both brands have excellent refrigerators that will serve you well for years to come. (Without losing it In addition, both claim to have an ice life that lasts for days and, under ideal conditions, weeks.

However, there are some key distinctions between them that you should keep in mind as you make your choice.

Canyon Coolers appear to consistently outperform Yeti in ice retention, despite Yeti's strong showing. It's up to the individual to determine how much of a difference having that seventh day of ice makes between having six days and having seven, but the results are there. Moreover, the construction is as sturdy as that of a Yeti.  

Similar construction methods and components are employed. And you can have it all for less money than you think. However, there is a lack of variety in terms of size, and if looks and personalization are particularly important to you, you may want to look elsewhere.

While still competitive with other high-end cooler brands, Yeti ranks lower in raw ice life. Aside from that, however, they're just as hardy and resilient as Canyon. There are a plethora of sizes and configurations to choose from. Of course, if you buy a Yeti Cooler, you will get to take advantage of the Yeti brand and all that it has to offer.

In conclusion, select a Canyon Cooler if you are primarily concerned with ice retention. Canyon Cooler is also the way to go if you're looking to cut costs. Yeti Coolers are the best option, however, if you value the option to customize the size and appearance of your cooler to your exact specifications and appreciate the "wow" factor of being the proud owner of a Yeti product.

Feedback on the Canyon Adventure Series Cooler

canyon adventure series review

Canyon has adventure coolers that you can buy on Amazon.

The Canyon Cooler Adventure Series is the crown jewel of the Canyon Cooler product line. It offers unrivaled ice life in a durable, all-terrain design. These coolers come with a lifetime guarantee and are loaded with helpful features. They come in various sizes ranging from 22 to 103 to 222 quarts and are constructed largely of Roto-molded plastic.

Capacity for Insulation - 5 star

Canyon Cooler Review

Nothing could top this moment right now. Wall thickness that leads the industry and high-quality HUNTX insulation mean ice stays put. A thick two Rotomolded construction and oversized hinges keep the container's walls together to a maximum of 7 inches, and an AirTight gasket provides a tight seal between the lid and the base. The ice life ranges from 40 hours to an incredible 360 hours, depending on the size you choose. As a result, Canyon Adventure Series coolers have one of the longest ice retention times in the market.

Ability to Move and Last - 5 star

The thick walls that contribute to a cooler's durability are another area in which the Canyon Adventure Series ice chests excel. Additionally, contrary to popular belief, the thick walls are not as heavy as you might think. Nylon straps in the smaller sizes and the more standard rope handles on the sides are used for carrying. If that doesn't work, you can always just grab the cooler by the lip. The Mule 30 even comes in a wheeled configuration.

Appearance - 3.5 star

These coolers don't try too hard to look fancy, and it's clear that Canyon prioritized utility over form when designing them. Not all the decorative grooves and accents found on other ice chest brands are here. In addition, you can choose between only two colors, sandstone and white marble. Also, many of the options for personalization, like adding a team logo or a custom image, are free. cannot be found in Canyon Coolers Perhaps they plan to implement this feature in the future, or maybe it's not a priority for them right now.

Cost - 3.5 star

Premium coolers are never cheap, but these are noticeably cheaper than other popular premium cooler brands when measured against TheCoolerZone's standard $/quart formula. Given their long ice life and abundance of the features we seek, they remain a solid investment for those prepared to spend heavily on a product with a long lifespan. There's even more reason to buy them because they come with a lifetime guarantee.

General Opinion - 4.5 star

The Canyon Adventure Series Coolers exceeded our expectations in every way. These coolers are superior to the competition in every way imaginable, from their longer-than-average ice retention to their low prices. Many different sizes are available, so even those looking for enormous coolers should be able to find what they need. The limited color options are our only real gripe, but even that isn't a deal breaker. We strongly suggest you check these out.

Critique of the Canyon Outfitter Series of Coolers

canyon outfitter series cooler review

Canyon Outfitter Coolers are available on Amazon.

In comparison to the Adventure Series, of which it is a "little brother," the Canyon Outfitter Series is no less impressive. They provide similar amenities and still guarantee above-average ice life. Also, those looking for a cooler of medium or large size will find a wider range of options. The price of ice has dropped significantly as ice life has decreased. Rotomolded plastic is used extensively in the creation of these, which come in a range of capacities from 22 to 125 quarts.

Capability of Isolation - 4.5 star

The thick, quality HUNTX installation, the beefy rubber gaskets, and the industrial clamps (2 or 3, depending on size) all contribute to very good ice life, just as they do in the Adventure Series. The cooler walls in the Outfitter Series are thicker than those in the Adventure Series. The average thickness will be a little less than an inch, which is probably why the ice life is shorter. Still, the average cooler has an ice life of 36 hours, giving you more than enough time to enjoy your frozen treats (and keep in mind that ice life is usually proportional to cooler size, so if you want longer ice life you may need to opt for a larger cooler).

Versatility in Use and Longevity - 4.5 star

Canyon Cooler Review

The high-end hardware and well-made knobs and handles are also included. All Canyon coolers are designed to be portable and durable, with the exception of the Outfitter 22, the smallest model, which features Nylon handles rather than the more common rope handles and the option of wheels. It will take more work to transport a larger cooler, especially if it is full. As far as cooler weights go, you can anticipate something in the middle of the pack when compared to other available options. Although theoretically weaker than the Adventure series due to its thinner insulation walls, in practice you won't notice much of a difference.

Appearance - 3.5 star

As was previously mentioned, the design cues are muted, and there aren't many striking visual elements. There are only two color options (Sandstone and White Marble), and no configuration settings let you add your own images. Certainly nothing major, but worthy of note

Cost –  4 star

Canyon was able to significantly reduce prices by reducing ice life and wall thickness. Even though the Canyon Outfitter Series coolers are more expensive than some other premium cooler brands, they are significantly cheaper per quart. It's also important to note that the lifetime limited warranty still applies.

General Opinion - 4 star

In order to offer the Canyon Outfitter Series coolers at more affordable prices, a slight reduction in wall thickness has been made. These are still great coolers because they have everything you could want and a long ice retention time. Those in the market for a cooler can choose from a number of medium- to large-sized options. An excellent option for those who are on a tight budget but still want to maximize their vehicle's performance.

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