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Over the past few months, we have reviewed Blue Coolers' 55-quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler. We have previously used Otterbox, Yeti, and Rtic coolers, and we discovered that there was really no difference in overall performance from the reasonably priced Blue Cooler. The wheeled 55-quart cooler from Blue had a few features that we liked even more. The t-latches were strong and kept the lid closed even when the truck was traveling on rough back roads. The overall construction was very durable. This was made much simpler for one person to move by the addition of the ridged handle and wheels. The more square shape was preferable to the other coolers' narrower, wider shapes. Overall, especially when compared to less expensive low-end coolers, I recommend the Blue Coolers as one of the best value-priced coolers I have ever used. In my opinion, the price increase for the Blue and wheeled version is definitely worthwhile.

Pros Cons Continuous rubber seal Cooler doesn't have a drain plug attached. Wheels T-straps may fracture after prolonged use. A number of carry options (Thick but well-built) Value Pros Cons Airtight seals and gaskets The cooler's drain plug is missing. Wheels T-straps may fracture after prolonged use. A number of carry options (Thick but well-built) Value Enduring obstacles Simple to use lockdown latches Shipping is free on all new 3 0 Coolers
Version 3 of The New Blue Cooler

Version 3 of Blue Cooler's coolers have been updated for 2022. The following improvements over the previous model:

  • An improved airtight seal
  • New latches that are simple to use
  • Release Valve For Pressure

New Models

  • 30 Quart New Companion Series
  • 60-quart New Ice Vault Series
  • 60-quart new Ice Vault Series with wheels
  • Ark 100 Quart New Quart Series
  • 110-quart new Ark Series container with wheels

Comparison of New Models

Companion 30Q Ice Vault 60Q Ice Vault Wheeled 60Q 100Q Ark 110Q Wheeled Ark Capacity 30 Quarts 60 Quarts 60 Quarts 100 Quarts 110 Quarts Outside Dimensions Height: 15 Longitude: 23 4″

Depth: 15 6″

Height: 17 5′′ Length: 26 75″

Depth: 18″

Height: 17 5′′ Length: 26 75″

Depth: 18″

Height: 19 Length: 5′′ 6″

Depth: 20 4″

Height: 19 Length: 33 in. 5″

Depth: 20 5″

Interior Dimensions 11" in height; 16" in length 75″

Depth: 10″

20" long and 13" high. 5″

Depth: 13 25″

20" long and 13" high. 5″

Depth: 13 25″

Height: 15 6.25′′Length: 23 75″

Depth: 16 25″

15" tall; 27" long.

Depth: 16″

Weight 21.2 lbs 31 lbs 36.5 lbs 38.1 lbs 46 lbs  Price $199 99 $249 99 $299 99 $349 99 $399 99 Colors Blue, White, and Grey Blue, White, and Grey Blue, White, and Grey Blue, White, and Grey Blue, White, and Grey Wheels No No Yes No Yes

Do you need to purchase a newer model?

It all comes down to a few crucial factors when upgrading from an existing model, especially one that is the same size. Do you struggle to open the older "T" handles and desire something that is simpler to open for children? Consequently, you should upgrade. If you travel in areas where elevation changes sufficiently to create a vacuum in the cooler that makes it difficult to open, that is another reason to upgrade. The cooler is simpler to open thanks to the new bleed valve. The final course of action I would advise is purchasing a second cooler of a different size. For short trips where I only need to keep a few perishables and drinks cold, I prefer the smaller coolers. For weeklong trips to Lake Powell, Utah, I adore having a sizable 110 quart cooler. I appreciate the additional specification required for a 50/50 ice ratio.

With its wheels, the Blue Cooler 55 has a sizable metal handle for moving a lot of weight.

I've been taking the blue cooler on bike rides, camping trips, and soccer matches for the past few months. Having the wheels on the cooler makes all the difference for one person to be able to manage the cooler alone after using many other coolers in the past.

The Blue Cooler Feet are firmly fastened to the cooler's base.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Blue Coolers

Do blue coolers work?

According to our own experience, numerous YouTube videos, and authenticated Amazon reviews, Blue coolers are a very high-quality cooler at a fair price. On Amazon, blue coolers have hundreds of satisfied customers and 77% of 5-star reviews. Absolutely, Blue coolers are excellent coolers.

Where are blue ice chests made?

The majority of Blue coolers are made in China.

The four rubber cooler feet line up with the wheels to create a stable sitting surface.

Do Blue coolers outperform Yeti?

Reviewing numerous reviews for "Yeti vs." on YouTube and more than 40 videos "Blue Cooler" Blue coolers perform better than Yeti coolers in tests of ice retention and value (cost per storage).

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What companies maintain ice the longest?

A rotomolded cooler typically has ice retention of 4 to 10 days. The duration of the ice depends on a number of factors. This covered the initial temperature of the cooler, food temperature, location of the cooler's storage, airflow, and ambient temperature. There are numerous premium brands that are regarded as the best at maintaining ice for the longest. Orca, Engel, Yeti, Pelican, Grizzly, Kong, RovR, and of course Blue Coolers are among them.

Blue cooler hinge fastened with rivets

Owners of Blue Coolers

Marcus Sorensen and Chris Studdert, two friends, own a family business called Blue Coolers. com/pages/our-team

Blue coolers float, right?

Blue coolers are not completely waterproof and do not float when fully stocked with food and ice. However, unless completely submerged, an empty cooler will float, and water can enter through the air seal around the lid.

In an emergency, the cooler divider can serve as a cutting board.

Do Blue Coolers Offer Value?

The fact that you are getting a high-quality cooler for a small fraction of the price is the strongest justification for investing in a Blue cooler. A Blue Cooler is definitely worth the cost in terms of keeping things cold cold.

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Blue coolers' bear resistance

A product must be IGBC certified in order to be deemed bear-proof or bear-resistant. Blue coolers are not listed as certified in the most recent IGBC list of certified coolers for 2021. However, it is safe to assume that your Blue Cooler would be bear-resistant given its resemblance to Yeti and other coolers on the IGBC and use of a lock (which is mandated by other certified bear-resistant coolers).

"Products on both lists have complied with IGBC standards for grizzly bear resistance, but there is no assurance that a grizzly bear will be unable to enter these products." Additionally, the IGBC does not ensure that minute amounts of the containers' contents won't leak or spill out. ” 

When the cooler is closed, there is a noticeable gap, which guarantees a good air seal.

I should purchase a Blue cooler in what size.

Consider your needs and the available space before making a purchase decision on a cooler. How much food will you chill, and how long will you do so? Keep in mind that the ratio of ice to food should be roughly 70 to 30 for proper cooling. The 30-quart cooler is a great choice for quick road trips where it's convenient to have a cooler inside the car while driving. The 55 quarts or 55 quarts wheeled is preferable for longer off-grid journeys. The 100-quart Blue cooler is the most suitable option for trips lasting four days off the grid with many people.   

How a blue cooler operates

Because they are produced using a technique known as roto-molding, also known as rotational molding, blue coolers function so well. It ensures the cooler's wall thickness is constant and even for durability. After that, foam is used to fill the shell, much like the spray foam insulation available in cans. The cooler can stay cold for up to 10 days in 80 degree heat thanks to the foam sandwiched between its hard inner and outer shells, as well as its lid and seal, which keep warm air and temperatures out.  

With a basket to keep things out of the ice water, the Blue Cooler accessory kit is essential.

What is rotomolded

In the process of "roto molding," a mold is made and then filled with plastic resin. The mold is then repeatedly heated (and cooled) while rotating, coating all sides equally with the melted plastic resin. This technique is widely used to create coolers due to its dependability and consistent thickness.   

Cleaning a Blue Cooler

With soap, water, and a non-abrasive brush, a cooler can be cleaned most effectively. Just wet the cooler, use dish soap to clean it, and then rinse it. Use a scrub brush and a diluted bleach solution (6:1) on coolers that have developed a distinct odor or stains to help mask the odor. Let the bleach solution sit in the cooler for a while.  

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Packing a Blue Cooler

The best way to pack a cooler is to line the bottom with block ice. Then, tightly pack any meat or frozen items onto the ice. Dairy should be placed elsewhere, and then put produce on top. There are numerous ways to fill a cooler; one is to layer items with cubed ice filling in the spaces between them. The most important thing to keep in mind is to pack the cooler with ice or foam to reduce the amount of air in it.  

Putting a Blue Cooler in a truck bed: Securing it

Using a tie-down is the simplest way to secure a Blue cooler. Running the tie-down in the rope handle under the cooler, up through the handle, and to a d-link or tie-down hook in the bed of a truck is one way to secure the cooler without preventing the lid from being opened.

To secure the cooler to a truck bed, use the middle rectangle hold.

Which coolers come with wheels?

There are other companies that make coolers with wheels besides Blue Coolers. Wheeled coolers are produced by Pelican, Igloo, Yeti, and even Colman.

Which shade of blue cooler should I purchase?

White will keep cooler in the sun than a colored cooler if you're looking for the most effective color cooler to buy. But compared to other colors, white shows dirt and scuffs more readily. You might also want to think about the cooler's appearance on the backside by side and choose a blue or grey color.

Despite being made of hard plastic, the wheels have more traction than was anticipated.

When should you purchase a cooler?

Around holidays, Blue Coolers frequently runs promotions where you can get 10% off. For instance, their website currently has a Memorial Day sale that gives 10% off everything with the coupon code SAVE10. In addition to price, you might want to consider availability. As summer progresses, more popular sizes and colors frequently sell out. This means that if you're looking for a particular size and color, buying a cooler during the colder months is frequently a better choice.

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How should a blue cooler be stored?

Remove the drain plug and leave the lid slightly ajar when not in use with your Blue cooler. A newspaper or other soft object that won't harm the seal can be inserted into the opening to accomplish this. This permits any moisture or odors to escape and stops the growth of odors, mold, and mildew inside.

Blue Coolers defines 55 as 55 quart.

Is there a cooler that is at least as good as Yeti?

There are many coolers available that, in terms of design and ice retention, are equal to or better than Yeti coolers' capabilities.  

Blue, Yeti, or Rtic

The quality and construction of rotomolded coolers from Yeti, Blue, and Rtic are remarkably similar. They all keep things chilled for roughly the same period of time and hold ice. Purchasing a Yeti is a good idea if you want a cult following at an expensive price. I would suggest either Blue coolers or Rtic coolers if you're looking for a high-quality, affordable cooler.

Is Dry Ice Acceptable in a Blue Cooler?

Yes, dry ice can be used in Blue Coolers. It is a good idea to use paper or bubble wrap to keep dry ice separated from the contents of your cooler when using it. Additionally, it should be noted that using dry ice in a cooler can release harmful carbon dioxide.


A cooler's purpose is to maintain the temperature of either hot or cold objects. The Blue cooler is incredibly effective at controlling temperatures. The design is as durable as any other roto-molded cooler available today. An excellent choice for a long-lasting cooler is a Blue cooler because of their price and quality.

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