Can I Trust This Kanga Cooler Review to Keep My Beer Cold for Days on End?

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On this blog, we discuss coolers a lot. The soft coolers, ice chests, and everything in between And yet, I've just realized that we don't really consider the standard model of what a cooler should be, especially for the hard coolers.

Hard ice chests are typically boxes that you fill with ice, food, and beverages in the hopes that they will keep the ice for as long as possible. Good enough.

However, I want you to consider the following scenario: You're attending a straightforward tailgating party. You have a few choices. You have two options: either bring your beer there in the case and drink it warm, or put it in a cooler—possibly a soft or hard cooler—and bring it with you.

However, there is an issue here. Imagine you arrive and remove the beer from the cooler to enjoy it. When it gets warm, what happens? Will you place it in the cooler once more and wait for it to cool off? Are you going to get an insulated sleeve to keep each bottle cool in your hand

What if, on the other hand, you don't want to carry around a large cooler? Carrying a full $300 cooler seems like overkill if the tailgate isn't too far from home. Soft coolers aren't much better because they need ice, or at the very least, ice packs.

In fact, there is yet another irritating issue. Today's coolers are all ice-required devices. Because you have to replace the ice when it melts and because it turns into slush when it melts, it's particularly annoying for hard coolers. That slush emits a foul odor if you keep it in the cooler for an extended period of time. Again, is there not a pleasant middle ground?

The Kanga Coolers

When trying to think of a design for a cooler that didn't require ice and wasn't too bulky, the five friends who founded Kanga had these exact same ideas.

An initial class project developed into a lucrative Kickstarter campaign, which led to an appearance on Sharktank where they raised $100,000.

The iceless cooler, a novel new idea from Kanga Coolers, is now upending the cooler industry. Baby, cooler than a cooler

Review of a kanga cooler

The Kanga Kase Mate cooler line is made by Kanga Coolers and includes everything from a 6-pack to a 30-pack. They also have a cool palette of hues, which includes the colors of the American flag. There's a good example of patriotism there.

Let's begin this Kanga cooler review by evaluating how it appears. And boy, does this bag look incredibly fashionable. We purchased a 12-pack for our test, and it was incredibly lightweight and portable.  

It has a handle that is easy to grip for carrying, and a strategically placed zipper makes it simple to load and unload alcohol. It is the kind of thing that you can simply carry into a party without feeling like you are carrying a particularly heavy load. You can also store any valuables you may have in the easily accessible stealth pocket that comes with it.

Particularly strong construction can be found here. The components are robust and long-lasting. The bag's synthetic body is woven throughout, with spots of nylon.

No matter how much use it receives, the handle is made to last, and the bag itself can withstand the elements quite well.

The bag uses three layers of polyurethane insulation on the inside to effectively keep things cold.

The process for using the bag is reasonably simple. Get a case of cold beer first.

Naturally, your drinks should be cold before you place them in the bag because it doesn't ice. Make sure they spend a sufficient amount of time in the refrigerator so that they are chilled when you are ready to pack them.

Open the loading zipper on the case of beer when the beverages are ready, then slide the Kase Mate onto it (now I understand where the name Kase Mate came from). The bag was designed to slide onto the beer pack by its side, which is very simple and practical.

Zip the bag once the beer is safely inside, and you're ready to go.

Your phone and keys, among other items you might want to bring along, can be kept in the side stealth pocket. You must put your items inside before zipping up the bag because the stealth pocket is actually located on the inside of the lip.

While I can see how placing the pocket inside makes it discreet and a true "stealth pocket," I felt that this was a bit of a design misstep. The contents won't stay cold if I store something in the pocket that I frequently need to access because I'll have to frequently unzip the bag.

As a result, you must put items in the pocket that you won't frequently remove. That probably eliminates your phone, then.

Review of the Kanga Cooler: Cold Retention Test

No Kanga cooler review would be complete without a test, wouldn't you agree? We put the bag to the test to see how long it would last, and we were, to put it mildly, pleasantly surprised. The beverages stayed cold for about 6 1/2 hours.

In reality, we had finished the beverages by five. I'm pretty sure the bag could have kept them chilled for six or more hours because they were still fairly chilled at the five-hour mark.

The issue is that we were unable to refrain from drinking for at least six hours. I suppose we just enjoy beer.

You can see that the Kanga Kase Mate is an exceptional cooler, and we adore the idea behind it.

However, we must acknowledge that it is a niche product with benefits and drawbacks that make it particularly useful in some contexts and particularly ineffective in others.

6 pack of Kanga Beer Coolers

12 pack of Kanga Iceless Coolers

24 pack of Kanga Kase Mate Coolers

  • Because the Kanga beer cooler is portable, you can carry it almost anywhere without feeling its weight. This makes it ideal for events like sporting events, social gatherings, picnics, and tailgates, among other things.
  • Also impressive is the cooling time of seven hours, especially in light of the fact that no ice is being used.
  • This bag is also very fashionable. It appears to be a stylish, sizable koozie that you can hold in one hand. When I wore it, I received numerous admiring glances and compliments from bystanders.
  • It relieves you from having to constantly add ice to your cooler like you would with a standard cooler. While we're talking about conventional coolers, you also get to save your valuable space because the Kase Mate cooler takes up much less space than a conventional hard cooler.
  • You DO NOT go camping with a cooler like this one. It works best for parties because it won't keep your drinks cold for longer than 7 hours. The main issue with this is that it was made for a very specific use, so you should still have a traditional cooler available for all other uses.
  • Only use the Kanga Kase Mate with beer. It cannot be utilized as a lunch bag and is not fit for carrying food.
  • Despite the cool colors, it might benefit from having a wider range of color choices.
  • The stealth pocket's placement forces you to store items there that you won't need very often. I believe that placing it outside would have been more useful.

The best substitutes for the Kanga Beer Cooler

Now, even though we believe the Kanga Coolers are quite unique, we feel compelled to show you comparable products that are available on the market. Here are the top results we could locate:

This neoprene carrier tote is made primarily of the same material as divers' wetsuits. It is suitable for keeping warm bottled baby's milk warm as well as keeping cold beer bottles insulated for a long time.

Additionally, a bottle opener is attached so you won't need to keep one in your pocket or request one.

Purchase it here on Amazon >>

I really enjoyed this. It is a transportable soft cooler in the style of a laptop bag. That's right, you essentially conceal your beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages inside of a small briefcase.

It can hold three wine bottles, six beer bottles, and ten beer cans. They will remain chilled for roughly 5 hours thanks to the closed-cell foam insulation, which is pretty effective. The design of this cooler is my favorite feature. That is value for money on its own.

Check Amazon to see the price right now.

Because it was made to perfectly fit into a gold cooler, this is essentially a golf cooler bag. It actually resembles a chic type of mini golf bag.

It has an excellent ergonomic top handle for simple transportation, and you can open a side zipper to insert the beer cans. 6 beer cans or approximately 2 wine bottles will suffice. Additionally, it has an exterior side pocket in case you need to carry any valuables.

Purchase it at Amazon >>

Where to Purchase Kanga Coolers

You can purchase them on Amazon or the Kanga Coolers website. Of course, the original website ( is a place to purchase, but we advise you to look for Kanga Coolers at Amazon first since doing so has its own benefits.

The world's most popular online retailer is likely Amazon. It's secure, and you also gain access to customer reviews that detail their impressions of the goods. You can use this to make a more knowledgeable purchase decision. Other benefits of using Amazon include same-day delivery for Prime members.

Final Verdict on the Kanga Cooler

Our Kooler-than-a-cooler Kanga coolers review is now complete. We really enjoyed this one, and we're glad to see that the coolers industry is embracing innovation. The future appears very promising, and we are excited to be a part of it.

If you enjoy keeping the beer cold, get a Kanga. You almost certainly won't regret it.

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