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To keep your food and beverages chilled while traveling in your RV or car, consider bringing a thermoelectric cooler. They make excellent stand-ins for ice chests and mini-fridges. Low noise, compactness, light weight, and portability are among their top benefits.

They are less effective on extremely hot days because they depend on the environment to control the cool box heat. Some have extra capabilities, like freezing or warming capabilities.

The top thermoelectric coolers on Amazon are reviewed below, along with a thorough instruction on how to pick the best one for you.

A List of the Top 12 Thermoelectric Coolers

Best Overall Selection
Igloo 28-quart Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler

This Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler weighs 4 pounds and has a sizable capacity of 26 liters. 5kg It provides enough space for a variety of items, such as food, beverages, and fresh produce. It can cool down to 36oF below the ambient air.

You might have doubts about the Igloo due to its reduced capacity. Compared to some of the others we looked at, at least Actually, the Igloo's genius lies in this. The powerful compressor found in a refrigerator is absent from thermoelectric coolers. It is more difficult for them to maintain their cool the bigger they get. Because of this, the Igloo is the most effective thermoelectric model you're likely to find, holding 28 quarts. More quickly and coldly than other models, it will cool. That has to be the benchmark for any cooler, regardless of any additional features, right?

With a swing-up handle that provides a comfortable and non-slip grip for easy carrying, it is designed for simple handling. A curved back that hugs your body when worn against your waist is part of its ergonomic design. The lining is polypropylene and it is made of plastic.

It has a cooling fan that circulates the air to help with cooling and runs on a quiet brushless motor. It includes an 8" long power cord plug that can be plugged into any 12V DC outlet, including a car cigarette lighter. The cord fits well in any 12 volt outlet.


  • Streamlined and practical style
  • Simple to carry
  • Provides enough room for food and beverages
  • Works quietly
  • Includes a plug for an 8" power cord.
  • universal fit 12 volt


  • Power plug becomes warm after several hours of use.
  • On extremely hot days, cooling capacity will significantly decrease.
Wagan 12V Personal Cooler-Warmer

One of the most popular thermoelectric coolers on Amazon is the Wagan 12V personal cooler and warmer. It has a 14L capacity. A hot/cold switch is present. It can cool to a maximum of 32 to 36 degrees below room temperature and can heat to a maximum of 140 degrees. It has two external cup holders, a built-in shoulder strap, and is designed with ergonomic handling and portability in mind.

It's simple to use. To begin, connect it to a 12V DC outlet and slide the power switch to the hot or cold setting as desired. It has a 9-foot power cord that you can use to connect it to the back of the car, possibly from the cigarette port. An optional 110V AC power supply is available. The device includes a built-in power cord.


  • Elegant style
  • Features for warming and cooling
  • With the simple slide of a button, cooling and warming functions can be switched between.
  • Has a 9-foot power cord included
  • Comfortable shoulder strap for carrying
  • Large 14L interior
  • Offers two cup holders


  • Increases with altitude but loses effectiveness
Best Value

Having a large cooler is not always necessary. The Cooluli mini refrigerator is what you need if you want something that is genuinely portable and compact. Even though this little guy doesn't have a lot of space, it's not supposed to. However, you won't find a better small fridge for a kayaking or canoeing trip. Keep your bait cold and add a few beer cans or a snack. The capacity is six cans. Another excellent concept is to keep your insulin cold while fishing on a hot day if you have diabetes.

The refrigerator is 7 25″ W x 10 25″ D x 10 75″ H It only weighs 4 lbs. It is AC-powered compatible. USB or DC power cable It operates in the background with a barely audible hum. The fan in a laptop or computer makes a similar noise when it's running at full speed.

The Cooluli is also constructed to last despite its size and cost. This device can function properly even when running nonstop for an entire year. It won't significantly drain your battery while you're camping or on a boat. We continue to advocate solar energy as a fantastic means of sustaining it. Just in case, use your battery as a backup.

It does have an eco setting for even better power consumption. Instead of cooling down items that are already cold, this is the best way to store them.


  • Extremely compact and portable
  • Quiet and economical with energy
  • Excellent value
  • Environmental engineering
  • Simple to use


  • Inadequate for family needs
  • Small storage
  • Better at maintaining cold than creating it
Ivation Electric Cooler and Warmer

The 25L capacity Ivation thermoelectric's multiple uses It is made to be adaptable for a variety of pursuits, including camping, traveling, fishing, grilling, and picnicking. It keeps hot temperatures of up to 130oF and cool temperatures of up to 40oF.

It is long enough to accommodate numerous trays, dishes, and food containers. In addition, it can accommodate a 2L soda. It has a simple design that makes it quick and simple to clean.

With a simple push of a button, you can switch from hot to cold mode and vice versa. It can be powered by a source of either 12V DC or 110V AC electricity. The thermoelectric cooler can be used in a wall outlet or a car with a power adapter.

For portability, its design includes a collapsible handle. The lid is both watertight and airtight. Additionally, the lid has ergonomic grips for speedy opening. The storage compartment on top of the device makes it safe and convenient to store the wall and car chargers.


  • Large 25-liter compartment
  • Sufficient for a 2L soda
  • Either a 12V DC or 110V AC power source can be used to power it.
  • Simple mode switching with the flick of a switch
  • Compartment for storing safety wire
  • Design for a collapsible handle
  • Cover with an airtight and watertight lid


  • Plug becomes hot or malfunctions after prolonged use
Top Premium Option

This cooler is large, holding 45 quarts. Over 70 cans fit inside this container. To provide some room for taller items as well, the interior of the lid is domed. That lid is one of the biggest deals, which is why we rank this so highly. It has a magnetic seal, which is very significant. To function, thermoelectric coolers require a tight seal. The air temperature is crucial because a refrigerator lacks a compressor and cooling agents. Thus, maintaining this seal guarantees a cool temperature. Always check the lid first if you ever discover that a thermoelectric cooler is not cooling at all.

The cooler is 20 in. 75 x 15 x 17 25 inches long and just 15 lbs. It can become bulky when filled with cans, though. If it's full, lift it carefully. The handles are comfortable, but if you're not used to carrying heavy loads, it can be awkward with 70 cans.

The adaptable design enables you to set it upright like a refrigerator if you so desire. Alternatively, it can be flat like a conventional cooler or chest freezer. The warming feature is simple to use. A color-coded power cord is used. Plug in the cooling blue side. To warm up the space, turn on the red.

Inside, there is a detachable divider to aid in organization. There is a DC plug included, but it also works with AC. Koolatron meets the criteria for size, capacity, and dependability.


  • Great capacity for storage
  • Taller bottles can fit inside a domed lid.
  • Airtight seal is ensured by the magnetic lid.
  • Energy efficient
  • Made in North America by a reputable business.


  • Compared to some, the fan can be a little loud.
  • Draws 6A at 12V, so use caution if leaving it plugged in all night.
AstroAI Electric Cooler

AstroAI's electric cooler is made to be effective, transportable, and secure. It is designed only to serve as a cooler. Up to 32oF less than the surrounding temperature is reached. When not connected to electricity, it has a one-day retention.

Because of the simplified circuit design, condensation-related lid burn is prevented. Also included are two ice packs. It has a 12V DC adapter built in that can be used with 12v cigarette lighters in cars. Its socket is strengthened for strength and safety.

It can accommodate up to thirty 12oz cans and has a relatively large capacity of 24L. It has 12 internal dimensions. 8” x 8 8” x 13 1", allowing even beers and wines to be stored. It has a removable divider that makes it simple to sort and classify different foods.

It has an environmentally friendly design and a freon-free semiconductor refrigerator chip. With a flip handle that is locked in the back and opened in the front, it is also made to be easily handled. When driving on rocky roads, the handle also keeps the lid firmly closed to prevent it from falling off. This thermoelectric cooler has a 3-year warranty and is CE, FCC, and RoHS certified. It is offered in the hues of gray or blue.


  • Only functions as a cooler
  • Include two ice packs
  • Effectively cools
  • 12 volt DC plug
  • 26 L in size
  • ergonomic grip
  • three-year guarantee


Coleman Powerchill Thermoelectric Cooler

With a 46-liter capacity and being both portable and lightweight, the Coleman Powerchill Thermoelectric Cooler is a great choice. It is 1kg in weight and has a 44-can capacity. With both hot and cold functionalities, it is adaptable. It prevents contents from being up to 40oF warmer or cooler than the surroundings.

You can use the 8-foot power cord that comes with it to power it whether you're in an RV, a car, or a boat. Any 12 volt power source will accept it. For flexibility in placement, its door opens from either the left or right side.


  • Increases or decreases in temperature by up to 40oF relative to its surroundings.
  • Ideal for lengthy journeys
  • Includes an 8-foot power cord.
  • The door opens on both sides.
  • 12 volt power supply


  • Loud fan
  • Constantly losing power plugs

With this clever hybrid cooler, Koolatron has a good product to offer. Bulk is the main issue most people have with electric coolers. They either resemble small refrigerators or large coolers. They are difficult to carry at times. This soft-sided cooler combines the power of an electric cooler with the comfort of a shoulder bag. It reduces the temperature to about 40 degrees F. Even food can be kept warm up to 135F with it. Perfect for packing hot lunches or cold beverages

From the outside, it appears to be a typical beach bag. There are pockets to store additional items. Even cup holders are provided. Additionally, because it has soft sides, traditional coolers are much less clumsy when empty. There is space for approximately 23 cans when it is full.

It is powered by standard 12 V DC and 110 V AC outlets. Additionally, its energy usage is hardly noticeable. Therefore, if you have access to a solar power source, you could theoretically use this all day without ever touching the battery.

Balance is one consideration with this model. It's not always even because it doesn't have a hard bottom like most coolers. It might topple over due to the fan and cooling system's weight. Before leaving, make sure the contents are properly balanced.


  • Convenient strap for carrying
  • Simple to store
  • It is much smaller than a traditional cooler.


  • It will struggle to keep things as cool on a hot day as a hard-sided unit.
  • Contents could be squished by soft sides.
Wagan Tech 6244 Thermoelectric Cooler

Warmth is produced by the Wagan Tech 6244 Thermoelectric Cooler. It can hold a significant 43 people. 5L and can accommodate up to 60 12oz cans. Additionally, it has enough space for the lunch and dinner menus for an entire family.

It has a maximum heating capacity of 140oF and can cool down to 36oF below ambient temperature thanks to its dual functionality as a warmer and cooler. It works with a 12V power supply rated at 48 Watts.

Its side handles, folding handle, and wheels make it simple to move and carry. To stop heat loss or gain, it has dual-top loading doors that are magnetically sealed. For flexible loading, it has two removable vertical dividers.


  • Having both a warming and cooling effect
  • Enormous capacity
  • Includes two dividers
  • With two top-loading doors
  • Doors have magnetic closures.
  • Rolling wells and collapsible handles for portability
  • Simple to clean


  • Does not include a plug
Koolatron P27 Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler

The Koolatron P27 Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler is versatile, portable, and has multiple uses. It serves two purposes because it also functions as a warmer. There are 27. 5 L capacity and 11 lbs. 1 pounds It can accommodate up to 48 cans and be used for a variety of activities, such as camping, hiking, barbecuing, road trips, catering, and picnicking.

It has a 12v DC plug built in for convenient charging from a vehicle's 12v outlet. It is also compatible with 110v AC, but you would have to purchase the cord. There is a 9-foot power cord included. It can warm up to 135oF and can cool to up to 40oF below ambient temperatures. Match the arrow on the plug to the red dot or blue for cooling mode to set it up as a warmer.

With a tough exterior and a smooth interior liner, its design is robust. It has an interior divider shelf for simple item organization. Depending on your preference and needs, you can position the cooler either in a vertical fridge position or a horizontal chest position.

It has a slide lock that securely closes the lid and a side handle that is molded to make it easy to carry. It has a fan that encourages ideal cooling and air circulation. To prevent the cooler from overheating, make sure the fan is not blocked.


  • Dual purpose as a warmer and a cooler
  • Can be applied to a variety of activities
  • Placement options include vertical and horizontal
  • Simple to carry and handle
  • Suitable with both 12V DC and 110V AC


  • Has a meager capacity for cooling

$129.99 Amazon 

AooDen provides a distinctive visual alternative to most with its sleek black and orange design. Although you may not be familiar with the company, the product is actually quite good. You can fit up to 30 cans of beer or soda in this 26-quart container. If you want to keep your food and drinks separate, there is an internal divider.

The handle is cozy and sturdy. Additionally, it secures the lid, which is a nice feature.

The specs number 12 8"(L) x 8 8"(W) x 13 1”(H) Temperatures can be lowered by up to 30 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, it can be used as a warmer to keep food warm before serving.

Switching between the cottage and a car is simple. The cooler comes with two power cords that range from 110V to 240V AC and 12/24V DC. It can also be modified to run on solar power. In the event that something goes wrong, the company provides a one-year warranty.


  • High capacity
  • Robust design
  • Well-insulated to maintain cooling even when there is no power
  • An ergonomic handle secures the lid.


  • Fan is somewhat noisy.
  • Not the best internal shape for can organization

There isn't a more entertaining thermoelectric cooler available. The Corona Cruiser is a Koolatron product made with a party in mind. This cooler has a real compartment for storing limes. However, with a 48 quart capacity, it can store much more than just lines.

Of course you can store cans, but it is made to hold 24 bottles perfectly. The interior is 17 L x 12 inches. 5 x 12 inches. 5 inches H The stainless steel case is branded with the Corona logo. Additionally, it has a strong bottle opener built right into the device.

Large and comfortable handles are present. Four beverage holders are also located on the cooler's lid for added security. This is a nice feature for the boat or by the fireplace. And when we said the limes, we weren't kidding. For limes or other small items, there is a tiny compartment. If you're out with someone who needs their medication to be kept cool, keep this in mind. But if you decide on limes, it also comes with a cutting board and knife that are tucked away in a secret compartment.

The cooler can keep this up to 40F cooler than the surrounding air thanks to its 2V DC/110V AC capability. The insulation is very well made. Check on it in five days if you fill it with ice; some of it will still be frozen.


  • Looks really cool
  • New features are entertaining and helpful.
  • Robust design
  • Adequate insulation and storage


  • The logo may not be appealing to you if you are not a big beer drinker.
  • No lid lock is present.

Purchasing Guide: Factors to Take Into Account When Choosing the Best Thermoelectric Cooler


Indicated thermoelectric capacity is in quarts or liters. It is best to completely pack the cooler in order to maximize energy efficiency. Choose the appropriate thermoelectric cooler size based on how much food you plan to bring. The full-size electric coolers have a capacity of 40–50 liters, which is typically on the smaller side.

Door Positioning

Most thermoelectric coolers have a top door, a side door resembling a mini-fridge, or both. Generating more access and packing flexibility is the top opening door orientation.

Number of shelves or dividers

Some thermoelectric coolers come with shelves and dividers, while others don't. Foods of various types can be divided using dividers. Regarding the quantity, kind, and positioning of the shelves or dividers, pick what works for you.

Energy Rating

Because these electric coolers need a reliable power source to function, you should make sure you have access to the recommended power source. The majority work with 110V AC or 12V DC power sources. Some devices can also be powered by solar panels.

Greater cooling efficiency is provided by coolers with higher power ratings. But they need a more potent source of power. Avoid overdrawing the battery if you're using your car as a power source.

Added Benefits

  • Thermostatic management You can program a thermoelectric cooler with a thermostat to operate at a specific temperature. Accordingly, the cool box will turn on or off to maintain the desired temperature. Depending on changes in the ambient temperature, this feature enables you to conserve energy.
  • Drain drug For ice coolers, this feature is essential, but not as important for thermoelectric coolers. However, it greatly simplifies cleaning the electric cooler.
  • Warming/heating mode You can use the warming feature of some electric coolers to keep your food warm by simply flipping the polarity of the power plug.
  • In frozen state If you intend to bring along some highly perishable foods for an extended period of time, this is a crucial feature.

The Best Thermoelectric Cooler Buying Guide

  1. Identify the essential characteristics you desire in a thermoelectric cooler. How big would you need? Decide on the number of shelves, door orientation, and any other features that you prefer.
  2. Establish a budget. Determine your price range for a thermoelectric cooler. Examine the price range for various coolers with the features you desire and choose those that fit within your spending limit.
  3. Verify the brand's and potential products' reputations. You should choose well-known brands from among the many available ones on the market. Examine the company's ratings and reviews as well as those for the particular products you are considering.
  4. Make a decision. After eliminating a few options that meet your criteria for features, price, and reputation, choose one of those options.


The most frequently mentioned drawback of thermoelectric coolers is that food is not sufficiently cooled or heated, depending on the case. To get the food cold, keep in mind that the cooler is not intended to function as a freezer or refrigerator.

However, you can pre-chill or pre-warm the food to increase its effectiveness. Additionally, with prolonged use, the plug on most of them tends to overheat. As long as it complies with the manufacturer's power rating and recommended power sources, you could replace the plug in this situation with one of higher quality.

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