Choosing the top rated portable swamp coolers for the year 2022

The most effective portable swamp coolers make it simple to bring comforting breezes inside. These coolers are a great tool for combating hot, dry climates and quickly restoring comfort. They function just like high-quality portable AC units. In this new window: However, they not only save more money on energy bills and are a better option for outdoor settings.

As the dog days of summer arrive, the best portable swamp coolers can bring a refreshing ocean breeze right into your home. Because they don't rely on coolants or compressors to lower the air temperature, these devices are also good for the environment. In addition, they can function in the background of your home without leaving any unsightly moisture stains on your furniture or flooring.

Consideration of capacity is crucial when deciding on the best portable swamp cooler for your needs. The higher the CFM rating, the more you can expect to pay for a particular model. It's important to keep in mind that larger coolers with a higher CFM rating tend to work best in larger spaces and may be worth the additional investment. In the event that you need cooling for a smaller area, you can save money by going with a more compact model.  

The most effective portable swamp coolers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some being better suited to use in the great outdoors than others. Remote controls and adjustable fan speeds are just two examples of the advanced features available on some of the more compact, portable swamp coolers. Models designed for use in the great outdoors are typically more robust, with larger tanks that can be hooked up to a hose to ensure continuous operation. Check out our breakdown of the top window air conditioners for more helpful summer reading. This link opens in a new window/tab.  

First, the Frigidaire EC300W-FA is without question the most high-quality and portable swamp cooler on the market.

Top Ten Why You Can Trust Them Countless hours are spent by our experts testing and comparing products and services so that you can make an informed decision. Learn more about our testing procedures.

Frigidaire portable swamp cooler in a white design with black grate.

( image)

The Frigidaire EC300W-FA is an attractive and space-saving option for today's urban dwellings. It has one of the most cutting-edge designs we've ever seen, and it's portable enough to use indoors or out. You can't go wrong with this one if aesthetics are your top priority.  

Its diminutive stature is matched by a tank that is not the largest we've seen. Even though it's only 5 gallons, it's still adequate for most bathrooms so long as you don't mind emptying it more often than with a larger, 10 gallon model. It can cool an area of 350 square feet with its maximum power of 600 CFMs and its four fan speeds. ft a dwelling unit at a time With the quiet mode, it won't be too annoying to use while sleeping or in a smaller space.  

Best low-cost portable air cooler is the VAGKRI 2100CFM.

VAGKRI portable swamp cooler in grey and white with a blue light shining from the vents.

(Amazon credited with the picture)

This portable swamp cooler functions as a fan, humidifier, and cooler thanks to its ability to employ three distinct cooling methods: air, water, and ice. Having three functions in one machine makes the higher price more reasonable.  

It can cover up to 700 square feet, making it ideal for larger indoor or outdoor spaces due to its three adjustable fan speeds. The vertical flow can be adjusted for a more potent cooling experience, and the automatic horizontal oscillation allows you to set it at an adjustable 120 degrees.  

The wheels and carrying handle make it convenient to move it wherever you need it, be it a patio, bedroom, yard, or workshop. The 7 You won't have to worry as much about plugging in your cooler because of the extra length of the power cord—2 feet.

Hessaire MC18M, the top-rated compact portable swamp cooler

Hessaire MC18M review

( is credited for the picture) In this new window:

If you're looking for a portable swamp cooler, look no further than the Hessaire MC18M, which, despite its compact size, delivers results comparable to or better than those of much larger models. The 500 square feet of cooling space is impressive for such a compact model, but the 4 The 8-gallon portable cooler is smaller than the rest of the options here. It can run for three to four hours on a single charge, though a hose extension can extend that time considerably.  

When it comes to cooling, Hessaire's portable swamp cooler is hard to beat, and it won't even break the bank. It costs only $0.01 per hour to run and, thanks to its high-density evaporative material, is very effective at removing moisture from the air. Though better suited for outdoor use, it can be used indoors if adequate ventilation is provided.

Although there is no LED display, the controls are intuitive and straightforward. A dial allows for control of the fan and pump speeds. The Hessaire MC18M's ABS resin body is sturdy and light, making it portable and long-lasting.  

  • Have a look at our Hessaire MC18M review. (link opens in a new window)  

Fourth, the NewAir AF-310 is the best portable swamp cooler you can buy on a budget.

NewAir AF-310 review

(Amazon is credited for the image) In this new window:

The NewAir AF-310 is a third of the price of the Honeywell CO610PM, so you shouldn't expect it to compete in terms of cooling power. However, it does a great job of cooling smaller spaces, and it has some extra features for greater control. The included remote makes it possible to make adjustments from across the room, and the control panel itself is well-organized and intuitive.

The tank holds only one gallon of water, which is on the low end of acceptable, but there is a low-water indicator to warn you when it's time to refill. You can use it as a regular fan without the evaporative cooling feature on particularly humid days.

Its 100-square-foot cooling area means it's not ideal for huge spaces but also won't completely dominate tiny rooms. If you need to cool your bedroom at night, this is a good option because it is not so loud that it cannot be used in a bedroom.

  • Examine our NewAir AF-310 evaluation. In this new window:  

5 Best portable swamp cooler for spot cooling: Honeywell CS10XE

Honeywell CS10XE review

(Photo taken at Walmart) (link opens in a new window/tab)

The Honeywell CS10XE is an excellent choice if you need a swamp cooler but only need to cool a small area, like your desk, as opposed to an entire room. It doesn't have a ton of power, with a cooling range of only 175 square feet and a CFM of 300-412 (depending on the setting), but it makes up for this with a plethora of features that make it a fantastic option for tight quarters.

Not all evaporative water coolers come with convenient extras like a remote control, carbon dust filter, and low water alarm. Since the water tank is relatively small, the low water alarm is especially helpful; the carbon filter cleans the air by capturing particles that pass through it.

It uses very little energy, with typical summertime use costing only . Costs less to operate than an AC unit, even when set to maximum levels of efficiency.  

  • Explore our Honeywell CS10XE verdict here. In this new window:  

Among the best portable swamp coolers is the Hessaire MC37M evaporative cooler.

Hessaire MC37M swamp cooler in a dark grey design with wheels.

(Amazon credited with the image)

HESSAIRE's portable swamp cooler uses a fan to draw hot, dry air through a water-soaked filter, thereby lowering the room's ambient temperature. While it may be diminutive in stature, its 10 It has a 3 gallon tank, which is much larger than anything else we've seen. This is a great choice for anyone who doesn't want to empty their tank very often.  

If you'd rather not have to keep an eye on the machine while it's being manually filled, you can use the continuous fill feature by connecting a household hose to the float adaptor included in the package.  

No remote is included, but the three distinct speeds on the motor speed dial make this a convenient option. An air swing delivery system and 3,100 CFM of airflow can provide uniform ventilation throughout a room. Also, it's only 40 pounds, so keep that in mind if you're in the market for a machine that can be easily transported from one location to another, whether that's a tent at a campsite or a couch in the living room.  

Whynter ARC-14S is the most fashionable swamp cooler on the market, as of this writing.

Whynter ARC-14S swamp cooler in a white and black modern design.

( image)

The Whynter ARC-14S is a top pick for those who want a cutting-edge AC that doesn't detract from the look of their home's interior. The machine's sleek platinum and black design means you'll be proud to display it, and its portability makes it ideal for use both inside and outside the house.  

Although its 500-square-foot cooling coverage is less than that of some other models in our roundup, its 14,000 CFM is significantly higher. Because it can function as an air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier, it can be used in a variety of climates.  

It has a quiet noise rating of 56 dBA and an energy star rating, so you can rest easy knowing it's good for the environment and your wallet. This option is on the pricier side, but it includes a window kit, remote, cover, and washable filters.  

What makes a swamp cooler distinct from a conventional air conditioner?  

Adding moisture to the air as it passes over moistened pads is how swamp coolers, also called evaporative coolers, work, which is why they are most effective in dry, warm climates. To prevent the buildup of stale air, they require regular access to outside air, which means that placing them indoors requires at least one open window.  

Air conditioners draw in air, cool it with a refrigerant, and then release the cooled air back outside. The ability of air conditioners to remove moisture from the air makes them ideal for use in regions with a higher relative humidity. A kit that attaches to a window is usually all that's needed to allow the warm air produced during the cooling process to escape. Features like digital thermostats, heating, and programmable timers make them more flexible than swamp coolers. However, unlike evaporative coolers, which can be used outside, portable air conditioners cannot.

I was wondering, how much do portable evaporative coolers typically cost?

A portable evaporative cooler's price ranges from relatively cheap to quite high, depending on the size and capacity of the cooler required. A compact unit suitable for a dorm room or office can be purchased for as little as , while larger ones designed to cool garages, warehouses, and even outdoor spaces can cost as much as $300 to $400. Just keep in mind that these are essentially portable swamp coolers, so they can only be used effectively in extremely hot and dry climates. Swamp coolers can still be useful in humid climates, especially during the hottest and driest part of the day, while air conditioners can be used during the more humid mornings and evenings. As an alternative to air conditioning, evaporative coolers can help you save money on your monthly utility bill.  

Considering the ongoing expense of the pads is also crucial, as most portable swamp cleaners require them for operation. These can be purchased for as little as $20, and depending on the make and model, they need to be replaced every year or every three to five years.  

This article will discuss the benefits of using a swamp cooler.

Comparatively, portable evaporative coolers have much lower upfront and ongoing costs than conventional central air conditioners. (link opens in a new window) Despite their diminished ability to chill, They can be used anywhere, as they are portable and only need water and electricity to run. These devices are effective at lowering temperatures, but they should never be used in conjunction with a conventional air conditioner, which achieves its cooling effect by drawing moisture out of the air. These various forms of air conditioning tend to neutralize one another and waste power when used in communal areas. If you absolutely must use both at once, turn off the one you're not using and use it.

Where does the swamp cooler fit in?

A swamp cooler is able to effectively cool dry, hot air by adding moisture in the form of evaporation from a water tank that is attached to the unit. Dry air is humidified by passing through a pad of wet swamp cooler moss. A fan or motor then circulates this air throughout the space. This is referred to as "evaporative cooling," and it is a natural phenomenon.

The Best Way to Pick an Evaporative Cooler

Always think about the following when searching for a portable swamp cooler:

Changes in the climate and the role of swamp coolers

Hot, dry regions, like the American West, are ideal for evaporative cooling systems. S , and it fails to effectively reduce temperatures in humid environments.

What is the efficiency of evaporative coolers with regards to energy use?  

A central air conditioner's power consumption is much higher than that of an evaporative cooler's. Evaporative coolers typically produce a temperature drop of 20–30 degrees Fahrenheit below that of the surrounding air. Due to these constraints, evaporative coolers cannot compete with portable air conditioners in terms of comfort. In this new window:

Lightweight and convenient

You may need to invest in a lightweight model if you plan to move your portable swamp cooler from room to room. Larger units provide more cooling capacity but are more cumbersome to relocate. The most well-made heavy duty units come with wheels that allow for simple relocation.  

Measured by size and efficiency

Bigger isn't always better when it comes to portable evaporative coolers. Overheating is another problem that can arise from selecting an inadequate unit. The CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating is the standard for measuring the cooling capacity of evaporative coolers. Every portable swamp cooler has a CFM rating, making it simple to determine if it will adequately cool a given space.

A room's cooling needs are best met by a cooler whose capacity is at least that room's volume, so it's important to know how many cubic feet your space is. To calculate this, multiply the floor area by the height of the ceiling. A room with a 250-square-foot floor and an 8-foot ceiling, for instance, has a 2,000-square-foot cubic area (250 * 8 = 2,000). Evaporative cooler capacity in cubic feet per minute is calculated by dividing the cubic area in half (2,000 / 2 = 1,000). In this case, a unit with a CFM rating of 1,000 would be ideal.

Supplemental Options

Many of the best portable swamp coolers have additional features that make them more flexible and less of a hassle to use. In response to changes in the room's temperature, some models can be controlled automatically by a timer, a remote, or both. The unit can also be equipped with oscillating fans to disperse the air more uniformly, water-level alarms, and variable fan speeds for slow or fast cooling. In addition to cooling the air, some portable evaporative coolers act as ionizers, eliminating airborne pollutants.

Poor warranty service and flimsy swamp coolers.

Each and every portable evaporative cooler brand we researched had weak warranty offerings, which is a major drawback to these devices. Not a single product we looked at had a warranty that was longer than a year.

To a large extent, we blame the design and cooling water used in these units for the lackluster quality of their warranties. For instance, despite the fact that the design only requires four basic components—a water pump, a fan, a cooling pad, and a water tank—the system experiences significant wear and tear from regular use. Also, even after the water evaporates, the dissolved minerals from your water supply will still be there, making it challenging to keep the unit clean and running smoothly over the long term.

A portable evaporative cooler can be used for more than one summer if you take extra care of it by cleaning it after each season and replacing the cooling pad. To learn more about how to care for your unit, consult the manual.

Does proper venting for an evaporative cooler exist?

True, but not to the same degree as a window unit. However, evaporative coolers can increase humidity to the point where they are less effective at cooling than a fan would be in a well-ventilated room, despite the fact that they produce no waste heat. Also, this is why evaporative coolers don't work well in humid areas. In order to prevent excessive humidity, you may want to open one or two windows in your house to allow a cross breeze to enter.

What percentage of humidity renders evaporative coolers useless?

Evaporative cooler performance is sensitive to both relative humidity and air temperature. For the most part, if the humidity is below 50%, you can anticipate a temperature drop of 10-12 degrees. However, you'll see much better results at lower humidity levels. For instance, if the humidity is typically 20 percent, the temperature will drop by 16 to 22 degrees. In dry climates, such as the Western United States, hot air can hold more moisture than cold air, allowing for greater cooling effectiveness. S especially in the drier parts of the Southwest like Arizona, Nevada, and Utah

I'd like to know how to decrease the temperature of my evaporative cooler.

You can make the air from your portable evaporative cooler even cooler by doing the following:

  • Make sure the pads are soaked before turning on the fan. On hot days, when the warm air may dry out the pads faster, it is important to let the pump run by itself for at least 10 minutes before turning on the fan.
  • Make sure the water is cold, but not icy. The amount of cool, moist air an evaporative cooler generates is somewhat affected by the temperature of the water used in the device. However, this energy waste can occur if the water is too cold because less evaporation will occur. However, hot water may evaporate too quickly, adding extra heat to the environment. Because of this, water temperatures between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit are recommended for use in your portable swamp cooler.
  • While it's true that icy water is undesirable, a few ice cubes thrown into the water tank can help quickly cool down water that has warmed up from sitting out for too long. However, if you want your evaporative cooler to work properly, you shouldn't use ice water.
  • The use of a dehumidifier is recommended. When temperatures become too high to open windows, a dehumidifier can be set up close to the swamp cooler's intake. This will prevent the swamp cooler from overheating due to excessive humidity, though the higher energy costs may make an air conditioner a more economical choice.
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