Coolers on Wheels: The Best Option for Any Occasion

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A top-notch cooler with wheels keeps the good times going whether you're camping, having a picnic, or hosting a gathering in your backyard. Consider your itinerary and budget carefully when selecting the best cooler on wheels. How many guests will you be hosting, and for how long? What's the climate like? Which characteristics, such as the lengthiest cold retention, eco-friendly materials, or a fashionable design to go with your home's decor, are important to you?

We've chosen the top wheeled coolers in a variety of styles for a variety of outdoor adventures to address each of these crucial factors. The Yeti Tundra Haul Hard Cooler is our preferred all-purpose wheeled cooler. This Yeti cooler is incredibly sturdy, portable, and keeps beverages and food cold for days. Take a load off your shoulders and pull up with one of these wheeled wonders whether you're going on a weeklong wilderness expedition, spending the weekend lounging by the pool, or going to a nearby park with the kids for an afternoon.

Our top picks for the best coolers on wheels are as follows:


Why We Love It: The Yeti Tundra Haul Hard Cooler was developed with the intention of enhancing durability, extending the "cold life" of ice, and resisting the elements, and it succeeds in all three of these areas.

What to Take into Account: Because this cooler is certified bear-safe, it protects your food from paws and claws but is also quite heavy.

With a number of essential features, the Tundra Haul Hard Cooler is a reliable option in the wheeled cooler market. The cooler not only maintains the reputation of the brand for toughness and durability against the competition, but also boasts superior insulation and a convenient towing design. Even in triple-digit temperatures, the cooler walls have up to two inches of insulation to maintain ice integrity. The cooler's walls and lid are pressure-injected with commercial-grade polyurethane foam, keeping the ice and other contents extra-frozen for days.  

This cooler can roll over gravel, rocks, marina docks, and even sand with ease thanks to its sturdy, single-piece, puncture-resistant tires, but softer or muddy terrain might be difficult given how heavy it is when fully loaded. Thankfully, the cooler's curved shape permits left- and right-handed towing, and the sturdy aluminum arm tapers to a handle with ergonomic grips. Overall, the rotomolded design of the Tundra Hard Haul Cooler enables it to live up to the brand's all-weather, indestructible claims. Bonus: This cooler is available in a variety of lovely colors, and a new accessory pack with a matching basket and divider is also accessible.

Price as of publication: $450

45-can capacity, 37-pound weight, and 28-inch dimensions 2 x 18 6 x 19 5 inches

Pelican RC 45QT Wheeled Elite Cooler

Why We Love It: This cooler is the go-to for weekend to weeklong camping excursions thanks to its sizable all-terrain wheels and thick insulated walls.

What to Take into Account: The Elite Wheeled Cooler is made of more plastic and is slightly heavier than the regular 45QT Elite Coolers because it is rotomolded rather than injection molded.

Setting up a camping trip The Pelican 45QT Elite Wheeled Cooler is your best bet for transporting up to a week's worth of supplies from your house to your car to the trailhead while keeping everything chilled. Pelican offers a lifetime warranty on its coolers despite the fact that the wheeled version is rotomolded rather than injection molded (the latter provides greater durability and lightness while the former is more affordable). The wheeled model continues to feature a 2-inch insulation wall, a molded locking closure, and a freezer-grade gasket, guaranteeing that an iced cooler with a full load will remain frosty for at least seven days. Large-diameter wheels and smooth pulling allow you to confidently traverse any terrain with this premium, tough cooler.

Price as of publication: $430

34-can capacity; 37-pound weight 20 x 29 | Weight: 2 pounds 6 x 19 2 inches

Coleman Xtreme 50-quart Wheeled Cooler

Why We Love It: This traditional cooler is a useful, well-made, and budget-friendly choice that's ideal for beach days and ought to last for a number of years.

What to Take into Account: Ice retention works well for a one- to two-day outing, but claims that it can keep ice cold for up to five days in the sun may not be true.

A popular "everyday" cooler choice for beach days, local baseball games, and other warm-weather outings with friends and family is the Coleman Xtreme 50-quart Wheeled Cooler. With its nearly all-terrain wheels, light plastic body, and retractable, telescoping handle, it enables a leisurely stroll while pulling refreshments. The walls are insulated to prolong ice, the chest is made with environmentally friendly, patented Thermozone insulation, and it can hold an impressive 84 cans. Although it's fairly simple to open and close, the lid is also insulated, suggesting that it may not be the most airtight cooler on the market. On the plus side, unlike many inexpensive cooler models, there is no discernible gap between the lid and body. The "have-a-seat" lid has four convenient cup holders and can support up to 250 pounds.  

Price as of publication: $45

84 cans can fit inside; 12 pounds total. 7 pounds | 26 x 16 dimensions 6 x 16 7 inches

EcoCool Latitude 90 Qt Roller Cooler

Why We Love It: Made from recycled plastic, this cooler is environmentally friendly and keeps food cold for up to five days.

What to Bear in Mind: The cooler's handles vary in size and shape, which could make lifting it challenging.

The EcoCool Latitude 90 Roller Cooler is a pioneering cooler made primarily of recycled plastic. e more "post-consumer resin" that typically ends up in landfills, such as yogurt cups, milk jugs, and other containers. This Igloo cooler is the best option for those who care about the environment because it uses an innovative foam called Thermecool that emits less CO2 and VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the atmosphere. According to Igloo, switching to Thermecool insulation has a net annual impact equal to removing over 86,000 cars from American roads, as Thermecool is 50 times more environmentally friendly than other types of cooler foam. The cooler's inner wall insulation and foam-insulated lid provide the best performance, keeping ice, food, and beverages chilled for up to five days. The large, all-terrain wheels make it easy to roll over most terrain, whether you're going to the beach or camping for the weekend. The cooler's overall usefulness is further increased by features like a self-draining cup holder, a fish ruler on the lid, and a stowaway butler tray.

Price as of publication: $140

147 cans in capacity, 22 pounds in weight, and 31 inches in length. 8 x 18 9 x 17 2 inches

Koolatron Kargo Wheeler Electric Cooler

Why We Love It: This is an integrated cooler and mini fridge that is both traditional and portable.

What to Bear in Mind: Other cooler models' latches and wheels might be more robust.

Traveling and camping are wonderful, as are lounging and relaxing in your own backyard. Why not select a cooler that works for both types of weekend activities? An interesting alternative to the usual one-trick pony coolers on the market is the thermoelectric Koolatron. This adaptable 12-volt chest's claim to fame is that it not only functions as a warmer, warming food to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or cooling items inside to 40 degrees, but it can also stand upright in cooler mode outside or be turned on its side to function as a portable mini fridge. in the car The basket-shelves can be removed for easy access, and this promotes organization. Although the manufacturer asserts that the lid's sliding lock is strong enough to prevent unintentional openings, this cooler may not be as durable as other models when it comes to the latch, hinges, and wheels. To enable indoor use, a compatible AC adapter is sold separately and is compatible with the included 12-volt adapter.

Price as of publication: $220

42-can capacity, 14-pound weight, and 20-inch dimensions 7 x 15 x 17 2 inches

Coleman 42-can Soft Cooler

The removable, antimicrobial-treated liner of this cooler is resistant to odors, mold, mildew, and fungus.

What to Take into Account: Its limited insulation limits its usefulness beyond a one-day outing.

It can be advantageous to be sentimental at times. A soft-sided cooler is a good choice when you need a straightforward, portable cooler, especially for picnics, tailgating, and other single-day uses. Although the Coleman 42-can Soft Cooler with Wheels may not have the same ice retention as its hard-sided counterparts, it is built with additional foam insulation that keeps food and drinks cold for at least 42 hours. Transporting it is made simple by the sturdy two-wheel construction, telescoping handle, and side handles. It can hold up to 42 cans and weighs less than 2 pounds when empty. Many pockets for dry packaged snacks, extra ice packs, a top hatch for easy grab-and-go drinks, additional accessories, including an integrated bottle opener, and more practical features are among the other features. We particularly value the exterior's recycled fabric, the leak-proof welded seams, and the detachable, odor-resistant antimicrobial liner.  

Price as of publication:

42 cubic inches; one pound. 13 dimensions | 2 lbs. 3 x 19 5 x 10 6 inches

RovR Rollr 45 Cooler

Why We Love It: You can easily pull the chest over a variety of difficult terrains thanks to the cooler wheels' status as tires.

What to Take into Account: Although adequate, the insulation falls short of the competition.

The Rovr RollR 60 makes strolling down the sidewalk, traversing grass fields, and rolling across sand a breeze if you intend to use your new cooler most frequently for neighborhood picnic outings or backyard barbecues. The cooler's pneumatic tires are undoubtedly its most appealing feature. plastic wheels allow you to inflate them similarly to a bicycle or car. Because of this, the cooler has the ability to traverse the same kinds of terrain as those vehicles. The chest itself is robustly built with sturdy latches and hinges and includes helpful extras like a removable dry bin and large dry storage box that you can attach to the lid for additional storage. Its wide handle has a set of useful rubber grips on each side. Additionally, the business offers a useful bicycle attachment for towing the cooler while cycling that is sold separately. Although the Rovr RollR 60 dominates the competition in many areas, one minor flaw is that, when compared to other coolers on the market, its insulation isn't quite as impressive. This could be because of an uneven seal at the lid, so carefully check your model before going to the park. This cooler is great for a picnic with friends, even though you probably won't choose it for a long road trip, a week-long camping or rafting trip. It is certified to be grizzly bear-resistant, so Yogi and friends won't have to worry about it.

Price as of publication: $440

60 cans can fit inside; it weighs 38 pounds and measures 19 inches. 7 x 22 5 x 20 5 inches

dbest products Ultra Compact Cooler

Why We Love It: This cooler only weighs three pounds and can be folded flat.

What to Take into Account: This cooler's durability is not strong.  

The Dbest compact cooler transports everything from beer and wine to ice cream and frozen pops to your preferred location with ease. It weighs less than 3 pounds, has a capacity of 36 cans or 4 gallons. For barbecues and backyard gatherings as well as while boating, going to the beach, hiking, and going on other brief outings, all of your treats will remain completely insulated and chilled. With its telescope handle, back wheels, and convenience of rolling up or folding flat for storage, this small cooler is stable and simple to move. It's ideal for a trip to the grocery store or even as a large lunchbox because it is leakproof and has additional pockets for various goods or personal items. The Moroccan blue tile design is appealing to us, and it's also available in black and vivid red.

Price as of publication: $56

36 cans total; 2 pounds. 13 dimensions | 5 pounds 5 x 13 5 x 10 six inches

Igloo Latitude 60-quart Cooler

Why We Love It: The cooler is reasonably priced and has excellent all-terrain wheels.

What to Bear in Mind: There is no latch to keep the lid closed.

Igloo's 60-quart Latitude Cooler is lightweight and easy to move across gravel, sand, grass, and dirt. It can hold up to 90 cans and maintain ice for at least three days without costing a fortune. This polyurethane foam insulated chest will come in handy if you need a cooler for a day or weekend camping trip, a trip to the beach, or a road trip. When you use the lid as a small tabletop, the four built-in cup holders come in handy. This is a wise and sturdy purchase thanks to features like a bail handle that folds flat into the liner for easy storage, a triple snap drain plug, a condiment shelf liner, and molded side scoop handles for carrying and easy unloading.

As of publication, the cost was $100.

90-can capacity | 13-pound weight 5 pounds | 20 x 18 inches 5 x 20 7 inches

Pelican RC 80QT Wheeled Elite Cooler

Why We Love It: This premium cooler is designed for hunting and sport fishing.  

What to Bear in Mind: It's Expensive, Heavy, and Bulky

For a reason, the Pelican 80QT Wheeled Elite Cooler is the priciest model on this list. It's not intended for daily strolls, but if you need a sizable, freezer-grade cooler for outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and other pursuits that call for robust storage, look no further. Keep in mind that this pro-worthy chest weighs over 49 pounds before ice, food, beverages, or any wild catches are added. Fortunately, it has rigid handles and sealing, a trolley handle for easy transport, latches for gloved use, tough wheels for all-terrain transportation, and two inches of insulation to keep food and game fresh. Additionally, this cooler has an integrated fish scale and drain plug for simple cleaning. This model stands out because of all of that and the lifetime warranty.

Price as of publication: $550

58 cans can fit; it weighs 49 pounds. 42 dimensions | 5 lbs. 9 x 20 7 x 20 2 inches

Permasteel 80 Qt. Patio Rolling Cooler

Why We Love It: The charming vintage style is ideal for patios and decks.

What to Keep in Mind: This chest is not intended for use while traveling long distances.

Fans of interior/exterior design and home entertainment will adore this retro-style rolling party cooler. It's ideal for use by families and for social gatherings with friends on decks, by pools, or for backyard barbecues. The 80-quart ice chest was thoughtfully designed and has a lovely powder-coated steel exterior. The interior is lined with polypropylene, one of the most recyclable plastics, and keeps drinks (70 cans or 50 bottles) and treats cold for days. The storage area is increased by a lower shelf, and a bottle opener with a catch tray is an added bonus. The rear drain spout makes cleaning quick and easy. The cooler can be easily rolled or carried as needed thanks to its two sturdy handles and multidirectional wheels with a brake/lock system.

Price as of publication: $225

Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 28 inches, 42 pounds, and 70 cans in total.

There are many different price points for coolers with wheels, and occasionally you may wonder what makes a product more valuable. In many cases, the extra money spent does correspond with better insulation, among other performance details. But this is not a firm guideline. In some cases, you can save a lot of money without sacrificing the ability to retain ice, but you might have to compromise on the cooler's size or another feature that's important to you. Customers should generally expect to pay more for rotomolded insulation that maintains food at a safe temperature, especially when making longer trips into the wilderness.  

Unexpectedly, some coolers might have trouble with water resistance. Unexpected rain showers and excessive amounts of melted ice can both be problematic. Additionally, a boat-bound cooler or one you intend to bring to the lake or beach needs to be waterproof. Any cooler you intend to bring outside, other than to your own deck or yard, should be able to withstand the weather conditions reasonably well. If you select a soft cooler on wheels, ensure the fabric can withstand being stuffed full of ice and the excess water that results. Find a soft cooler with a plastic or rubber belly. Although most hard coolers on wheels can withstand water, both inside and outside, you should still double-check this.

In addition to selecting a cooler with wheels, there are numerous other items that can enhance the rolling ice chest's functionality, appearance, and usability. For instance, ice packs are currently popular. In addition to being reusable, less messy, and simple to tuck away to help maximize storage volume, cooler enthusiasts have discovered that using them in place of regular ice can have a number of advantages.  

Another common addition is a cooler basket, which keeps valuable cooler volume while allowing many food and beverage products to be compartmentalized. Similar to storage dividers, cooler dividers enable the creation of compartments so the ice is distributed more evenly.

The external chest should be covered with seat cushions. At some point, you'll probably sit down on your cooler, so why not make it as comfortable as possible? They are available in various sizes. However, they can be somewhat pricey, and there are a number of factors to take into account (e g compared to the ones you'll need for marine use that are water-resistant (e.g., mold-resistance, webbing for fishing gear).

Additionally useful are cooler lights, which you can use to light up your cooler at night. It goes without saying that lights will help you find specific items in the dark and will also add a cool visual effect to your environment at night. Currently, most lights come in one size fits all.  

Finally, you can add mounted cup holders and bottle opener attachments to your cooler to make it almost as useful as a Swiss Army knife. And for modern campers and tireless party hosts, don't forget to pick up a stylish wrap to adorn and personalize the chest for a festive occasion or to simply flaunt your sense of style.

Questions and Answers
  • How much ice do I need to pack in my cooler?

    The majority of brands advise a 2:1 ratio of ice to contents, though some advise a 2/3 ice to 1/3 goods ratio. It is always best to adhere to the recommendations for ice capacity and make adjustments as you gain more experience with the item, depending on the type of ice (i e (dry, blocked, cubed, or a mix of cubes and blocks) Since ice can vary in temperature, keep your cooler out of direct sunlight by placing it in the shade or covering it with a tarp or towel.

  • How should my cooler be cleaned?

    First and foremost, before cleaning the cooler, be sure to empty it completely. Remove all of the water and melted ice, at the very least, and then wipe it down before putting it away. Use a mild detergent, like dish soap, along with a sponge and water to clean the cooler if it has picked up some dirt, debris, or stains after a longer adventure. A weak solution of baking soda and water should remove any more difficult stains. Spraying some bleach and then wiping it down with water should eliminate any lingering odors from the cooler. If the smell persists, try cleaning it with vanilla extract, washing it once more, and letting it air-dry. If the cooler has a drain plug, make sure the valve is open before storing it to let any trapped moisture out.

    Avoid putting any type of cooler in the dishwasher or washing machine as that will probably ruin it. Soft coolers can be spot cleaned or washed down with mild detergent and water.

  • Hard coolers vs. soft coolers: Which is superior?

    The length of time you hope to keep the contents of the cooler cold, how much weight you're willing to pull, and your budget are the three main factors that will determine the answer to this question, but there are a few other factors as well. You'll need a cooler with cold insulation in mind if you're going on a weeklong camping trip. When comparing hard coolers to soft coolers, hard coolers are typically the best choice for ice retention. cold within the same brand However, a soft cooler on wheels will be much easier on the arms if you're planning a day or overnight trip and would prefer not to lug a heavier load. They come in different sizes and are significantly lighter. Consider that a soft cooler weighs 1 to 3 pounds, whereas a hard cooler may weigh up to 50 pounds—and that's before it is filled with ice, food, and beverages. In that regard, soft coolers are typically significantly less expensive than their hard counterparts, sometimes by a few hundred dollars. However, hard coolers are also significantly more durable than soft models and conveniently versatile if you need to use it as an improvised table or seat to rest on while in the wilderness. Additionally, hard coolers are more likely to have useful extras like cup holders, trays, or a lid that doubles as a food prep station. Lastly, wildlife is frequently unaffected by hard coolers. Pick a hard cooler if you don't want a bear to steal your breakfast supplies.

This list of coolers with wheels was assembled by Saryn Chorney, a writer on sustainable living and eco-travel. She conducted a thorough investigation and drew on her personal experience with transporting refreshments.   

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