Discover the Top-Rated Evaporative Air Coolers for 2023 to Beat the Heat!

An evaporative air cooler is a type of air conditioning system that utilizes the process of evaporation to cool the air. The unit comprises a fan that draws hot, dry air into the machine through a wet media pad. The hot air heats the top layer of moisture on the pad, which results in evaporation, lowering the temperature within the air cooler by up to 20 degrees. The cool, moist air is then expelled from the unit by the same fan, creating a constant airflow through the wet pad and into the immediate area.

The Best Evaporative Air Cooler OptionThe Best Evaporative Air Cooler Option

Compared to traditional air conditioners, evaporative air coolers function with less energy since they only require the use of a fan. The unit's water supply comes from an internal tank that needs refilling whenever the level gets too low to properly cool the air. If you're considering buying an evaporative air cooler as a cost-effective solution for your home, there are important shopping considerations to keep in mind and several types of models available.

Before purchasing an evaporative air cooler, consider the various types available as well as the space that needs cooling, the tank capacity, and features such as wheels, a timer, and an air swing delivery system.

Evaporative air coolers come in different sizes, mounting locations, and angles from which cool air is released, including portable, window, down discharge, side discharge, and swamp coolers.

The Best Evaporative Air Cooler OptionThe Best Evaporative Air Cooler Option

Portable evaporative air coolers are the most common option for cooling homes. These units stand on a set of wheels and usually have top and side handles to allow for easy movement. Window evaporative air coolers are designed to sit in an open window, drawing hot, dry air directly from outside and cooling the inside of the home rapidly. While these coolers are more effective than portable ones, they are pricier and less common. Down-discharge evaporative air coolers are typically mounted on the roof, blowing air down to cool the entire house. Proper installation and sealing are crucial to prevent home vulnerability to roof leaks. Side-discharge evaporative air coolers are the most popular type, available as both portable and window coolers that push air out horizontally. They may not be as effective as whole-home solutions, but they are easier to access and maintain and can prevent water damage from leaks potentially missed in down-discharge models. The term "swamp cooler" is often used interchangeably with evaporative air cooler. However, some manufacturers use the term specifically for larger, whole-home units, while smaller units are commonly referred to as evaporative air coolers. Regardless of the term used, check the product information to ensure that you're getting a product with the desired capacity.

Cooling area and CFM are essential considerations when selecting the best evaporative air cooler for your home. You'll want to ensure that the unit you choose has the proper air output capacity to cool the intended room.

Typically, evaporative air coolers are measured in terms of their cooling area, which is expressed in cubic feet per minute or cfm. You can calculate the necessary cfm for your target room by finding the volume of the space, which you can do by multiplying the length, width, and height of the room, and then dividing the total by two: cfm = (L × W × H) ÷ 2.

However, the cooling output of your evaporative air cooler may be influenced by the cooling mechanism used and the surrounding humidity levels. Moisture-heavy regions won't experience as much cooling relief as dry climes, which explains why evaporative air coolers are more prevalent in the American Southwest, particularly in arid states like Arizona.

Water Tank Capacity

Evaporative air coolers operate by absorbing scorching, arid air through a moist media pad. This hot air causes the uppermost layer of moisture on the pad to dissipate, which can reduce the temperature of the air within the unit by up to 20 degrees. The fan then pumps this chill air out, cooling the room. Yet, without a reservoir of water to replenish the media pad and keep it damp, evaporative air coolers are nothing more than cumbersome fans.

Water for these devices is stored in an internal tank that accommodates anywhere from 0.1 gallon to more than 10 gallons of water, depending on the size of the machine. The larger the capacity, the longer the unit can run, so we suggest picking a product with at least a 5-gallon tank if you intend to run the cooler all night.

Air Swing Delivery System

Some evaporative air coolers, as well as most fans, have an air swing delivery system, also known as the oscillation feature. The oscillation louvers on the unit dictate the degree to which the cooler can turn. This range can be fixed at 0 degrees, ranging up to an arc of 120 degrees, though other common oscillation settings include 40 degrees and 70 degrees, allowing the user to choose the ideal range of motion.

There are also adjustable vents, which make it easy to alter the direction of airflow from the unit. People can direct the air flow to the floor, up into the air, or to the left or right, depending on where people are assembled.


Wheels make it easy to transport evaporative air coolers from room to room, and they also help reduce the risk of tank water shifting and spilling. These models typically come with four wheels affixed to the base, with two locking wheels to hold the cooler firmly in place. However, even with wheels, the water in the tank can still spill if the cooler isn't moved carefully.


Timer functions allow you to adjust how long the cooler runs depending on your preferences and the water level in the tank. Activating the timer ensures that the unit runs until the appointed time and doesn't stop because it's out of water.

The majority of timers can be set for up to 15 hours of continuous runtime. Utilize 1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour, and 4-hour switches to swiftly preset the cooler for the listed duration instead of having to change a dial or set a custom time. Once the time is up, the device will shut off automatically, which is particularly helpful at night when people are asleep. The cooler will run for several hours before stopping at the designated time.

The Best Evaporative Air Cooler Option: Hessaire MC18M Portable Evaporative CoolerThe Best Evaporative Air Cooler Option: Hessaire MC18M Portable Evaporative Cooler

Other Features

Evaporative air coolers can have several supplementary features that increase their quality and versatility. These may include:

    Garden-hose adapters that connect the cooler directly to a garden hose to guarantee a steady stream of water. This allows the evaporative air cooler to operate without stopping to refill the water tank. Water-level indicators to make sure that the tank has enough water for cooling the room. If the water level gets too low, an alarm and a flashing or solid light will go off to notify the user to add water. Fan-speed control that lets you adjust the speed of the fan, which usually has low, medium, and high settings. Air filtration that intercepts pollutants like pollen and dust by drawing air through a filter before it reaches the media pads. Some cooling units come with activated carbon or odor-blocking filters.

    Our Top Picks

    Our list of top products was chosen based on essential considerations like cooler type, water tank capacity, cooling area, and overall quality to help you find the right device to keep your home cool throughout hot weather.

    An exceptional choice for rooms of up to 500 square feet, this Hessaire evaporative air cooler features a 4.8-gallon water tank capacity and an airflow output of approximately 1,300 cfm. The four-wheel design, two of which are lockable, allows for effortless mobility and stable placement.

    The adjustable vents make it possible to alter the direction of the airflow output, while the fan can be set to high or low. Additionally, there's an internal water pump that effectively moves water from the tank to the top of the cooler, ensuring that the pad remains moist until it's time to refill the tank. This evaporative air cooler operates for up to four hours with a full tank, or it can be connected to a garden hose for continuous use.

    The Best Evaporative Air Cooler Option: ComfyHome Bladeless Evaporative Air CoolerThe Best Evaporative Air Cooler Option: ComfyHome Bladeless Evaporative Air Cooler

    Product Specifications

    Type: PortableCFM: 1,300Tank capacity: 4.8 gallonsPros:

    Fantastic coverage and fan speedEasy to transport and maneuverGarden hose attachment for uninterrupted use


    Acquire the Hessaire MC18M evaporative air cooler by heading over to Amazon, Ace Hardware, or Overstock.


    Displayed on, the ComfyHome 3-in-1 model functions as an air-evaporation device or fan, providing a comfortable living space through effective temperature reduction. With its suitability for small to medium-sized rooms, even the low airspeed option can make a bedroom or home office pleasant during hot weather, supported by an 8-hour cooling capacity through the 1-gallon water tank.

    The Best Evaporative Air Cooler Option: Evapolar evaCHILL EV-500 Personal Evaporative CoolerThe Best Evaporative Air Cooler Option: Evapolar evaCHILL EV-500 Personal Evaporative Cooler

    The device also incorporates a timer function that facilitates 1-hour increments, allowing for 1 to 8-hour settings. The product includes a remote control and oscillates 40 degrees to ensure optimal cool-air distribution.

    Product Specifications

    Type: Portable CFM: Unspecified Tank capacity: 1 gallonAdvantages

    Impressive modern designReusable ice packs includedRemote control for ease of accessOperates quietlyDisadvantages

    Frequency of remote control may interfere with other devices. Purchase the ComfyHome evaporative air cooler on Amazon.

    Looking for an economical portable evaporative air cooler option for personal use? The Evapolar model could be a worthy candidate. Its compact design and handy handle make for effortless transport, allowing it to sit on a desk or night table with ease. With an 800-milliliter water tank, it's possible to fill it with ice water to achieve cooler air output. However, larger ice cubes may hinder water flow, so crushed ice should be considered. Despite its small size, the tank can provide up to 9 hours of runtime before refilling.

    Perfect for home office or bedside use, the Evapolar evaporative air cooler runs on a USB connection and uses just 7.5 watts of energy, making it energy-efficient and conducive for saving on electricity expenses.

    Product Details

    Type: Portable CFM: 49.1 Tank Capacity: 800 milliliters


    The Best Evaporative Air Cooler Option: LifePlus Evaporative Air Cooler 3 in 1The Best Evaporative Air Cooler Option: LifePlus Evaporative Air Cooler 3 in 1

    AffordableGreat for personal coolingCan use ice instead of water


    Limited effectiveness in bigger areas

    Shop now for the Evapolar evaporative air cooler on Amazon.

    A sleek and innovative evaporative air cooler is now available with the LifePlus brand. This portable device, with a bladeless design, can easily cool a room for up to 12 hours with its 5-liter water tank. It comes with four reusable ice packs that can be placed in the bottom-load water tank, providing additional cooling. The design of this air cooler is contemporary and stylish, making it a perfect addition to any room.

    One of the best features of the LifePlus air cooler is its remote control and 12-hour timer. This allows users to set the device to automatically turn off after a specified time, adding convenience to their lifestyle. Additionally, users can choose between low, medium, and high airspeeds.

    While the product has many pros, including its sleek design and bladeless feature that keeps it safe around kids and pets, some customers may find it challenging to move around as it doesn't come with wheels. Nonetheless, customers can easily find the LifePlus evaporative air cooler on Amazon and enjoy all its great features.

    Looking for a cooling solution for your open floor plan home or outdoor space? Consider the Hessaire evaporative air cooler, which can provide a refreshing breeze with its high airflow output of 5,300 cfm and cooling capacity for up to 1,650 square feet. Plus, it also makes for a great addition to your patio or deck during hot days.

    This portable cooler comes with four locking wheels that make it super easy to move around as needed, and you can even set it to oscillate up to 40 degrees as desired. It features three fan speeds and an internal pump that you can switch off for fan-only cooling. With its 14.6-gallon water tank, you can enjoy up to 4 hours of cooling time, and if you need longer hours, simply connect the cooler directly to your garden hose for continuous use.

    The Best Evaporative Air Cooler Option: Hessaire MC61M Evaporative Cooler, 5,300 CFMThe Best Evaporative Air Cooler Option: Hessaire MC61M Evaporative Cooler, 5,300 CFM

    Product Specs:

    Type: Portable

    CFM: 5,300

    Tank capacity: 14.6 gallons


    - Impressive airflow capacity

    - Can oscillate up to 40 degrees for maximum coverage

    - Perfect for large open spaces

    - Comes with three fan speeds to match your comfort level


    In need of an evaporative air cooler? Get the Hessaire MC61M today at your favorite retailers such as Amazon, Ace Hardware, or Tractor Supply Co.

    Capture the refreshing breeze of the Air Choice evaporative air cooler, a portable and stylishly designed unit that's perfect for cooling small living spaces like bedrooms, offices, and dens. With a 50-degree oscillation capability, this cooler can ensure that the airflow is circulating throughout the room, which can be controlled by a remote or the easy-to-use touch-control panel.

    The device also comes with a timer to set automatic operation for a maximum of 12 hours, while maximizing cooling efficiency with the inclusion of two ice packs and a 3-liter water tank.

    Product Specifications

    Type: Portable CFM: Not specified Tank capacity: 3 liters.


    Comes with two ice packs and remote control functionality, and blends seamlessly into any room environment.


    On its highest speed the unit can produce some noise.

    Experience the ultimate cool and refreshing comfort of the Air Choice evaporative air cooler by purchasing from Amazon.

    The Best Evaporative Air Cooler Option: Air Choice Oscillating Evaporative Air CoolerThe Best Evaporative Air Cooler Option: Air Choice Oscillating Evaporative Air Cooler

    Our Evaluation

    The Hessaire MC18M evaporative air cooler delivers remarkable air cooling capacity for spaces up to 500 square feet. With maneuverability that allows for easy transportation throughout the home, this cooler is an ideal solution for summer heat relief.

    For those searching for a cost-effective way to stay cool during the summer months, the Evapolar evaCHILL is worth considering. Compact enough to fit on a desk or bedside table, this air cooler provides a budget-friendly option.

    Selection Criteria for the Best Evaporative Air Coolers

    Evaporative coolers are energy-efficient alternatives to air conditioning units that provide relief from the heat. Our recommendation list consists of the most popular brands in the market, offering a diverse selection of design preferences, room-size coverage, and budgets.

    During our research, we prioritized factors that include portability, ease of use, water tank capacity, and additional features like remote controls, reusable ice packs, or hose hookups for continuous operation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Evaporative air coolers are ideal for cooling homes in warm regions with less energy consumption. Here are answers to common questions that can assist users in choosing, utilizing, and maintaining these cooling devices:

      Q. Is an evaporative air cooler suitable for the climate I live in?

      An evaporative air cooler functions by pulling dry, warm air through a damp media pad, evaporating the top layer of water, and decreasing the temperature inside by 10 to 20 degrees. This cooling process works best in dry, hot regions, like Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, the California desert, and parts of Texas and Colorado. These air coolers can function outside these areas; however, they will be less effective, depending on the humidity level.

      Q. How frequently should media pads be changed?

      The frequency of media pad replacement depends on the cooler's frequency of use and the individual product. Typically, media pads require more frequent replacement when the cooler is used more often. However, some media pads can be removed, cleaned with mild detergent, and reinstalled.

      Q. Should doors and windows be closed while an evaporative air cooler is in use?

      No—evaporative air coolers need access to outdoor air as they require warm, dry air to create cool, moist air. It is recommended to keep a nearby window or door open to provide a constant flow of warm, dry air through the cooler.

      Q. How do I maintain my evaporative air cooler?

      Evaporative air coolers require minimal maintenance. During operation in warmer months, replace water regularly and clean the media pad with water and mild detergent to prevent mold growth. Wipe down the exterior housing of the cooler to remove dust and dirt.

      During colder temperatures, drain the water tank and water line, and use the fan-only feature for 30 minutes to an hour to dry out the device and pads. Store the cooler in a protected location, like a garage, shed, or basement.

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