Evaluation of the Orca 40

The Orca 40 is a rotomolded cooler with an internal height of 11 inches, handles made of foam-covered webbing and indented hard plastic. Not quite tall enough at 25 inches to fit most upright wine bottles or 2L bottles It has an IGBC certification, a mesh pocket on the back, tie-down loops, and a dual-size drain.

Efficiency Evaluation

orca 40 cooler review - the orca 40 is a fantastic mid-sized cooler, well-suited to becoming...

The Orca 40 is an excellent mid-sized cooler that would fit right in with your adventures.

Maggie Brandenburg, with thanks


The Orca 40 performed admirably for its size during our insulation testing, despite Orca's ambiguous claim that it "maintains the freshness of your stowed items for up to 10 days." It lasted 3 days during our insulation test. 5 days at temperatures below 40°F, the recommended threshold to preserve the freshness of the most perishable foods, such as raw meat and dairy For three more hours, this 40-quart model kept internal temperatures below 50°F. 8 days below that threshold in our hot room

The Orca 40's thick, rotomolded walls and sturdy construction enable it to achieve its compellingly impressive insulation prowess. Strong rubber latches firmly close the lid, and a rubber tube seal creates an airtight seal that prevents leaks. This is one of the few coolers we tested that actually lives up to its claim of a waterproof seal, welding the two ends of the rubber gasket together to eliminate the tiny gap so many others have in that location.

orca 40 cooler review - mid-sized model insulation performance, comparing results of our...

Comparing the outcomes of our thorough insulation testing in units with capacities ranging from 35 to 54 quarts, we examined the insulation performance of mid-sized models.

Maggie Brandenburg, with thanks


The Orca 40 feels sturdy and well-built, as we've come to expect from rotomolded coolers. We are more confident in their ability to withstand the test of time than many others because its rubber latches, which are shaped like orca tails, are some of the thickest and least flexible we've ever handled. It was easy to move this cooler filled with drinks and road trip snacks thanks to both sets of handles. Even the mesh pocket on the back is securely fastened and never gave us any trouble or cause for concern throughout the course of our testing.

The drain plug did not cause any problems for us, nor did we observe anything that would concern us that it might eventually leak. When we tried to overextend the lid's integrated hinge, it was sturdy and made only the slightest noise of complaint. We sat, stood, and jumped on it, and dropped it from chest height onto cement without sustaining any damage other than a few minor scuffs, demonstrating how well-suited this cooler is to withstand an impressive amount of use and abuse. This cooler should last a very long time unless there are unusual uses for it or certain conditions.

orca 40 cooler review - the orca 40 is igbc certified and durable, with attention given to...

The Orca 40 is IGBC-certified, dependable, and meticulously designed, something that not all of its rivals can say.

Maggie Brandenburg, with thanks

Effortless Use

The Orca 40 is a mid-sized model that is simple and uncomplicated, making it simple to use. The top is textured to help it better hold whatever you set on top of it, and the lid stays open at a 90-degree angle for simple loading. The drain plug comes in two sizes for ease of use; simply unthread it a little to allow water to drain through the plug, or completely remove the plug for quicker drainage. Be careful not to lose your cap because, like the majority of the models we tested, there is no leash holding the plug to the cooler's body. A long strip of velcro covers the exterior mesh pocket to ensure that whatever is inside stays there.

Even though it works, the Orca's tall, slender shape isn't one of our favorites for finding small objects in a pool of melted ice. Despite its slim design, it isn't quite tall enough to fit a 2L bottle of soda or an upright standard-sized bottle of wine. However, despite long car rides, this shape proved itself by doing a better job of maintaining rows of cans and bottles upright. Its particularly thick latches are also among the rubber T-grips that are trickier to use, requiring considerable force to stretch them in and out of position. We do appreciate that, according to our measurements, its actual capacity matches Orca's claim of 40 quarts.

orca 40 cooler review - the drain plug can be fully removed for quicker drainage, or...

The drain plug can be completely removed to facilitate faster drainage or only partially unthreaded to facilitate slower drainage.

Maggie Brandenburg, with thanks


Over 20 pounds are what the Orca 40 weighs. It is not a lightweight item to carry around because it is packed to the brim with delectable refreshments. Curved, rubber-coated webbing handles make carrying with two people fairly simple, while indented handles under the lid's sides offer practical single-person grips.

Although this medium ice chest has a slightly taller shape and occasionally bumps up against knees, its narrow profile makes carrying it more comfortable. While in use, its rubber feet help it stay in place in the trunk of your car or on the deck of your boat. Overall, it doesn't really have any distinctive qualities that make carrying it easier or harder than other similar objects.

orca 40 cooler review - the narrow profile and mid-sized, 40 quart volume of the orca 40...

The Orca 40 has a mid-sized, 40 quart volume and a narrow profile, making it a fairly simple chest to carry to a beach rendezvous.

Maggie Brandenburg, with thanks


The Orca 40 is a relatively straightforward cooler with a number of subtle features that we adore. Indented channels on the lid's edges work in conjunction with tie-down slots on either side of the unit to keep your strap in place even as you bounce over uneven terrain. Additional stability is provided by the thick rubber feet underneath.

The front corners of the lid have lockable sections to go along with this cooler's IGBC certification in case you really need to protect your food from roving bears. As previously stated, we adore the sizable mesh pocket on the cooler's back. Throughout testing, we found it to be more helpful than we had anticipated for a variety of dry items, becoming a feature we missed on other coolers without it. And Orca produces a wide range of additional options that we didn't test with our standard model if you feel the need for additional accessories and add-ons.

orca 40 cooler review - we love this unique mesh pocket and find it incredibly useful for...

We adore this distinctive mesh pocket and find it incredibly practical for holding extras like napkins, utensils, and bottle openers.

Maggie Brandenburg, with thanks


Despite being expensive, the Orca 40 is one of our favorite models of this size due to its effective insulation, sturdy construction, and practical features. If you only occasionally need a cooler, it might be overkill, but if you're looking for a mid-sized, 40-quart cooler that must withstand frequent or vigorous use (and possibly abuse), it might be the right choice. ), we believe this investment is worthwhile.


The Orca 40 is an excellent medium-sized cooler that has excellent insulation, a sturdy construction, a straightforward design, and just the right amount of practical features. We adore the versatility of this rugged model more than any other of its size for quick camping trips and hot beach days.

orca 40 cooler review - we are very impressed with the construction, durability, and...

We are very pleased with the Orca 40's performance, durability, and construction.

Authorized by: Maggie Brandenburg

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