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Cooling with evaporation, an evaporative cooler draws in air from the outside and blows it over wet pads, capturing a lot of dust, pollen, and other particulates in the process. Grime and dirt build up on the filter pads over time, making it difficult to eliminate odors. You can encourage the growth of mold and bacteria in your evaporative cooler if you put off necessary maintenance for too long.

evaporative cooler repair

Evaporative cooling systems are preferred by many Melbourne residents and business owners over traditional air conditioners because of their lower environmental impact, lower operating costs, and greater efficiency. The many advantages of this cheap and environmentally friendly cooling method hinge on regular maintenance and cleaning.

Evaporative Cooling: What Is It? , Evaporative Cooler Pros and Cons

You need to know how a swamp cooler operates in order to figure out why your evaporative cooler stinks like fish or musty old books. So, the filter pads are moistened with water, and air from the outside is blown over them. The warm air outside is cooled by evaporation, and the inside of the house is made cooler by the introduction of humidity.

The pads start to smell after a while because they've soaked up all the outside air's pollutants and dust. A wet pad can be used in place of a traditional kitchen sponge. The accumulation of dirt and debris provides a breeding ground for bacteria and mold if the system is not regularly cleaned and maintained. Since then, you may have noticed a musty or fishy odor coming from your evaporative cooling system whenever you turn it on.

Changing out the pads isn't the only way to get rid of odors. Cleaning and routine maintenance can, however, extend the pads' useful life.

Evaporative Cooling Unit Maintenance

Due to the fact that an evaporative cooler is not a sealed system, it requires upkeep on a regular basis. Here's how to keep your evap cooling unit in tip-top shape, so you can always breathe in the freshest, coolest air.

FIRST STEP: Let It Drain

Before cleaning the evap cooler, you must first drain it and disconnect it from power for safety reasons. When the season ends, you need to make sure the unit is completely drained and dried. Otherwise, there is a good chance that mold and mildew will grow within the system, necessitating additional professional cleaning.

PHASE 2: Purge the Machine

Use a stiff brush or a kitchen sponge to scrub the inside of the appliance clean of any dust or dirt. It is recommended to first vacuum out the system and then scrub the debris away.

Then, put some dish soap in a bucket. Make sure you clean the entire thing out with a kitchen sponge. Mineral deposits can be removed by soaking the affected area in a white vinegar solution for about two hours. White vinegar's high acidity will help dissolve the deposits and neutralize any lingering odors. It's time to drain and wash the apparatus.

Examine Parts is the Third Step

Now that the tank has been emptied and thoroughly cleaned, you must determine whether or not there are more serious problems with the system. Water may have been leaking through, for instance, and you may find cracks or holes. If you find any cracks, silicone caulking can fix them. Vinegar can be used to dissolve corrosion, so it's worth checking for it. Next, make sure the fan belt isn't slack.

The Fourth Step Is To Deodorize The Machine

To remove the musty odor after cleaning, fill a spray bottle with 20-25 drops of essential oil (of your choice) and spray it all over the inside of the unit. For optimal results, try using mint or lavender.

FIFTH STEP: Wash the Ice Packs

You've reached the first crucial stage Inspect the cooling pads thoroughly to rule out the presence of mildew and mold. It's recommended that any signs you come across be swapped out for new ones.

If the cooling pads are still functional, you can clean them by immersing them in a solution of water, lemon juice, or vinegar for 60 seconds. Now that the pads have been replaced, you can turn on the evaporative cooler and enjoy the cool, pleasant air it produces.

Cleaning and Maintaining Evaporative Coolers at the Start and Finish of Each Season

You are familiar with evaporative cooler cleaning procedures; however, regular upkeep will require some time and effort on your part. Most Melburnians don't give their evap cooling systems much thought after the summer ends, despite the fact that cleaning the unit is necessary before it can be used again.

After the summer season, there is a specific protocol that must be followed. The unit must be turned off and completely drained before this is done. You need to dry the unit, as well as the water reservoir and filters, before putting it away for the winter. Mold, mildew, and even corrosion can develop in your device if you don't maintain it regularly.

Take Advantage Of ComfyHome To Avoid Expensive Maintenance

The evaporative cooling unit can be cleaned and maintained by the owner, but there are some aspects and locations that require the expertise of a professional. Mould growth, for instance, necessitates a thorough cleaning of the ductwork by experts. Because of this, before you use the evaporative cooler this summer, you should have it professionally cleaned.

The Average Annual Operating Costs of an Evaporative Cooling System.

Evaporative cooling services in Melbourne are hard to come by, but ComfyHome has been providing exceptional evap cooling installation, repair, service, and replacement for years. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions or would like to acquire our top-notch services.

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