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Simplify Your Life and Go Green: Solar-Powered Coolers for Your Food and Fun

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What Makes a Cooler Solar-Powered?

The secret lies in the power source. The new generation of “solar-powered” coolers connects to a power station, charged by solar panels. As more people turn to green energy, the term “solar-powered cooler” has become catchy marketing. However, these portable, electric compressor-based coolers and their benefits are worth exploring.

Operating like a household refrigerator, they use little power but offer significant advantages over traditional ice-filled coolers. These advantages include:

  • Eliminating the need for ice;
  • Ensuring no more soggy, spoiled food after losing it in melted ice;
  • Avoiding daily draining of water from the cooler;
  • Keeping food fresh longer and safer;
  • Some units provide served items with ice and freeze capabilities;
  • Allowing longer off-grid camping;
  • Keeping things chilled on remote job sites, and campsites, harnessing the power of the sun!

We prefer these powered coolers on our extended off-grid adventures. It’s such a game changer that we will never go back to the “keep food dry” game and buying ice option.

When traveling, we use our cooler powered through the 12-volt lighter socket. At the campsite, we connect it to the Goal Zero Yeti 1500x power station. It can be powered by the Goal Zero and Biolite panels or an AC 120-volt plug into a standard power outlet.

Choose the Best Solar-Powered Cooler for You: Consider These Factors

The cooler size and your vehicle space;

The number of people and days you’ll be camping;

The rated amps of your vehicle’s 12-volt socket against the unit’s power requirements;

Dometic Portable Refrigerator

Your need for refrigeration and freezing capabilities;

The length and type of warranty.

Below are our top-rated solar-powered coolers.

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Dometic’s 75-Liter CFX3 Dual Zone ($1,400) is the Rolls-Royce of electric coolers with luxurious refrigeration and freezer compartments with separate lids to conserve cold air. The compressor cycles on and off, which translates into an average consumption of only 60 watts of AC power.

Experience Scandinavian quality with Dometic, an acclaimed manufacturer of electric coolers since 2007, catering to the recreational vehicle market. Among its features, the Dometic cooler impresses with its control panel display, where you can set individual temperature targets for each side. Moreover, it has a trendy battery accessory that you can add if required. Before you decide to buy, check the dimensions of this roomy cooler against your cargo space to avoid disappointment.

Bougerv Refrigerator Portable Compressor 110

Introducing the BougeRV Dual Zone E55, a 59-quart cooler that's priced affordably at $540, and the perfect size for packing plenty of food without occupying all your cargo space. The two zones of this versatile appliance have separate temperature controls that allow you to customize the cooling on either side. However, the cooler comes with one lid, which might be inconvenient for some users. That said, you'll appreciate the control panel display and the same power options found in more premium models that allow you to use it in various environments and situations.

Explore the outdoors with the compact and robust Dometic CFX3, a popular choice among campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Its 35-liter capacity is perfect for a car and tent camping adventure, where it can easily accommodate chilled beverages and few prepared meals. You'll enjoy the user-friendly display and Dometic's reliable product support and reputation that comes with it. The single zone of this cooler makes it easier for you to customize the temperature setting to your liking.

Dometic Cfx3 Dual Tone Refrigerator

The ICECO VL45 Portable Fridge is a beast, perfect for all road conditions. Its durable metal shell coupled with a sturdy inner wall can handle vibrations and bumps, making it the ideal choice for extensive off-road travel. This single-zone cooler has a stainless-steel lid that can handle various temperatures settings. You can operate this cooler at up to 40% tilt, making it a versatile appliance for outdoor enthusiasts. So why wait? Get your hands on the ICECO VL45 Portable Fridge now for only 9.

Iceco Portable Refrigerator

Boasting metallic buckles to prevent accidental opening, and boasting a max cooling setting along with energy-efficient options, the mobile icebox offers a variety of features. Sufficiently compact to occupy the bed height of a pickup truck, this offering is perfect for tailgating enthusiasts whom desire an affordable option amidst a sea of upscale off-road cooler alternatives.

Coming in at a rating of 5 / 5, the vendor of this product maintains this is hard to beat when it comes to convenience. Worx’s 20-volt Electric and Battery Powered Cooler (valued at $499) is fueled by the same Worx batteries that energize over 75 other devices in the Power Share conglomerate. Unlike its peers, the package features two fully charged 20-volt batteries, recharged continuously through your solar cells.

Worx Electric Battery Powered

Cooling to a brisk 32 degrees in a mere 15 minutes and ultimately dropping all the way to -4 degrees, its lightweight frame and rugged wheels, coupled with a sturdy handle, are perfect for sidling down the boardwalk or into the park. The cooler is also outfitted with top-mounted cup holders, a cork-screw, and even an integrated USB charging slot.

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Original Publish Date: March 21, 2023.

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