Finding the Best Cooler for Wilderness Adventures: Top Choices for Every Need

Are you planning a thrilling wilderness adventure and searching for the best cooler to keep your beverages icy-cold for days? Look no further! We have meticulously tested and compiled a list of the top contenders for the title of the best cooler for wilderness adventures. Whether you're looking for unparalleled durability, budget-friendly options, or impressive water resistance, we have got you covered. Get ready to embark on your next adventure equipped with the ultimate companion to keep your drinks refreshingly chilled!

Best Overall: RovR RollR

ROVR RollR cooler sits open on a dock. Why It Made the Cut

The RovR RollR topped the ice retention test, is easy to maneuver, and has additional features that adventurous campers will love.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 60 quarts (claimed), 52 (measured); also available in 45-quart and 80-quart capacity
  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 20 x 21 inches (exterior); 19.5 x 10.5 x 12 inches (interior)
  • Weight: 49.5 pounds
  • IGBC-certified (bear-proof locks sold separately)
  • Best-in-class ice retention
  • Wheels make it easily portable
  • Excellent drainage
  • Expensive compared to others in our test
  • Poor interior volume to exterior volume ratio; interior volume does not match manufacturer-provided measurements of the interior
Product Description

The RovR RollR is the flashiest cooler in my test, with bulky 9-inch wheels, a roller handle, and a convenient pop-top storage bin. However, despite all the extras, this cooler excelled in the ice retention test, keeping a bag of ice from melting for almost two days.

The additional features make this cooler perfect for rugged terrain. The large wheels make it easy to pull over rough trails, and the sitting pad on top can be converted into a storage bin. It even has a bike attachment for campers who want to travel farther.

One unique feature of this cooler is the interior design. The wheels create a step-down shelf on one side, which helps with packing food and draining meltwater. There's also a vertical basket included for storing food without immersing it in melted ice.

The main drawback of the RovR RollR is its price, as it is the most expensive option in the test. Additionally, the interior volume is less than the claimed 60 quarts. Some users may find the rubber latches and drainage port somewhat difficult to manage initially, but these issues can be resolved with practice.

Overall, if you're willing to invest in a high-quality cooler, the RovR RollR is an excellent choice.

Best Budget Friendly: Coleman Chiller Series Backpack

Jason Hitchcock, founder of Survival Stoic, recommends the Coleman Chiller Series Backpack cooler. According to Hitchcock, it is comfortable to carry during hiking trips and becomes lighter as the day goes on. The front bungee cord is useful for attaching light items like a rain jacket, and the front pocket is ideal for storing non-perishable items.

  • Capacity: 10 liters
  • Weight: 17 ounces

Best Water Resistance: ORCA Cooler

ORCA cooler sits slightly ajar on dock. Why It Made the Cut

The ORCA Cooler has exceptional water resistance, with minimal leakage from the seams.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 58 quarts; also available in 20-quart, 26-quart, 40-quart, and 140-quart capacity
  • Dimensions: 27 x 19.5 x 19.5 inches (exterior); 20 x 13.5 x 13 inches (interior)
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • IGBC-certified (locks sold separately)
  • Extremely water-resistant
  • Wide variety of sizes available

The ORCA Cooler was initially difficult to open, but once the drainage port was unscrewed, the pressure inside the cooler was relieved. It is highly effective at resisting water, holding it in even when filled with room temperature water. When filled with ice, it becomes completely waterproof. The latches can be somewhat challenging to use, especially for children. However, if you plan to use the cooler on a boat, it is an excellent choice.

Best Value: RTIC Hard Cooler

RTIC cooler sitting on a dock. Why It Made the Cut

The RTIC Hard Cooler offers great value for its large size, good ice retention, and affordable price.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 65 quarts (also available in 45-quart capacity)
  • Dimensions: 32 x 17 x 18.5 inches (exterior); 26 x 12 x 13 inches (interior)
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Not IGBC-certified
  • Affordable price
  • Large volume works well for larger groups
  • Best interior volume to exterior volume ratio in the test
  • No tray insert
  • Wide size makes it difficult for one person to move
Product Description

The RTIC Hard Cooler is a no-frills option for those who simply need a large cooler to keep their provisions chilled. It has a rectangular design that maximizes interior space and uses rubber T-latches with rope and foam handles for easy transportation. It is rotomolded for durability.

Although it doesn't come with a bin for storing non-liquid items, RTIC sells cooler baskets and dividers separately. During the ice retention test, the RTIC Hard Cooler performed well and held ice for a long time. Its interior volume to exterior volume ratio is the highest in the test.

The main drawbacks of this cooler are the absence of a tray insert and its wide size, which can be challenging for one person to move. However, considering its price and capacity, it offers great value for those who need a large cooler.

Best Features: YETI Wheeled Roadie

YETI Roadie sits open on dock. Why It Made the Cut

The YETI Wheeled Roadie offers excellent ice retention and is easy to use with its telescopic handle, durable wheels, simple latching mechanism, and quality drain plug.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 48 quarts (also available in 20-quart and 60-quart capacity)
  • Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20.5 inches (exterior); 14.5 x 11.5 x 15.5 inches (interior)
  • Weight: 25.8 pounds
  • Not IGBC-certified
  • Good ice retention
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Excellent latching mechanism and drainage ports

Moving a high-quality cooler can be difficult and uncomfortable, but the YETI Wheeled Roadie solves this issue. Its telescopic handle is adjustable and allows for comfortable lifting even for taller campers. The wheels are larger and more durable compared to standard coolers. In terms of ice retention, it performed well during the test.

The YETI comes with a top basket for storing items prone to waterlogging and can accommodate additional accessories like dividers. Its snap-latch design is user-friendly, and the drainage port operates smoothly.

For those who prioritize ease of use, the YETI Wheeled Roadie is an excellent choice.

Best for Smaller Cars: Stanley Adventure Cold for Days

The Stanley Adventure for Days cooler drains on a dock. Why It Made the Cut

The Stanley Adventure Cold for Days cooler offers good ice retention and is the perfect size for smaller cars.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 30 quarts
  • Dimensions: 21.5 x 18.5 x 15.5 inches (exterior); 13 x 11 x 12 inches (interior)
  • Weight: 13.6 pounds
  • Not IGBC-certified
  • Inexpensive
  • Streamlined design works well for smaller cars
  • May not have enough storage space for longer trips
Product Description

For campers with smaller vehicles, the Stanley Adventure Cold for Days cooler is the perfect size. It can comfortably accommodate a weekend trip for a family of four or longer getaways for two people.

During the ice retention test, this cooler performed well, coming in second overall. It has a click latching system that is easier to use than rubber latches found in other coolers. The drainage port cap is connected to the cooler, minimizing the risk of losing it.

One of the standout features of this cooler is its affordability. It offers great value for its performance and size, making it an excellent choice for beginner campers or those on a budget.

30 Cans Soft Cooler Bag: Waterproof, Insulated, and Leak-Proof

MSRP $139.99

  • Keeps ice intact for 72 hours
  • Durable waterproof exterior
  • Weighs only 5.5 lbs when empty
  • Interior temperatures maintained by rubber sealed zippers
  • 20L capacity with recommended 2:1 ice ratio
  • Wide top opening for easy visibility
  • Leak-proof exterior to prevent wet car seats
  • Great for lightweight day hikes
This Cooler: Small Size, Lightweight, Good Ice Retention, High Portability, Moderate Durability, Moderate Price

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KULA Cooler 2.5: Lightweight with Strong Insulation & Heavy Duty Construction, 2.5 Gallon, White

MSRP $190.85

  • Indestructible rotomolded plastic construction
  • Keeps provisions cold for a full day
  • Convertible into a thermos with integrated tap
  • Perfect seat for on-the-go adventures
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Easy to clean with tub drain
  • 2.5 gallon capacity
  • Weighs 11 lbs when empty
  • Comfortable tote handle for easy carrying
  • Great for parties
This Cooler: Smaller Size, Moderate Weight, Good Ice Retention, Good Portability, High Durability, Moderate to High Price

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Seavilis Cooler (Milee) (Blue w, 35QT Accessories)

MSRP $208.95

  • Indestructible rotomolded thermoplastic construction, a more affordable option to other rotomolded coolers
  • Commercial grade insulation
  • Comes with cutting board divider and dry goods basket
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Pressure release button for easy opening
  • Easier to open latch compared to other brands
  • Convenient side strap handles
This Cooler: Moderate Size, Heavy Weight, High Ice Retention, Low to Moderate Portability, High Durability, Moderate to High Price

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Igloo BMX 25 Quart Cooler with Cool Riser Technology

MSRP .99

  • Proven ice retention for 4-5 days
  • UV inhibitors protect against sun damage
  • Reinforced plastics for strength and durability
  • Rubberized T-Grip latches
  • Insulated lid and Cooleriser technology on bottom
  • Lightweight and comfortable grip for easy carrying
This Cooler: Small Size, Moderate Weight, High Ice Retention, Good Portability, High Durability, Low Price

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YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

MSRP $299.99

This Yeti cooler is incredibly durable and reliable. It's a larger size and can keep things cold for days. It weighs around 23 lbs when empty, but it's worth it for its exceptional durability. Perfect for boat trips, river trips, and camping.

  • 3 inches of insulation
  • FatWall technology makes it bear resistant
  • Indestructible rotomolded construction
  • T-Rex Lid Latch keeps it sealed
  • Includes dry goods basket
  • Weighs 23 lbs empty
  • Recommended 2:1 ice ratio
This Cooler: Large Size, Heavy Weight, Outstanding Ice Retention, Low Portability, Extreme Durability, High Price

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Igloo BMX 25 Quart Cooler with Cool Riser Technology

Canyon Coolers Prospector 103 Cooler

MSRP $369.99

The Prospector 103 is specifically designed for rafting and is a favorite among the PL staff. It's a premium cooler for demanding adventures and has been field-tested.

  • Front and side drain plugs for easy access
  • Can accommodate 4 organization trays
  • Keeps ice for 7-12 days depending on the environment
  • Bombproof construction for lifetime use
  • Built-in lip for raft frame integration
  • Eco-friendly foam insulation
  • Airtight seal
  • Backed by Canyon's unconditional lifetime warranty
This Cooler: Large Size, Heavy Weight, Outstanding Ice Retention, Low Portability, Extreme Durability, High Price

Available at CKS Online


Best for Day Trips: Hydro Flask 20L Day Escape

Hydro Flask’s Day Escape cooler is an ideal beach companion: It can help keep your food from getting sandy, thanks to its sturdy base “that allows the backpack to stand unsupported,” travel blogger Shelley Marmor tells SELF. And the straps are well cushioned, so you can take your time finding the perfect spot to set up. It’s soft-sided and lightweight, but it also performs well, keeping items cold for up to 36 hours.

On a hike to a waterfall in Iceland, Thomas used it to transport an elaborate picnic of cheese and cold cuts, which stayed fresh the entire trek, “adding that extra bit of magic to an already memorable day,” she says.

  • Capacity: 20 liters
  • Weight: 2.63 pounds
  • 5

    Other coolers we have tested

    These coolers are currently available for purchase. We have tested dozens of coolers over the past few years, and here are some of our findings:

    • Lifewit Collapsible Cooler Bag 24L (25 quarts): A soft-sided cooler that can be carried with a handle. It is popular on Amazon, but it did not perform well in keeping things cool in our testing.
    • Tourit Cooler Backpack (20 quarts): Another popular find on Amazon. While not great for cooling, it is stylish and includes a metal bottle opener.
    • OlarHike Cooler Backpack (23 quarts): Similar to the Tourit cooler. It may not be as attractive, but it can hold a bit more.
    • Amazon Commercial Rotomolded Cooler, 20qt (20 quarts): Amazon has a line of rotomolded coolers that perform well, and it has one of the best cooler latching designs. (Update: Temporarily out of stock.)
    • Camp Zero 20L Premium Cooler (21 quarts): Offers average performance. It has neat color options and four cup holders on the lid.
    • Frosted Frog 20qt Rotomolded Ice Chest (20 quarts): Requested by CNET readers, this brand performed well in our tests. (Update: Temporarily out of stock.)
    • Klein Tools Work Cooler (17 quarts): Sturdy, but performs poorly as a traditional cooler. It may be suitable for keeping lunch cool.
    • Orca Light Blue 40 Quart Cooler (40 quarts): Has a high price tag for average performance in this category.
    • Igloo BMX 52 Quart Cooler (52 quarts): Looks cool, but has the worst performance among midsize coolers at a lower price.
    • KENAI 65 Quart Cooler (65 quarts): Classic design with decent performance and color options.
    • Frosted Frog 75QT Cooler (75 quarts): Reasonably priced with excellent performance.
    • Bison Gen 2 Cooler (50 quarts): This higher-priced cooler can reach the coldest temperatures in its category, but it struggles to maintain that temperature.
    • Cabela's Polar Cap Equalizer Cooler (60 quarts): One of the most expensive coolers on the list, but it has been named the "best large cooler" in the past.
    • Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler (33 quarts): This small cooler reaches the lowest temperature, but it comes with a higher price tag.
    • Rubbermaid Ice Chest Cooler (48 quarts): This midsized cooler performs poorly in terms of temperature. (Update: Temporarily out of stock.)
    • Coleman Xtreme Marine Cooler (70 quarts): This cooler has a large capacity and is a solid choice at a price below .
    • Coleman Xtreme Wheeled Cooler (50 quarts): This midsize cooler has poor performance in our tests, but it is priced at less than $50. (Update: Temporarily out of stock.)
    • RTIC 65 Cooler (65 quarts): This cooler performs averagely and has a slightly higher than average price.
    • Igloo Island Breeze Cooler (48 quarts): This cooler is affordable but has poor performance compared to others in its division.
    • Igloo Latitude Wheeled Cooler (60 quarts): This large cooler has the lowest performance scores in its division. (Update: Temporarily out stock.)
    • Igloo MaxCold Cooler (50 quarts): This midsize cooler has some of the best scores and an attractive price tag.
    • Rovr Rollr 60 Wheeled Cooler (60 quarts): This cooler holds temperature well but may not get as cold as its competitors. It comes with a higher price tag. (Update: Currently unavailable.)
    • Lifetime High Performance Cooler (55 quarts): This midsized cooler performs well and is a good deal at just over $100.
    • Orca Classic Cooler (58 quarts): This cooler has been awarded the best midsized cooler due to its performance, but it comes with a steep price.
    • Pelican Elite Cooler (50 quarts): This cooler gets colder than most, but it does not hold the temperature as long as others.
    • Yeti Roadie 24 Cooler (20 quarts): This small cooler performs average and maintains a consistent temperature.
    • Yeti Hopper Backflip 24 Insulated Backpack Cooler (22 quarts): It is a backpack, but other coolers perform better.
    • Coleman Portable Cooler (16 quarts): This is one of the cheapest options at $23, but it does not maintain its temperature for long. (Update: Temporarily out of stock.)
    • Pelican 20 Quart Elite Cooler (20 quarts): This cooler does not perform as well as others in comparison.
    • Coleman 24-Can Party Stacker Portable Cooler (23 quarts): This cooler gets very cold but does not maintain the temperature for long. It is priced at only $30.
    • Rubbermaid 45qt Blue Wheeled Cooler (45 quarts): This midsized cooler performs average but is priced at only $33 and comes with wheels. (Update: Temporarily out of stock.)
    • Xspec 60 Quart Roto Molded High Performance Cooler (60 quarts): This cooler is one of the best we have tested. It was named the best overall cooler and is priced at $270. It has top-notch features and performance.
    • Igloo Trailmate Journey 70qt All-Terrain Cooler (70 quarts): This cooler has many features and performs excellently. It is priced slightly above average.

    Considerations for capacity

    When it comes to cooler performance, capacity is an important factor to consider. Coolers come in various sizes and shapes, and they can impact performance. For example, a 75-quart cooler like the Frosted Frog has a larger job to do compared to a 45-quart RTIC when it comes to maintaining ice.

    To ensure accurate measurements, we tested each cooler's actual capacity. Instead of relying on manufacturer claims or counting how many cans can fit, we filled each cooler with water until it overflowed when closed. This allowed us to calculate the exact number of quarts each cooler could hold, which is crucial information when dealing with melted ice. Interestingly, smaller and cheaper models tended to underestimate their capacity, with coolers like the Coleman Xtreme and Igloo Latitude wheeled coolers having larger capacities than advertised.

    On the other hand, more expensive coolers often fell short. For example, the $400 Rovr Rollr wheeled cooler claimed a capacity of 60 quarts, but it could only hold 52.8 quarts of water. The $219 RTIC also had a smaller capacity than expected, holding only 39.6 quarts instead of the specified 45 quarts.

    In contrast, the 55-quart Lifetime High Performance Cooler exceeded its spec, measuring at 62.4 quarts. While it didn't retain ice as long as the RTIC, it still performed excellently. The Yeti Hopper Backflip 24, a soft-sided backpack cooler, had the most accurate volume measurement among all the coolers tested. It claimed space for 20 12-ounce cans, equivalent to 22.5 quarts. However, the actual volume inside the cooler measured 26.42 quarts, exceeding the stated volume by 117 percent. On the other hand, the Tourit Backpack Cooler only delivered 65 percent of its claimed 30-quart capacity.

    Overall, considering capacity is crucial for getting the right cooler for your needs.

    Ice retention

    When shopping for a cooler, one of the main factors to consider is ice retention. This refers to how long a cooler can keep a full load of ice frozen, which is important for keeping your drinks cold. The newer and more expensive coolers are designed to excel in this area, using roto-molded construction to justify their higher price tags.

    However, I believed that an ice retention test alone wouldn't give us the full picture. While some coolers may be able to keep ice frozen for longer periods, focusing solely on the melting point ignores other important factors. I wanted to assess the performance of coolers not only after a few days but also after hours, before any ice had even melted.

    To achieve this, I modified the ice retention test. Instead of using a full load of ice, I used an amount equivalent to 10% of each cooler's total volume. This smaller amount of ice posed a greater challenge to the coolers and allowed for a more detailed comparison of their performance.

    Specifically, I wanted to monitor the ambient temperature inside each cooler. To do this, I placed the ice in each cooler and positioned a jar filled with propylene glycol solution (watered-down antifreeze) above it, with a temperature probe inserted into it. By elevating the jar, I ensured that the ambient temperature above the ice would vary among the coolers, providing additional variables to consider.

    In order to conduct these tests, I used one of our climate-controlled test chambers in the appliance lab. To ensure consistent starting conditions, I left each cooler open in the room for several hours prior to the test, allowing them to reach room temperature (around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, simulating a typical outdoor summer temperature).

    The results of the test were illuminating. After 48 hours (72 hours for the largest coolers), I had a detailed graph displaying the minute-by-minute temperature inside each cooler. The differences between the coolers were quite significant. To facilitate analysis, I categorized the coolers into three size groups: small coolers (less than 40 quarts), midsize coolers (40-59 quarts), and large coolers (60 quarts or more).

    Mobility and durability

    During the testing process, I also examined the design and features of each cooler, paying special attention to durability. One cooler that disappointed me in this regard was the Igloo Latitude wheeled cooler. Its lid lacked a locking mechanism, and the plastic nub hinges proved to be poorly constructed. A slight tug could cause the lid to detach, and the cheap plastic wheels were not impressive either. Therefore, I would not recommend this cooler for camping purposes.

    On the other hand, the Rovr Rollr wheeled cooler performed much better in terms of durability. It featured a rugged design with heavy-duty wheels, a sturdy steel handlebar, and even offered an optional accessory that allowed it to be towed behind a bike. I appreciated the interior divider, which made it easy to separate items that shouldn't get wet from the ice, and the ability to customize the interior with different liner designs. My only criticism is that the T-shaped handlebar lacked rubber grips in the areas where it is most commonly held.

    In addition, I want to mention the Igloo Journey Trailmate 70qt All-Terrain cooler, which offered numerous extras and features. While not as durable as the Rovr, this cooler seemed better suited for different purposes. If I were to embark on a weekend trip into the woods with friends, I would choose the Rovr. However, if I were going to the beach with my family for a day, I would likely opt for the Igloo cooler.

    If you will be camping in an area with bears, it is advisable to invest in a bear-resistant cooler. The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee maintains a list of certified options, which includes several models from Cabela's, Orca, Rovr, Magellan Outdoors, and Yeti, all of which were part of this review.

    Another consideration is whether the cooler is sturdy enough to serve as a seat. This feature can be quite useful during camping trips. Most of the coolers I tested offered this capability, but some went above and beyond. For example, the Bison Gen 2 Cooler was advertised as an ideal casting platform for fishing, and nonslip traction mats for the lid were available in various designs. While the Bison cooler felt premium to the touch, it did not retain cold air as well or as long as other roto-molded models and was significantly more expensive than our most affordable roto-molded pick, the Xspec 60qt High Performance cooler.

    Latches and lids

    Now let's focus on hinges and latches. The quality of these components can greatly affect a cooler's usability. Coolers with removable lids tend to be more affordable options that do not perform as well as top-tier models, with a few exceptions. Magellan Outdoors, for instance, offers a double-latching, double-hinged removable lid, and their coolers were chosen as the best in the small and large categories. The well-designed latching system allows the cooler to be opened from either side and enables easy lid removal by disengaging the latches on both sides.

    In contrast, newer cooler designs from brands like Yeti, RTIC, Orca, Cabela's, and Frosted Frog feature rubber T-shaped handles that require stretching to secure the lid. These handles can be difficult to manipulate, even for adults. I asked three other adults to secure these handles, and out of the four of us, only two were successful, one struggled, and the last person required significant effort. While performance is essential, design also plays a crucial role and can even be a deal-breaker.

    I understand that rubber bungee-style latches are likely cost-effective and low-maintenance for manufacturers, but there is a latching mechanism that strikes a good balance between rubber latches and the Magellan Outdoors-style handles. This mechanism, found on products such as the Xspec 60qt cooler, Amazon's Commercial 20qt cooler, and the Lifetime 55qt high-performance cooler, features rubber straps with plastic handles at the ends. These handles can be easily leveraged against the mounting point to achieve a secured fit. Although this is an improvement over rubber T handles, I still consider Magellan Outdoors to have the best latching mechanism.

    Let's not forget about soft-sided coolers. The Yeti Hopper Backflip 24 was the first backpack-style cooler we tested. While its overall performance was not outstanding, it did have some positive aspects. The fact that it doubles as a backpack is a significant advantage, whether you're bringing gear to the beach or going on a hiking day trip. The backpack also provides various straps and hitching points, making it easy to secure additional items.

    Since this is a soft-sided cooler, it does not have latches but instead relies on a zipper. Nevertheless, the zipper is promoted as being both water- and leakproof. We put this claim to the test during our capacity evaluations by filling the cooler with water and vigorously moving it around. Not a drop was spilled, so leaks should not be a concern. The recent Magellan Outdoors soft-sided cooler, which was chosen as the Best Soft-Sided Cooler, has a similar zipper setup.

    Final thoughts

    It is not surprising that brands make a difference in cooler performance. Yeti coolers, for example, are known to perform well but also come with a higher price tag than their competitors. I recommend considering other brands that offer reputable products at a more affordable price. Magellan Outdoors, Frosted Frog, RTIC, and even Amazon Commercial coolers have shown promise across their product lines based on what I have observed.

    Lastly, I am surprised that high-end coolers have not differentiated themselves through innovative features such as built-in batteries for device charging during outdoor camping trips, or even solar panels. If you are interested in such features, you might have better luck exploring Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. However, I urge caution and skepticism when backing these campaigns, as there have been instances of production delays and customer dissatisfaction. Read through the comments on campaigns like the Coolest Cooler and the Infinite Cooler to understand the risks involved. Stick with trusted cooler brands like the ones I have recommended above to avoid disappointment.

    When it comes to embarking on a wilderness adventure, having the best cooler by your side can make all the difference. After carefully considering various options, we have determined our top picks for every need and budget. The RovR RollR takes the lead as the best overall cooler, offering durability, ample storage, and convenient features. If you're on a budget, the Coleman Chiller Series Backpack is your go-to option for its affordability without compromising quality. Need a cooler that can withstand water? Look no further than the ORCA Cooler, designed to keep your items dry and cool. For those looking for the best value, the RTIC Hard Cooler delivers exceptional insulation and a reasonable price tag. If innovative features are what you seek, the YETI Wheeled Roadie is the cooler for you, providing convenience and functionality like no other. Smaller car owners can trust the Stanley Adventure Cold for Days, which fits perfectly and keeps your goods cool on long drives. No list would be complete without mentioning the Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme Cooler, a heavy-duty option with wheels for easy transportation. Looking for a portable soft cooler? The 30 Cans Soft Cooler Bag and 20L Leak-Proof Soft Side Cooler Bag offer waterproof insulation and hassle-free carry options. For a lightweight and durable option, the KULA Cooler 2.5 is a top contender. The Seavilis Cooler and Igloo BMX 25 Quart Cooler also provide reliable cooling solutions with their unique features. YETI Tundra 45 Cooler and Canyon Coolers Prospector 103 Cooler are both built to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring your items stay chilled for as long as possible. And for day trips, the Hydro Flask 20L Day Escape offers enough space and insulation for your outdoor excursions. While these are our top recommendations, we've tested and evaluated many more coolers to cater to every adventurer's distinct needs. Whether it's ice retention or additional accessories, we've got you covered with our comprehensive cooler guide. So, gear up and let the best cooler accompany you on your next wilderness adventure. Happy exploring!

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