Here's Why You Ought to Get Yeti Cooler Tires

Have you ever noticed how popular, high-end coolers frequently lack a useful feature that would improve their usability? These straightforward accessories could increase the value of the dependable Yeti cooler, which is not a design flaw since everyone wants to own one. When loaded, those extra-large, somewhat heavy coolers will be easier to manage if they have wheels.

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A Common Yeti Wheel Kit

All-Terrain Rambler Wheels, 150x150 px, data-src="" class="lazy" img src="/image/empty.gif" alt="Yeti With Wheels"> Single Axel data-src="" class="lazy" alt="Yeti Badger Wheels" src="/image/empty.gif"> Dual Axel Yeti Badger Wheels Dual Axel




Cost: $$$ Cost: $$ Cost: $$$$ Wheels: 2 There are two wheels. Four wheels total 50-150 fits Yeti Tundra. 35-160 fit Yeti Tundra 35-160 fit Yeti Tundra Score: [[4]]2 Score: [[4]]4 Score: [[4]]4

Cooler wheels for Yeti

Wheeled Option Cooler

Optional Wheeled Cooler

A wheel cooler is a type of cooler that has wheels on the bottom, making it slightly different from these accessories. No matter how much ice, food, drink, snacks, or fish you pack in the cooler, portability will always be more convenient to use. Many of the highest-quality coolers overlook this feature, including Yeti. Pelican is the lone exception to this. [see our test video below] If you already own a Yeti, Engel, or other high-end cooler and would like the convenience of wheels combined with the maneuverability of wheels, see our options below.

How to Purchase Yeti Coolers on Wheels

Due to the popularity of Yeti, some manufacturers have found a way to improve their cooler. These producers have come up with some pretty inventive ways to attach cooler wheels to their most beloved coolers. Forget about loading your cooler onto a wagon and traveling with it on your fishing excursions.

With wheels, you can decrease the possibility of back pain and eliminate the need for two people to hold your large Yeti cooler at each end. Most importantly, it will be much simpler to ascend the boat ramp at the end of the day. Even during low tides, when the ramps may be very steep climbs, if you still have a fishing partner, they can assist by pushing, but neither of you will have to exert much effort to get it to the top.

Look at some of the distinctive Yeti wheels that have already been manufactured to get a sense of whether you would benefit from adding a wheel system to your Yeti. Consider the following evidence that others, like you, are tired of working to bring in your treasure at the end of a long fishing trip.

Reviews of Yeti wheels

Rambler X2 All-Terrain Wheel System by Yeti

Thanks to the 8 inch flat free wheel system, this set of wheels will move freely over almost any surface that you choose to travel through or out of. Wheeling your cooler into place is easy thanks to a telescoping switch grip handle. Additionally, this handle will stop the cooler from colliding with you as you move forward. When you have finished walking, put your cooler away. shall lie flat. in line with what is intended You can use the wheels and handle without any tools. It merely makes use of the Yeti Tundra cooler's built-in tie down slots. It will function with Tundra coolers with the 50-125 label. Price & Availability of Rambler Wheels

Yeti All Terrain Wheels


Single-Axle Badger Wheels for the Yeti Tundra

You can move the Tundra 35-160 coolers with ease if you use this set of cooler wheels. Marine grade 316 stainless steel was used to make it. The single axel from Badger Wheels is sturdy and will withstand corrosion. The two steel bearings on each wheel ensure smooth rolling as well. By using the handle, you can move. around 500 pounds But it should be noted that some assembly is necessary. One axle, one each of a 2", 4", and 5" lock extension, a hex wrench, and the locking plate and bolt are all included in the kit. You do have the choice to remove the wheels and store them inside the cooler when it is not in use to save space. It is also important to note that this system necessitates tilting the cooler when moving it. Check out the dual axel system below if you are concerned that the contents will shift. Click Here to View Single Axel Pricing


Combo of Badger Wheels with two axels and a handle

The dual axel combo by Badger Wheels is the best of the best if you're searching for the very best. This system includes all necessary bolts, two axles, a handle, two locking plates, and To fit the Tundra 35-160 coolers, it is adjustable. No matter where your adventures take you, it is all made to be durable standards and is resistant to corrosion. For rotomolded coolers, this wheel system is the smoothest. Yeti Badger Wheels Dual Axel


Flatbed Mighty Max Cart

Might Max Wheeled CartFor a more a flexible choice more than just a cooler can be carried on the Mighty Max cart. A flatbed cart with a telescoping handle is called Mighty Max. These can handle coolers, yard work, and other things. 400 lbs or more The cart can be used on any surface because of its rubber-lined wheels. For those who plan to use their cart on rough terrain, the Mighty Max even comes in an all-terrain model. Many people will value that this cooler is Built in the U S A The lack of drilling needed with this cooler in comparison to the alternatives is another benefit that owners appreciate. Instead, you just need to strap or bungee the cooler to the cart. It offers a much more adaptable solution even though this wheel kit may not be as secure as some other wheel kits.

Mighty Max Utility Cart _____________________________________

Wheeled Pelican Elite

The Pelican is one of the few roto-molded coolers that has wheels integrated into the cooler. A lighter and better version of the ProGear Elite is the new Pelican IM Elite. The Elite IM cooler passed our tests, keeping ice for a entire 10 days [Watch Video Here] Price is the Pelican's biggest advantage over other rotomolded coolers. The cost of a Pelican cooler is roughly equal to that of an Engel or Yeti cooler. But with a Yeti or Engel, wheels would need to be added, costing an extra $100–200. Consequently, the Pelican is one of the most affordable options for a premium cooler with wheels.  High End Cooler With Wheels

WATCH: The Pelican Survived for Ten Whole Days

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