How Does the Kenai Cooler Stack Up Against Other Brands Like Grizzly, YETI, and RTIC?

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We are pleased to present our own personal review of the Kenai Cooler. We're excited to write this review of Kenai Coolers because they're the most reasonably priced American-made cooler we've ever seen.

We've always preferred American-made products, and that includes our coolers. In the same way that keeping factories open is a strong sign of patriotism and commitment to the health of the American economy and job market, so too is the purchase of products made in the United States. There is widespread consensus on this point among those in the market for a new cooler.

The issue arises, as it always does, when we begin discussing pricing. In comparison to their Chinese counterparts, American-made coolers are prohibitively expensive.

This is why many companies are outsourcing their production to China. The products range in quality from high to, well, less than high. On the other hand, they are on average 40-50% less expensive than American-made coolers.

Why doesn't someone in the United States design and produce an affordable cooler to meet the demand?

Someone actually did this, it seems.

You're probably hoping I'll name-drop Kenai here. But Kenai isn't a business, Grizzly Coolers is a brand that our audience recognizes as a standalone product from a larger manufacturer.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen; Grizzly coolers, already well-known for constructing high-quality coolers that thwart bears' attempts to pry them open, have constructed the reasonably priced (albeit not bear-proof) cooler made in the United States.

We'll be discussing the Kenai brand of coolers.

Sequence of Kenai Ice Chests

There are currently no available products. 0 items found We were unable to locate any matching items. item-title Kenai 25 Kenai 45 Kenai 65 to-top 25 quart chiller Dry Weight 17 5 LBS

You'll need 27 12-ounce cans and 5 pounds of ice.

Chilly Case, 45 Quart Lowest Possible Weight: 28 5 LBS

There are 60 12-ounce cans and 10 pounds of ice.

A cooler that holds 65 quarts Lean Mass 17 5 LBS

There are sixty 12-ounce cans and twenty pounds of ice.

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In steps Kenai Coolers.

First off, I'd like to mention a few things about the Kenai cooler line.

  • Rotomolded construction alone immediately places them near the top of the quality pyramid (yes, I made that up) for pyramids. As you may know from reading our other cooler reviews (and hopefully from personal experience as well), rotomolded coolers are the best kind of coolers, because they are molded in one piece on a dual axle machine, making them super strong and rigid compared to blow-molded coolers like the Igloo IMX for example because it keeps ice for a longer period of time and has a higher capacity for ice retention All we do is sing their praises.
  • When compared to other coolers, Kenai coolers aren't particularly innovative in terms of design or features. Grizzly didn't set out to create a visually or practically perfect cooler when they made this one. When properly insulated, these coolers can maintain cold temperatures for up to a week, providing ample time to consume your stored provisions. As an added bonus, you can confidently go on a date with them without feeling self-conscious about your appearance. You shouldn't count on any unusual additions or options, though. However, Grizzly did include some superb value additions, which we'll discuss later on in the review.
  • Third, these coolers are so cheap because they are sold directly from the manufacturer. So, they go straight from the manufacturer to the end user. Without retailers and wholesalers, there is no middleman. Regardless of where you make your purchase, including Amazon, your Grizzly cooler will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. This is why these refrigerators are so ridiculously cheap that it's hard to believe.

It's time to take a closer look at these refrigerators.

Analyzing the Kenai Cooler

Construction and Erection

First, let's talk about how well it's made. For the cost of these refrigerators, this is a huge triumph. Due to the fact that they are rotomolded, you can expect them to last for a very long time without showing any signs of wear.

Each Kenai cooler is backed by a lifetime guarantee, suggesting that Grizzly is so confident in the durability of their product that they produce it without hesitation.

There is a silicone rubber gasket and the lid is fairly sturdy. The latches, however, are the most intriguing part.

We're not used to seeing latches like these on Grizzly coolers. They can be hidden beneath the lid's molding.

They are, at their core, just a fancier variety of T-latch. However, they're more streamlined and fit snugly into the lid, giving the cooler an overall more refined appearance.

In addition, the front slots that make the lid lockable are noticeably absent. Since you can't lock the Kenai ice chest with a padlock, it isn't considered bear-proof. This is in sharp contrast to Grizzly's reputation as a maker of bear-proof coolers.

But, unless you're going camping in bear country, this isn't something to worry about.

The hinge on the back of the lid is molded in, and it is highly unlikely to lock. A solid aluminum pin reinforces its durability.

A drain and plug made of silicon gasket are located on the cooler's side for easy removal of melted ice.

There is no attached chain to keep the plug secure, so beware of losing it or your cooler will be useless.

The cooler's anti-skid feet also keep it off the floor, increasing its thermal efficiency.

There are grab handles along the sides. Rubberized rope handles are standard on Kenai coolers, and there is also a molded-in handle.

If you're hauling the cooler by yourself and it isn't too heavy, the built-in handles will come in (pardon the pun) handy.

The rope handles should make carrying the heavy cooler over rough terrain much easier if there are two of you doing the work.

Kenai 25

Nothing to Buy Sorry, No Results Found

Kenai 45

There are currently no available products.

Kenai 65

There were no matching items found.

  • Rotomolded
  • Tie-Down Holes That Are 1 Inches Wide
  • Rope Grips for Handling and Transport
  • Positions for Segmentation
  • Sewer and Drainage System
  • Compatible with Dry Ice
  • Eco-Friendly Insulation by Eco-Mate®
  • Grip Feet
  • Component of an Integrated Hinge
  • Latches
  • Lid Gasket
  • Built-In Grips

Preservation of Cold and Insulation

The cooler's interior is insulated to a thickness of up to 2 inches, making it relatively thick and effective.

The Kenai cooler has respectable performance in terms of ice retention.

To conduct the ice retention test, we chose a Kenai 45. Even though it was 90 degrees outside, we filled it with ice cubes and a medium-sized block of ice and left it there, opening it every night to check and record the temperature.

Five days later, there was still some ice in it, and if it hadn't been so warm, it probably would have stayed cold for another day or two. Considering the price, that's a fair amount to last almost a week on a camping trip.

4 half stars

Choice of Sizes and Colors

You can pick from one of three sizes:

  • the Kenai 25 (25 quarts, 27 12-ounce cans, 5 pounds of ice).
  • drink known as the Kenai 45 (45 quarts, 60 12-ounce cans, and 10 pounds of ice).
  • and the Kenai 65 (65 quarts, 60 12-ounce cans, and 20 pounds of ice).

Considering that the Kenai is a new product being tested by Grizzly, it is not surprising that there is not much variety to discuss.

It needs more development time since it is still a baby. Conversely, you can pick from ten different color options, so there's plenty of variety there. Definitely a plus.


Grizzly is so confident in the quality of these coolers that they offer a lifetime guarantee, as was mentioned earlier. This is not only the smoking gun that destroys Kenai's rivals, but it is also the smoking gun that starts a war.

Kenai Cooler vs. Grizzly

When comparing Kenai and Grizzly coolers, there are a number of interesting details to consider.

For one thing, Grizzly Coolers come in a wider range of sizes. Ordinary Grizzly coolers come in 8 different sizes.

While Kenai provides only three options for sizes, To be clear, Kenai's three available sizes are unlike those of any other Grizzly product.

One cannot find a Grizzly 25, 45, or 65. There are three different sizes of Grizzly coolers available: a 20-quart, 40-quart, and 60-quart model.

Products not found. If you compare the Kenai versions to the Grizzly versions, you'll find that the Kenai versions are 5 quarts larger. A small Grizzly cooler, the Kenai 25 is slightly larger than a 20-quart model.

The latches on a Kenai cooler are unique among Grizzlies. The locking mechanism is similar but the appearance is different.

The Kenai's latches are designed to fit under a ridge in the molding directly under the lid, as opposed to the rubber T-latches used by other Grizzly coolers. The Kenai's latches lock fine and are more than capable of holding their own, so this is mainly a cosmetic difference.

For the most part, we assumed that the Kenai's unique latch design was an intentional aesthetic choice. The Kenai is Grizzly's sleekest looking cooler to date. It has softer, rounder edges. In particular, the latches highlight this design decision.

The absence of lock plates on the lid contributes to the sleek appearance while at the same time reducing the lid's lockability.

If you're looking for a cooler that appears tougher and more "serious," look no further than a Grizzly. The Kenai's aesthetic is a mix of softness and fun.

I was unable to locate any products. In spite of this, there are a few similarities between the Kenai and Grizzly coolers.

Rope handles on both coolers feel very similar, and both come with many of the same great extras that Grizzly fans have come to expect. As an illustration, consider the ice pack divide. Still, we count it among the best innovations ever. Extremely astute

To provide American consumers with a reliable and reasonably priced cooling option is Kenai's primary goal. Business-wise, it's a smart move as well.

There are some nice additions to the cooler, but it isn't very high tech. This opens the door for Grizzly to reach a new demographic of consumers while still keeping the option open to later upsell them to a more expensive Grizzly cooler.

>> Shop for Grizzly Coolers and Kenai Coolers on Amazon >>.

The Kenai vs. the Yeti: The Ultimate Cooling Showdown

No review of a cooler is complete without the inevitable comparison to the gold standard, YETI.

Be kind to the Kenai cooler as we compare it to the YETI; it's just a tamed Grizzly.

The Kenai cooler's value is the first of its many great features. It is made in the United States and is so cheap that a comparable Yeti seems like a luxury item by comparison. Even though Yeti is known for many things, affordability isn't one of them.

0 items found However, there are many distinguishing features of Yeti. In comparison to Kenai coolers, they are much sturdier and resilient.

Because of their delicate grace, Kenai coolers are more suited for a peaceful picnic or camping trip than for rough seas or hunting.

The polythene exterior is scratchable and they are not bear-resistant, but they are still pretty sturdy thanks to the rotomolding process. The Yetis' thicker insulation and overall tougher construction make them particularly resistant to the elements (and bears). As a result, the YETI has a greater capacity to retain ice than a Kenai of comparable size.  

And there's a wider range of Yeti sizes and capacities to choose from. The Yeti brand is also well-known. The Kenai name isn't yet widely recognized.

Even with the help of the Grizzly name, it will be some time before Kenai's popularity rises to comparable levels to that of Yeti. To put it another way: Yeti is Yeti.

One could say that the audiences that Kenai and Yeti are going after are slightly different. Kenai is not really That Which Threatens Yeti; Grizzly is.

Kenai vs RTIC

Because RTIC Coolers is also a market leader, we thought it would be interesting to compare it to Kenai. Indeed, we consider it to be the Kenai's primary rival and a much more apt comparison than the Yeti.

Both coolers are rotomolded and sold directly to customers, for one thing. RTIC's factory-direct business model also contributes to the low prices of their coolers.

The catch is that Kenai coolers are entirely made in the USA, while RTIC coolers are manufactured in China.

We were unable to locate any matching items. However, RTIC offers five different sizes and a much more comprehensive product line than Kenai, which only offers three. Soft coolers and tumblers are just two examples of the supplementary products that can be made in the same vein as RTIC.

The RTIC's design isn't as eye-catching as that of the Grizzly or Yeti, and it reminds us of the coolers we're used to using. When compared to its inspiration, the Kenai looks much more novel and sophisticated.

The two coolers are roughly equivalent in quality, so their cooling capacities are also comparable. In addition, their costs are comparable.

All things considered, RTIC and Kenai coolers are pretty interchangeable. While RTIC offers more selection, the unique style and quality construction of a Kenai cooler cannot be denied. Other than this, they're essentially identical.

Read our review and buy an RTIC from Amazon by clicking here.

Find local retailers carrying Kenai Coolers.

Kenai coolers are a DTC brand, meaning they are sold directly to customers through Amazon. If you order this cooler, it will be shipped to you straight from the Grizzly manufacturing facility. There is also the company's online shop to consider.  

Before deciding where to buy, we recommend checking Amazon. There, you can check out the most recent reviews for each cooler size, take advantage of lightning-fast shipping, and rest easy knowing you're covered by excellent customer service should anything go wrong.  

Overall Score and Concluding Remarks on the Kenai Cooler

Our time with this Kenai Coolers review has come to a close. Therefore, it is clear that Kenai presents a compelling value proposition for consumers seeking low-cost, American-made rotomolded coolers.

It's not just that they're locally produced and of high quality, but that they're also reasonably priced. You need to give them serious thought.

Thank you for making it to the end of this review of the Kenai cooler. In any case, we hope this information aids you in making a wise purchase. Read some of our other reviews while you're here! Stay cool

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