How to Save Money on a New YETI Cooler: Nineteen Suggestions

Are YETI coolers ever discounted? How can I avoid spending a fortune on a cup or cooler that will keep my beer and lunch meat cold for a week? It goes without saying that anything with the name YETI on it is pricey. Yes, YETI supporters claim the money was well spent, but Here are some pointers for the rest of us on how to identify a YETI. sale

1. In the KCL app, create a deal alert for the most recent YETI sales.

Download the Krazy Coupon Lady app, select "Notifications" by tapping the "hamburger" icon (the three horizontal lines in the top right corner). ”

Then, activate YETI notifications by tapping the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

This makes it possible for me to alert you whenever I discover a YETI cooler on sale, which is essential as Black Friday and the holiday shopping season draw near.

For instance, in 2020 during the second week of December, Dick's Sporting Goods offered 20% off YETI for five days.

2. Aim for 20 to 30% off YETI.

It can be challenging to find YETI coolers on sale, just like it can be to spot a real Yeti in the wild.

This is due to YETI being particular about who is allowed to sell their products. They strictly adhere to their wholesale pricing and do not permit dealers to provide significant discounts. (Minimum Advertised Pricing, or MAP, is what it is known as.) as well as companies like Birkenstock. )

However, it is possible to find some YETI Rambler bottles, mugs, and tumblers for up to 30% off. Anything between 20 and 30 percent off should be purchased.

TIP: Woot offers free shipping to Amazon Prime members. com

3. Save up to 25% on YETI coolers in May at REI during the anniversary sale.

Shop the REI Anniversary Sale in May, when YETI is 25% off everything, if you want a discount on a REI YETI cooler.

Tundra, Rambler, Hopper, Panga, Roadie, Daytrip, Sidekick, Loadout, and Camino are available from REI. Aim to arrive at the REI Garage Sale early to see if you can find and purchase a YETI cooler.

4. During Prime Day, save up to 30% on YETI coolers on Amazon.

Particularly if you long for a Hopper model YETI Hopper was 30% off on Amazon Prime Day before the pandemic, which I discovered. We will have to wait and see if the discount returns for Prime Day 2022, which I anticipate to be in June or July now that things have somewhat calmed down.

5. Dick's Sporting Goods will match any online price for a YETI cooler.

Dick's Sporting Goods, an authorized YETI dealer, will match Amazon's price if you see a great deal on a YETI cooler but are unsure the seller is an authorized dealer. Get all of our insider tips for the Dick's Sporting Goods sale, and you might even be able to save some money on your YETI.

6. Keep an eye out for YETI coupons on eBay to save an additional 10%.

YETI coolers can be purchased for less on eBay when you use a promo code like SALES365, which offers 10% off a $30 purchase.

To keep up with all the deals, make sure to bookmark the KCL YETI Deals page before continuing.

7. Persuade your grandmother to use the senior discount from D&B Supply to save 10% on YETI coolers or drinkware.

I understand that you might not be able to ask your grandmother to direct this play for you. However, D&B Supply gives seniors 60 and older a 10% discount every Tuesday.

Additionally, D&B Supply infrequently (read: never) offers discounts on YETI products, so if you have parents, grandparents, or a kind neighbor who is at least 60 years old, give them some money and ask them to visit D&B Supply on a Tuesday to purchase a YETI cooler for you.

8. Shop the YETI end-of-season sales at Lowe's and Cabela's

It's challenging to find YETI clearance sales. YETI ensures that their authorized dealers maintain competitive prices. The exception is discontinued merchandise and colors, which can be found on clearance racks at the end of the season (think fall for coolers and spring for tumblers).

Clearance YETI products are typically simpler to locate in-store than online. The Hopper Flip 12 Insulated Personal Cooler, which is on sale for $189, offers the largest clearance discount I've seen at 26%. 99 (reg price $249 99)

9. Use ID to receive a 20% discount on YETI coolers for active duty personnel and first responders. me

When you confirm your status through ID, you can save 20% on your YETI cooler if you are a member of the armed forces, a first responder, a nurse, or a government worker. me That is superior to Lowe's 10% military discount.

Alternatively, receive 20% off when you shop at stores. Call your neighborhood YETI store first and inquire whether they accept the discount; the manager will decide.

10. With Academy Sports' "gift card with a YETI purchase" offers, you can save up to 20% on a YETI cooler.

Although your area may not have an Academy Sports, you can still shop online.

Academy Sports has previously provided a gift card with a purchase promotion that can save you up to 20% on YETI products.

Get a $25 gift card, for instance, when you spend $100 to $249 on a YETI product. 99 or receive a $50 gift card if you spend $250 or more.

Aim for the least expensive purchase ($100) to get the best value. Consider purchasing three $34 99 tumblers for a $25 gift card and a 23% discount

When you create an Academy account and spend at least $25, shipping is free; otherwise, the shipping threshold is $35.

11. For the best value, spend $1,000 on the YETI Tundra 250 cooler.

Consider purchasing the largest YETI cooler if you want the best value. No, hurry.

Although you might assume that the number following each model name indicates the cooler's capacity in quarts, you'd be mistaken. YETI claims that they do not So how do you determine the true cost of a YETI cooler? I chose to use YETI's website, which provides information on how many beer cans each cooler holds, in my calculation.

The chart below shows how the cost per can decreases as the cooler gets bigger. Don't go any larger than the YETI Tundra 250 for the best value because the price increases as you approach their mac daddy Tundra 350 hard cooler.

  • $13 for a YETI Roadie 24 ($250/18 cans). 90 per can
  • $13 for a YETI Tundra 35 ($275/21 cans). 09 per can
  • $11 for YETI Tundra 45 ($325 for 28 cans). 61 per can
  • (375 cans at YETI Tundra 65): 93 per can
  • 57 cans of YETI Tundra 75 ($450): 78 per can
  • 67 cans of YETI Tundra 105 ($500): 46 per can
  • 74 cans of YETI Tundra 110 ($550): 43 per can
  • 92 cans of YETI Tundra 125 (0): 52 per can
  • 115 cans of YETI Tundra 160 (0): 52 per can
  • (5 dollars) YETI Tundra 210 (0/162 cans) 56 per can
  • (1,000 cans) YETI Tundra 250 ($5/can) 52 per can
  • $5 for a YETI Tundra 350 (1,500 cans). 69 per can

12. Make a YETI cooler registration. to receive a free sticker.

Get a free sticker by registering your new YETI cooler, drinkware, or other items. Who doesn't enjoy a small gift?

13. YETI offers cooler customization, but there is a cost.

You must submit your information to YETI in order to get a quote for having your team's or business' logo printed on your YETI, which includes uploading a photo of your logo.

Have you ever noticed that whenever someone needs to quote something, it costs a lot of money? Yeah

Instead, think about purchasing a YETI Rambler from Dick's Sporting Goods with your team's logo on it.

The tumbler with your logo will cost $10 more, but hey, at least you can show your support without going over budget.

14. Can't afford YETI yet. A fantastic imitation is available at Walmart's Ozark Trail.

It's comforting to know that Walmart caters to those of us who cannot spend $500 on a cooler with a price tag that is over 50% lower. For instance, the Ozark Trail 45 quart hard side cooler costs $158 ($3 51 per quart) versus $299 at Walmart 99 ( (YETI, 67 per quart) com

The main criticism of Walmart's Ozark Trail YETI imitations is that they aren't real YETIs (obviously, right?). )

That is to say, instead of a week, the YETI knockoff might only keep your ice cold for five days. Additionally, the YETI knockoff has fewer color options than the original.

Therefore, Walmart's YETI knockoff may not work if you're going on a long trip where you won't have access to ice, but for families on a budget who can visit the neighborhood gas station for more ice if necessary, it may be a good option.

15. Even used YETI coolers typically sell for 75-80% of the original price.

It's difficult to spend more than $1,500 on a cooler. If you still have your heart set on a YETI cooler but are unable to spend that much money or locate any YETI sales, search Facebook Marketplace for a used YETI cooler. Naturally, you must exercise caution and make sure the seller and cooler are being honest before you make a payment. If the cooler is in good enough shape, you can save roughly the same amount as if it were on sale at a store. I recently discovered the following deals on Facebook Marketplace:

  • $270 for a YETI Tundra 45 cooler, regular price $325 Savings of 17%.
  • YETI Tundra 35 cooler for $200, regular price of $275, or a 27% discount


16. Recognize a fake YETI.

The YETI Ramblers may be the collection's most frequently faked item. Be cautious when buying YETI products from unreliable websites on the internet.

Keep an eye out for these telltale signs of a fake YETI Rambler (the first two pointers will also help you identify a fake YETI cooler)

  • Difficulties with the font The "3" and the "R" ought to be squared, but the fake version has them rounded.
  • Weight disparity The 30-ounce YETI Rambler should weigh 17 ounces, but the imitation weighs only 12 ounces. 7 ounces
  • Tint issues with clear lids The genuine item has a clear lid that is crystal clear, while the imitation has a bluish tint.

17. To avoid fakes, buy from a YETI authorized dealer.

The only way to ensure your purchase is authentic is to make it from a YETI authorized dealer.

There are many authorized local retailers, including well-known brands like REI, Dick's Sporting Goods, D&B Supply, Academy Sports, and Sportsman's Warehouse.

18. Sort of authorized YETI dealers include Amazon and eBay

If you're shopping on Amazon, look in the YETI store for the genuine article. However, you can be certain that a YETI cooler is genuine if it is being sold by "YETI Authorized."

However, any unofficial Amazon sellers without this name are not permitted.

If you shop at YETI's authorized storefront on eBay, you can feel secure there.

Anything offered for sale on either platform that doesn't meet these requirements may not be a genuine Yeti.

19. Research well and watch out for inflated YETI prices

Since there is always a demand for genuine YETI products, prices rise, but you should be cautious of inflated prices like the ones I saw on Amazon. On Amazon, the price for the 18-ounce YETI Rambler is . 40, while yeti and other retailers It costs $30 on com. On Amazon, you could get two things for the price of one. Other hues displayed, such as the Clay () 99) as well as Reef Blue (). 40) are so expensive because other retailers don't have any in stock Avoid paying these outrageous prices. Instead, do some research and comparison shopping using this article as a guide, wait for the item to come back in stock, or choose a different color.

Do you know any insider tips for locating YETI sales? If so, kindly share in the comments section below.

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