In other words, here are 14 excellent alternatives to the expensive Yeti Hopper soft cooler that won't break the bank.

Table of contents

Some of the best soft-sided coolers available are made by Yeti Hopper. They have a three-year warranty, are incredibly sturdy, and can keep ice for two to three days. But Yeti coolers are very pricey, and not everyone wants to spend that much money on a cooler.

Fortunately, there are many excellent soft coolers like Yeti that are more affordable. Some of these coolers are actually superior to Yeti because they offer more features or keep ice for a longer period of time than Yeti Hopper coolers.

I've got you covered if you're looking for some high-quality alternatives to Yeti Hopper coolers.

I have personally reviewed each of the coolers on this list in full. This is not a hastily written article where I simply threw in any coolers that are comparable to Yeti I reviewed the coolers, and the following is my personal ranking of them, from best to worst, that I would be happy to share with my friends and family.

I'll discuss each cooler in this post, highlighting its positive qualities while also being candid about any negative aspects. I'll provide affiliate links to the products on Amazon if you want to read more, see head-to-head comparisons, or see the most recent prices.

Why Is the Yeti Hopper a Great Cooler?

In order for you to understand what makes the Yeti Hopper coolers so great and what these coolers are competing against, let's first go over the best alternatives to the Yeti Hopper.

Check Amazon for the most recent Yeti Hopper soft cooler price.

Ice Retention for 2–3 Days

Ice-filled Yeti Hopper

The contents of Yeti Hopper coolers total about 0. the walls have 75 inches of closed-cell insulation, and one The lids' insulation measures 5 inches.

Because of this and their water- and airtight zipper, Yeti soft coolers can maintain the cold for up to three days, and occasionally even longer.

This is fantastic for a soft cooler. You can understand why Yeti coolers are so highly regarded when compared to conventional coolers in the form of lunch bags, which may only maintain ice for a short period of time.

Strength and Durability

The Yeti soft coolers are extremely robust. They are constructed from a tough 840 denier nylon that has been TPU laminated and is reinforced by RF welding rather than stitching. As a result, the fabric is strong, waterproof, and rip- and tear-resistant. In essence, Yeti Hopper coolers are made of incredibly durable fabric that will endure years of use and abuse without failing.

Additionally, include a reinforced base for increased toughness as well as premium, sturdy shoulder straps, handles, and other attachments. The quality of coolers that Yeti produces and their attention to detail are very difficult to match.

Absolute Waterproof

Yeti coolers are completely waterproof on the outside, with a leak-proof inner lining and a zipper that, when closed, prevents any water from entering or leaving. The Yeti Hopper M30 is the only Hopper cooler without a zipper; instead, the water is kept inside using powerful magnets and a clip.

These coolers are so water-resistant that you can submerge them in a river or the ocean without worrying about them sinking.


Portable and lightweight Yeti Hopper coolers are available. Detachable shoulder straps (or backpack straps for the Yeti BackFlip) and a variety of handle options are included. Side handles and top handles for carrying with two hands or a friend as well as with one hand

Because they are much more portable than hard-sided coolers, these soft coolers are very popular.

Effortless Design and Branding

These coolers' designs and branding are in addition to their functionality and construction quality. Yeti coolers have a stunning and sophisticated design that is quite straightforward in its approach.

But Yeti's branding is what really makes it stand out. Yeti is now a lifestyle brand like Nike and Apple and is arguably the most well-known cooler brand in the world (worth billions). You purchase the cooler, as well as the way of life and sentiment that the brand stands for. Due to this, they can charge higher prices than their rivals, and customers are willing to do so.

View Amazon's current Yeti Hopper soft cooler prices.

The 14 Best Soft Sided Coolers That Are Less Expensive Than Yeti

Despite producing excellent coolers that I would happily recommend (I even personally own a Yeti and adore it), I am aware that Yeti coolers are very pricey. They are one of, if not THE, priciest soft-sided coolers available today.

Not everyone wants to spend that much money on a cooler and not everyone can afford a Yeti Hopper soft cooler. You're going to adore the list of coolers below if you're looking for something that performs and is as high-quality as Yeti while also costing a little less.

These coolers all offer good value for the money and are all significantly less expensive than Yeti Hopper coolers, in some cases by a wide margin.

Some are more efficient than Yeti, while others have better and more features. Others aren't quite as good as Yeti, but they offer a sizable discount and excellent value.

Finding a high-quality cooler that works for you and your needs while also saving you some money should be possible.

Here are the top 12 soft coolers that are less expensive than Yeti Hoppers:

1. Engel HD30: More Features, Better Performance, and a Lower Price

In my opinion, the Engel HD30 is the market's top performance cooler.

It is my top choice for the best soft-sided cooler that is comparable to Yeti but less expensive because it has everything you would want in one and outperforms Yeti in almost every category.

The Soft Sided Cooler with the Best Ice Retention

The Engel HD30 cooler outperforms all others in terms of ice retention. It performs better than any other soft-sided cooler available, and with 4 It can even compete with and outlast hard-sided coolers of a similar size for five days of ice retention.

No soft-sided cooler should be able to maintain ice for this long, but the Engel HD30 does. To compare the Engel HD30 to the Yeti in terms of ice retention and other aspects, click here.

A super insulating soft-sided cooler with thick insulation and a patent-pending vacuum seal technology can easily maintain ice for days at a time.

Exceptional Durability

This cooler has top-notch ice retention in addition to top-notch construction.

It is one of the strongest and most resilient coolers on the market because it is made with the same materials as Yeti coolers.

TPU laminated 840-denier nylon serves as the material for the exterior. Due to this, it is waterproof and resistant to abrasion and punctures. Engel additionally substitutes RF welding for stitching to strengthen and lengthen the lifespan of the cooler's seams.

Additionally, it has a strong waterproof zipper and a wide mouth opening that make it completely leak-proof both inside and out while still being simple to load and access.

It has a 1-year warranty instead of Yeti's 3-year warranty, but it should last you a lot longer than that.

Additional Features That Yeti Lacks

The Engel has every feature you'd want in a premium cooler, like a Yeti:

  • Water-resistant zipper
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • A number of carry handles
  • A food-safe lining
  • Strengthened base
  • Securing points

However, it also includes a built-in bottle opener and an external pocket, which the Yeti does not.

There is only one size option, and the design is not the best ever.

The Engel HD30 has a few drawbacks, including the fact that it is only available in one size, which is quite a large soft-sided cooler. Additionally, there are no other options available; it is only available in the tote form factor.

Consider another brand if you're looking for a smaller soft-sided cooler.

Even though the design is good, the Yeti coolers still have a nicer appearance. But ultimately, that is a matter of preference. Although I personally prefer the Yeti, some people adore the HD30.

After all, the perception of beauty is subjective.

$100 less expensive than Yeti

The good news is that despite having better performance, this cooler is actually quite a bit less expensive than Yeti coolers.

By selecting the Engel HD30 over the Yeti M30 soft cooler, you can save about $100.

The Engel isn't a "cheap cooler" and still costs some money, but it offers excellent value and a significant discount over Yeti.

Click my affiliate link below to view the Engel HD30's current price on Amazon.

View the Engel HD30's most recent price on Amazon.

2. Grizzly Drifter: A Good Investment

Although there are many excellent coolers on this list that are significantly less expensive than Yeti, none of them, in my opinion, are quite as good as the Grizzly Drifter soft coolers.

My top choice for value is the Grizzly. It costs less than $100, saving you a significant amount of money, and it performs and is as durable as Yeti coolers with the zipper's lack of waterproofing being the only significant drawback.

Similar to Yeti in Ice Retention: Possibly Even A Little Better

The Grizzly Drifter performed just as well as comparable-sized Yeti coolers in ice test competitions against Yeti Hopper coolers, and may have even kept ice for a few extra hours.

This, however, does not have the incredible ice retention of the Engel HD30, which can keep ice for a full one day longer than the Yeti. But given the Grizzly's price, it's incredible that it can even keep up with Yeti.

This is likely as a result of Grizzly coolers having up to 1 The walls, base, and lid of the cooler are all 5 inches thick with EVA insulation.

With this soft-sided cooler, you can anticipate ice retention for two to three days.

Excellent Build Quality and Durability

Ballistic polyester, used to make Grizzly Drifter coolers, is durable and long-lasting.

Even though the Yeti Hopper coolers, which are made of a harder nylon, are more robust and long-lasting, this cooler is still very high quality, especially considering the price.

To learn more about the variations between the soft coolers Yeti Hopper and Grizzly Drifter, click here.

Bottle opener with several exterior pockets

The Grizzly Drifter is more practical than the Yeti because it has more external pockets, allowing you to carry more items.

It has water bottle pockets, expandable from pouches, a side zipper pocket, and a back zipper pocket.

For holding additional items like towels, hats, picnic rugs, etc., it also has a stretchy lid canopy.

Because of this, Grizzly is a very useful soft cooler for bringing your gear on your next adventure.

Not Waterproof: The Zipper

In contrast to Yeti and many of the coolers on this list, Grizzly coolers use a heavy-duty zipper that is buttery smooth to open and close and will last you years. However, the zipper is NOT waterproof.

Water will leak out of your cooler if it tips over. If you purchase a Grizzly cooler, this is most likely the major concession you'll have to make.

A High-End Soft Sided Cooler That Is Among The Most Affordable

When looking for value for your money, you want something that is not only affordable but also high-quality and long-lasting.

Between the two, Grizzly Drifter coolers achieves a really good balance. You can purchase two Grizzly coolers for the price of one Yeti cooler and still have money left over. It is less expensive than a Yeti.

This cooler is a great choice if you're on a tight budget but still want a very high-quality one.

To find out how affordable these coolers are at Amazon, use the affiliate link I've provided below:

Visit Amazon to see how inexpensive Grizzly Drifter coolers are.

3. Pelican Soft Coolers: Competitive Price and Performance, More Features

Pelican soft coolers closely resemble Yeti Hopper coolers in terms of appearance, functionality, and even cost. These coolers are the most comparable to Yeti coolers of any cooler on this list, with the exception of the backpack version, which is quite different.

What I like most about Pelican coolers is that this brand is well-known for its quality, and these coolers are made to be incredibly high-quality and ultra-durable. Additionally, they provide some features that Yeti Hopper coolers lack while still managing to sell for a marginally lower price than Yeti.

Outstanding Quality

The same high-density 840-denier nylon used to make Yeti coolers is also used to make Pelican coolers. To make their coolers as strong and durable as possible, Pelican uses RF welding and TPU laminates.

This cooler is no exception to Pelican's reputation for producing exceptionally high-quality goods.

The three toughest and most resilient soft-sided coolers available are the Yeti, Engel, and Pelican. Choose one of these three brands if longevity and durability are your top priorities.

Similar to Yeti Ice Retention

Pelican coolers keep ice for a comparable period of time to Yeti coolers because they have comparable insulation.

In this video from Rizknows, the ice retention of the Yeti Hopper and the Pelican was compared, demonstrating that both coolers maintained comparable amounts of ice.

Your Pelican cooler should keep ice for two to three days.

Additional Features That Yeti Lacks

Yeti coolers lack a few key features that Pelican coolers have incorporated. Overall, this makes it a little more useful cooler than Yeti and unquestionably better value.

The three primary extra features that Pelican offers over Yeti are as follows:

Lid Buckles: To make it simpler to get into your cooler, you can clip down the lid rather than close it with a zipper.

Small front pocket on the Pelican allows you to store items you want to keep dry.

Bottle Opener: The stainless steel tie down points on Pelican coolers are constructed in such a way as to serve as bottle openers.

A detailed comparison of the Pelican and Yeti Hopper soft coolers can be found here.

A little less costly than Yeti

Pelican coolers cost about $50 less than Yeti coolers of a comparable size, saving you some money.

I wouldn't anticipate much more of a discount than this given the superior quality of these coolers and the fact that they are manufactured in the USA.

So you can purchase a cooler that is functionally equivalent to Yeti, equally durable, and equipped with extra features. All for a lower cost I can see why.

Click the affiliate link I've provided below to view the most recent Pelican soft cooler prices and read more reviews.

Check Amazon for the most recent Pelican soft cooler price.

Polar Bear Deluxe: Improved Performance, Doubtful Design

Other than the Engel HD30 cooler, Polar Bear Deluxe coolers have the best ice retention of any type of cooler. They perform far better than Yeti coolers and can keep ice for up to a day longer. This is incredibly impressive considering the cost.

They have a weatherproof zipper and are made of heavy-duty waterproof tarpaulin.

Incredible Ice Retention, superior to Yeti

I was stunned to see how long Polar Bear soft coolers could hold ice when I wrote my full review of them.

For a cooler at this price, 3–4 days That's a full day longer than a Yeti Hopper cooler of comparable size, and it comes close to matching the Engel HD30's ability to store ice for four days. 5 days

This is probably because Yeti coolers have zero inches of insulation, while Polar Bear coolers have one inch. Insulation of 25 inches See my complete comparison of the Polar Bear and Yeti soft coolers.

The second-best soft-sided cooler for ice retention with amazing ice retention

Waterproof Exterior Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Zipper

The exterior of the Polar Bear Deluxe coolers is constructed from a robust, tear-resistant, waterproof tarpaulin fabric.

The cooler's top has a weatherproof YKK #10 zipper, which is less difficult to use than the Yeti but still prevents leaks.

Additionally, the zipper hangs over the cooler, allowing the top to open widely for simple loading and access to the cooler.

Untrustworthy Design Patterns

This is the point at which my affection for Polar Bear begins to wane. Although the basic color scheme of their original coolers is attractive, these don't keep ice for as long.

Their Deluxe coolers (the ones I'm referring to in this post) perform admirably, but their design includes the words "Polar Bear" in writing that is so large that the seams cut it off.

Although I personally am not a huge fan of this look, some people might not find it offensive.

About 50% of Yeti's cost

A little bit more than half as much as a Yeti cooler is spent on a Polar Bear Deluxe cooler. Providing you with a significant discount compared to a Yeti Hopper cooler of a comparable size

If you want a large soft-sided cooler, Polar Bear coolers are a good option to consider because they are also available in larger sizes than Yeti coolers.

If you're interested in this cooler, use the affiliate link I've provided below to check Amazon's current prices on Polar Bear coolers:

View the most recent Polar Bear Deluxe cooler price at Amazon.

5. RTIC Soft Pack: Amazing Price and Great Performance, but Not as Durable

When it comes to hard coolers, RTIC Coolers is one of Yeti's top rivals, and the same is true for soft-sided coolers. By having more insulation than Yeti in the walls and lid, RTIC coolers can maintain ice for a longer period of time.

They are significantly more affordable than Yeti and have a few additional features. These are among the most affordable high-end coolers available and are even more affordable than Grizzly.

RTIC Soft Pak coolers' build quality and durability are where they fall short of Yeti. They remain excellent, but not as excellent.

More Effective Ice Retention Than Yeti

In ice retention tests, RTIC coolers actually perform better than Yeti coolers. They can keep ice for a longer period of time because they have more insulation in the walls and the lid. In this RTIC vs. Yeti soft cooler comparison, you can see how much more insulation they have than Yeti.

RTIC coolers can hold ice for 2-4 days while Yeti coolers can hold ice for only about 2-3 days.

RTIC Coolers Have a Pocket on the Outside

For storing items you want to keep dry, RTIC Soft Pak coolers have an external pocket on the front of the cooler. Yeti lacks this function.

The pocket isn't very big and can only hold small items, like your cell phone. But it's still preferable to having none at all.

Not Quite As Resistant

RTIC is outmatched by Yeti in terms of durability.

RTIC soft coolers are made from a strong and waterproof vinyl rather than the nylon that Yeti coolers are made of, which makes them stronger and more durable.

Very Affordable For The Quality You Receive

The price is absurdly low given the quality you receive in this cooler.

It has more features than a Yeti and can hold ice for a longer period of time. The durability is still excellent and this cooler should last you several years even though it isn't as good as it once was.

Click on my affiliate link below to view the most recent prices at Amazon to see how inexpensive and reasonable these RTIC coolers are in comparison to Yeti:

Check out Amazon to see how affordable RTIC Soft Pak coolers are.

6. HydroFlask Unbound: Vibrant and Enjoyable

One of the few coolers on this list that has a price that comes close to Yeti is the HydroFlask model. There are times when they are even more expensive than Yeti, but more often than not there are sales, so they frequently sell for less money than Yeti.

Yeti is better at maintaining ice than HydroFlask because it has better insulation. Additionally, they aren't quite as strong as Yeti cooler.

These coolers' design is what makes them stand out. Their designs are vibrant and fun, and I can see some people falling head over heels for them.

1-2 Days Ice Retention

Because they don't have as much insulation as Yeti coolers, HydroFlask coolers can only keep ice for one to two days, while Yeti coolers of a similar size can keep ice for two to three days.

These coolers aren't for you if you're looking for maximum ice retention. However, if you don't mind having the ice stay frozen for longer than a day, these coolers are a lot of fun.

With a Better Warranty, but not quite as Durable

The exterior of Hydro Flask coolers is made of a TPU-laminated heavy-duty nylon for added strength and water resistance. Although the nylon isn't quite as strong and resilient as Yeti coolers, it should still last you years.

Additionally, the warranty period for Hydro Flask coolers is 5 years, as opposed to Yeti's 3 years. View the complete comparison of the soft coolers Yeti and Hydro Flask.

Bright, Fun Design

This is what I adore most about them, and I can completely understand why people would choose them over Yetis.

They come in vibrant, playful colors, and their rounded, oval shape is also whimsical. I can see young people and those who don't fit the mold finding these coolers to be really appealing.

Includes exterior pockets

External pockets on the Hydro Flask coolers are incredibly useful.

Small Zipper Pockets: The backpack and tote versions both have small zipper pockets big enough to hold your phone and other small items.

Stretchy water bottle holder on the backpack can accommodate a hydro flask bottle with ease.

External lid pocket: The cooler's lid has a sizable pocket for the backpack. This provides ample space for storing food, drinks, clothing, and other items you want to take with you.

Similar to Yeti in price, but frequently on sale

Yeti coolers cost about the same as Hydro Flask coolers. Their RRP may even be more expensive than Yeti coolers of the same size.

However, Hydro Flask coolers cost one sale way more than Yeti coolers, so they typically provide a respectable discount.

Click on my affiliate link below to view the Hydro Flask coolers' current sale prices.

Check out Amazon for the most recent Hydro Flask cooler prices.

7. AO Coolers: The Economical Choice

For more than 25 years, AO Coolers has produced soft-sided coolers that are durable and can hold ice for one to two days.

Lifetime Promise

The fact that AO Coolers offers a lifetime guarantee on the interior lining and zipper of their coolers distinguishes them from the other coolers on this list.

These coolers have an ultra-durable YKK #10 zipper that completely prevents leaks when they are upright.

However, it should be noted that the zipper is NOT waterproof like the Yeti zipper. To learn about the additional features of this cooler, read my full AO Cooler review by clicking here.

1-2 days of ice retention and a sturdy build quality

The thick canvas used to create AO Coolers can withstand a lot of abuse. The exterior is tough but not waterproof and TPU laminated like Yeti.

Additionally, it has a ton of insulation to keep the ice over for an entire day in heat of 100 degrees. It can actually maintain ice for two days or even slightly longer when fully loaded.

A large external pocket is also included for storing items you want to keep dry.

Significantly Cheaper Than Yeti

These coolers are extremely reasonably priced and won't break the bank; the smaller 24-can size typically sells for under $50, and the larger 48-can size for under $100.

For less than $100, you can purchase a sturdy, sizable soft-sided cooler with good ice retention.

This, in my opinion, is the best soft-sided, affordable cooler on the market. Click my affiliate link below to see AO Coolers on Amazon and to see their current prices or to purchase one for yourself.

Check out AO Coolers' incredibly low prices on Amazon.

8. High-Performance From an Unknown Brand: Tourit Soft Coolers

High-performance Tourit coolers cost about half as much as Yeti Hopper coolers and can maintain ice for longer.

Compared to Yeti, Tourit coolers have insulation that is 2 inches thick in the lid and 1 inch thick throughout. Wall insulation of two inches In contrast, Yeti only has one. the lid has five inches of insulation and zero You can see why Tourit coolers hold ice longer by measuring 75 inches in the walls. To view the complete Tourit vs. Yeti Hopper soft cooler comparison article, click here.

A brand from Amazon

Tourit coolers are primarily found on Amazon; they are rarely found in local stores.

They are probably made by a Chinese company called "Diamond Star Industrial US," and from there they simply import goods into the US to sell on Amazon, I learned after doing some research.

However, Given that Yeti Hopper coolers are also produced in China, this does not inevitably Suggest Poor Quality

These coolers are excellent and affordable. They are very similar to RTIC coolers in terms of quality and design.

Visit Amazon to view the most recent Tourit Coolers price.

9. IceMule Coolers: Economical, Portable, and Reliable

A fun, lightweight cooler bag with waterproof construction called an IceMule can hold ice for one person. 5 days They cost a tiny fraction of what Yeti coolers do, but they aren't as tough and the roll-down top is a little more difficult to use.

Design with Roll Down

For their leak-proof coolers, IceMule uses a roll-down top design akin to a dry bag.

Although it is more reliable and less likely to break than a zipper, most people find it more challenging to use. It takes longer, and the cooler becomes quite deep when it is unrolled.

Check out my comparison of the IceMule and Yeti coolers to see how I feel about zipper vs. roll down.

Best Cooler That Is Lightweight and Portable

These coolers are excellent in part because they are lightweight. They are significantly lighter than Yeti coolers and can be packed or stored easily by rolling them down completely.

Because you can roll it up, pack it in your suitcase when not in use, and take it out when you need it, the IceMule makes a great travel cooler.

Much more affordable than Yeti

The fact that IceMule is so much less expensive than Yeti (or any other brand on this list) is one of the main arguments in their favor.

Even the IceMule Pro versions sell for less than half the cost of a Yeti, with the small 9L version starting at around $50.

IceMule is a fantastic, reasonably priced option if you're looking for a high-quality soft-sided backpack cooler or sling cooler.

Click on my affiliate links below to view the most recent prices for IceMule Classic (sling) and IceMule Pro (backpack) coolers.

Visit to view the most recent prices for IceMule Classic coolers.
(Or contrast it with the most recent IceMule Classic coolers price on Amazon)

Visit to view the most recent IceMule Pro cooler prices.
(Or contrast it with the most recent IceMule Pro cooler price on Amazon)

10. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze: An Exceptionally Affordable Option

The "super cheap option" on this list is the Titan Deep Freeze cooler from Arctic Zone.

For the smaller sizes, they start at around $25, and the larger sizes cost between $50 and . These coolers are very affordable and ideal for those on a tight budget. View my comprehensive Titan Deep Freeze cooler review.

Zipperless Entrance

The cooler's zipperless opening is one of its key features. When compared to using a zipper, the lid's velcro and friction attachment make it much simpler to open and close the cooler.

Water will leak out if the lid is tipped over because it is not waterproof.

Unsatisfactory Ice Retention

Its lack of the best ice retention for a cooler at this price is to be expected. It has thin insulation and a plastic container inside to keep the ice cold, but in warmer weather, you'll probably only get a maximum of 6 to 12 hours of ice retention in this cooler.

Numerous Features

However, it comes with a lot of features for the price.

  • 2 outside pockets
  • The shoulder strap
  • Bottle opener that is removable
  • String of bunges
  • Zipperless entrance
  • Side grips
  • Mesh side pockets
  • Strengthened base
  • Recessed dry shelf

Although it isn't a high-performance cooler, it will do the trick if you're looking for a cheap cooler for a picnic or a few hours at the beach.

Please use the following affiliate link to see how affordable it is:

Wow, look at how inexpensive Titan Deep Freeze coolers are on Amazon.

11. Otterbox Trooper: Semi-Hard, Semi-Soft

Because they are both partially hard and partially soft, Otterbox Trooper coolers are a unique alternative to Yeti Hopper coolers. They have a hard lid but a soft body.

Slightly Improved Ice Retention Compared to Yeti

Otterbox coolers have very similar ice retention to Yeti when compared side by side, possibly outlasting Yeti by just a few hours. Hardly noticeable You can read my complete comparison of the Yeti Hopper and Otterbox Trooper soft coolers here.

The Otterbox Tropper coolers should maintain ice for two to three days.

Just as Resistant

Since Otterbox is known for producing incredibly high-quality goods, they have applied that philosophy to their line of coolers.

Their coolers are constructed out of tough nylon that has been TPU laminated and RF welded for strength and waterproofing.

Additionally strengthened is the base to withstand usage and wear

This is a strong, high-quality cooler that is covered by an ENORMOUS limited lifetime warranty.

Similar to Yeti in price

They are ranked so low on the list in part because they are priced similarly to Yeti Hopper coolers and don't provide a significant discount.

In addition, I don't entirely agree with their choice of a half-hard, half-soft combination. But I'm sure some people will like it.

Click my affiliate link below to view these coolers on Amazon and see the most recent prices:

Visit Amazon to view the most recent Otterbox Trooper cooler prices.

12. American-made Bison SoftPak coolers

One of the very few soft-sided coolers made in the USA, Bison SoftPak coolers are strong and reliable. Check out the top soft coolers produced in the USA.

These coolers' ice retention isn't as good as Yeti coolers', but they can keep ice for more than 24 hours in 120 degree heat. In my complete Bison SoftPak cooler review, you can learn more about their other features as well as how long they can hold ice for.

They have a heavy-duty vinyl exterior that is tear-resistant up to 375 pounds and an external pocket. It is also UV resistant, so sunlight won't cause it to fade.

Although this cooler isn't quite as good overall and its zipper isn't waterproof like Yeti's, it sells for a fraction of the price of Yeti, allowing you to save money and purchase a cooler made in the USA.

Click on my affiliate link below to view the most recent Amazon prices to see how reasonably priced coolers made in the USA by Bison are:

View Amazon's current price for Bison Softpak Coolers.

13. Moose Soft Coolers

Another "Amazon brand" of cooler is the Hommit soft cooler. Not that Amazon is the owner of this cooler, but rather that it can only really be found on Amazon.

Strangely, there are a lot of reviews on Amazon for this cooler from people who have completed full video reviews of the item. I'm not sure if the company sent people free products in exchange for reviews because this is unusual.

This cooler stands out because it can keep ice for three days, and in ideal circumstances, even up to four days.

This performs better than the Yeti and is significantly less expensive than Yeti coolers of a comparable size.

Click on my affiliate link below to view the most recent price for this cooler and to watch the video reviews:

View the most recent Hommit soft coolers price on Amazon.

14. Ozark Trail, a Walmart brand, is extremely affordable but of variable quality.

Due to the inconsistent quality of these coolers, I saved Ozark Trail coolers for last.

There are too many negative reviews and too many testimonials from customers praising the cooler but lamenting how easily it breaks. Broken zippers and even inner linings are frequently reported. Read more about this in my complete review of the Ozark Trail soft cooler.

For the price, the cooler has really impressive specifications. It is incredibly affordable but has features like waterproof zippers, thick insulation, and detachable shoulder straps that are similar to those of Yeti coolers.

It seems too good to be true, and for many people, it is.

Some people are fortunate, and they have no problems with their Ozark Trail cooler for years. Others only last a few weeks or months before breaking and becoming useless.

I would love this cooler even more if the quality was more reliable, but if you want a cheap cooler with features comparable to those of the Yeti and are willing to take a chance on the quality, you should check them out.

To determine how affordable they are at Walmart. Click on my affiliate link below to visit (they are so inexpensive it's insane):

Ozark Trail coolers are incredibly affordable; check out Walmart for the most recent prices.

Which Yeti-like Soft Cooler Are You Buying?

Here is my comprehensive list of the best soft-sided coolers that are less expensive than Yeti. The only thing left to do is for you to choose which of these coolers best suits your needs.

In order to determine which coolers are the best and what to expect from each cooler, I reviewed each one of these individually and compared it to the Yeti Hopper.

Each of these coolers has advantages and disadvantages and is a good choice in its own right. Choose a cooler based on your needs and financial constraints, and I'm confident you'll be happy with your choice.

If you're looking for a hard sided cooler, check out my complete list of hard coolers that are comparable to Yeti but less expensive to see which hard coolers I highly recommend.

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Unleashing the Power of Tesloid: The Ultimate Guide to Tesla Accessories
Unleashing the Power of Tesloid: The Ultimate Guide to Tesla Accessories

Discover how to tap into the full potential of Tesloid with our comprehensive guide to Tesla accessories. Maximize your Tesla experience with top-notch add-ons and enhancements for unparalleled performance and style.

Author: Travis Torres Author: Travis Torres
Posted: 2023-11-23 00:02:15
Early Black Friday RTIC Deals 2023: Unleash Savings on Tumblers, Coolers, and More!
Early Black Friday RTIC Deals 2023: Unleash Savings on Tumblers, Coolers, and More!

Score big discounts on popular RTIC tumblers, coolers, and more in the Early Black Friday RTIC Deals 2023. Discover unbeatable savings and gear up for your adventures now!

Author: Travis Torres Author: Travis Torres
Posted: 2023-11-22 00:06:27
Outdoor Camping Cooler Box Market: Analysis, Future Demand, and 2029 Forecasts
Outdoor Camping Cooler Box Market: Analysis, Future Demand, and 2029 Forecasts

Explore the thriving Outdoor Camping Cooler Box Market with insightful analysis, future demand projections, and compelling 2029 forecasts. Stay updated on the latest trends and make informed decisions for your next adventure.

Author: Travis Torres Author: Travis Torres
Posted: 2023-11-21 00:04:22
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