Industrial Swamp Cooler: How to Set It Up and Keep It Working

Many people, as the warm weather approaches, begin their search for a cheap industrial swamp cooler to use in their homes and places of business. Industrial evaporative air coolers are a reliable and cost-saving method of cooling buildings. However, effective operation requires careful set-up and regular upkeep.

Selecting an appropriate industrial evaporative cooler is the first step. The following considerations are also important for optimal performance when installing one:

•   Climate

T You should think about this one drawback of an evaporative air cooler before buying one: This gear requires dry air to function properly and is therefore unsuitable for humid climates. Therefore, you need to reside in a dry climate to purchase one.

•   Location

These air conditioners, which bring in fresh air from outside, must be placed in the yard. For targeted air conditioning, you can have it installed in the window. It can be set up in the ground, on rooftops, or in attics to cool an entire structure. A good industrial cooler location should also be close to a water supply.

•  Swapping Waters

Install a bleed-off system to make sure the cooler is only infused with fresh water and the water in the system does not become too salty. By setting up a bleed off system, you can lessen the frequency of system checks. However, about five extra gallons of water per hour are needed.

air exchange air cooler

•   Size

The cooling capacity of an evaporative cooler is expressed in cubic meters per hour (CMH). While a 6,000 CMH evaporative cooler is adequate for a small room, a 25,000 CMH or larger unit is typically required for a whole house. You must think about the size of your home in order to determine the correct CMH. Three-bedroom homes, on the other hand, typically have a floor area of 80 square meters and a ceiling height of 3 5 meters This is equivalent to 280 cubic meters times 20 exchanges per hour. If you have a 6,000 CMH cooler, it can change out all of the air in your home every minute.


The cooler's features are also something you should think about before making a purchase. If you're looking for an evaporative cooler, one with a vent-only setting and variable fan speeds is ideal. This way, you can adjust its functionality according to the weather. To prevent allergens like dust, debris, and pollen from entering your home, you may want to invest in a cooler equipped with an air filtration system.

•  Where can I use an industrial air cooler:

Application area of evaporative coolers

The purpose of an industrial air cooler is to reduce the temperature and add moisture to the air via evaporation. As opposed to conventional air conditioners, it saves money, energy, and is better for the environment. In addition, its power exceeds that of conventional patio fans. Warehouses, workshops, factories, hangars, and building sites can all benefit from this machinery's air conditioning. It can also be used to cool large tents, loading docks, gyms, garages, barns, patios, and sporting events.

You'll need to put in the effort to get an industrial air cooler set up outside your property. Depending on the cooler you buy, you have a few options for where to mount it.

Mounted on the roof, these air conditioners are extremely popular despite being the most difficult to service.

industrial air coolers

•  Mounted on the wall or window: Taking care of repairs on such a device is a breeze. They are useful because they lessen the likelihood of water damage to a home. Notably, coolers installed in walls or windows direct cooled air from throughout the home to one specific location. Highly recommended for use in smaller homes or larger apartments with properly installed ductwork.

industrial air cooler

2. Positioning Altitude

Installing an industrial air cooler at least 10 feet away or 3 feet below a vent for a clothes dryer, bathroom fan, kitchen range, or other combustion appliance is recommended. Don't get any solvents, gasoline, or yard chemicals in the cooler.

3. Do a Float Check

Inspect the float valve after each pump operation. If the float is not set high enough, the water in the reservoir will spill over.

Maintaining a Safe Distancing

Leave at least three feet of space on the side of the machine that needs to be opened for servicing. All sides containing electrical components must comply with this regulation.

5. Employ hooks with closed eyes

Closed-eye hooks will ensure that your coolers won't fall. To avoid leaving your gear unsupported, don't lift the open-eye hook from the chain as you remove the frame.

Sixth, the water level

A constant supply of pure water is required for an industrial air cooler to function. Connect the water line to the system using a shutoff valve-equipped outdoor water source. When it comes time to drain your system at the beginning of winter to prevent damage from harsh weather, a cutoff valve is an invaluable tool.

Accelerate 7

Make sure there are no air leaks before turning on the air conditioner. Likewise, you should seal any holes near the cooler to keep the cooled air from escaping. It's ready to go once you've double-checked all of its settings. It is strongly advised that you employ the services of a licensed electrician if you are not familiar with the electrical connections.

Industrial evaporative coolers are an excellent choice for cooling large commercial or industrial spaces. Here are a few suggestions for taking care of industrial air coolers.  

To prevent rusting, disconnect the cooler from the water supply, empty the water pan by hosing it down, and remove any minerals or sediment that may have accumulated inside over the winter.  

Maintenance of Cooling Pads Through Regular Swapping

Pads are regularly pressed against the cooler, so they need to be changed. Rainwater flowing down the cooler and running down to an old pad covered in dirt and minerals can rust the cooler. Pads should be changed in the fall rather than the spring to prevent rust. Most people who neglect to change the pads in an effort to save money end up spending more overall because they end up having to replace the cooler rather than just the pads.  

When should you replace the pads in your industrial evaporative air cooler?  

air cooler pad

One) Decreased Air Flow

Particles trapped in the pads could be to blame if your commercial air cooler isn't producing as much cooling as it once did. Replacing the pads would be the most cost-effective way to fix the problem. However, this does not address the underlying issue; Continuing with further troubleshooting is advised.  

The second category, materials, concerns

One of the factors that determines whether a pad must be replaced annually or can last for years is the type of materials used in the pads. Pads made of cellulose can last for a long time before needing to be replaced, but pads made of cheaper materials like aspen may need to be swapped out every season.  

3) Annual Upkeep

In most cases, you probably won't need to replace your pads every year. A new pad should be purchased, however, if the old one has lost thickness or the fabric has frayed.  

Have Peace of Mind About Your Refrigerator With This Safety Cover

Investing in a cooler cover will help keep outdoor air from seeping into your home or office, so make sure to use it. Dampers can be found in some types of coolers. However, if your cooler does not come with a cover, purchasing one is an inexpensive way to extend its useful life and cut costs.

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