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Igloo Yukon Cooler Review

Written by Brandon F. as of last update. at 13 July 2022

The Igloo Yukon Cooler is the company's first real effort to rival the established premium cooler brands. Like the Yeti, RTIC, Orca, and others you're familiar with, they adopted many of the same manufacturing practices, features, and design aspects. The end result is a rugged cooler with exceptional ice retention. As might be expected, this causes the price to be significantly higher than that of comparable products from Igloo.

Here are some of our favorite Igloo Yukon Coolers. Check out the link below to read the rest of our evaluation.


Cooler, 50 Quart, Tan, Igloo Yukon Cold Locker

White 70-Quart Capacity Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

Verified Ice Age in Hours

Holding Capacity in Quarters

(Amazon) Cost


50-Quart Tan Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

Estimated Ice Retention Time (Hours)

Capacity to Hold Things (in Quarters)

Cost (on Amazon)

Incredibly Strong Freeze Time


White 70-Quart Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler.

Validated Ice Age in Hours

Quantity of Space Available for Storage in Quarters

Cost (on Amazon)

Variety Pack of Yukon Ice Chests from Igloo

Igloo Yukon Cooler Review

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Some changes have been made to the Igloo Yukon Series in recent years. Apparently, Igloo has decided to shorten the name of the "Igloo Yukon Cold Locker" Series to just "Igloo Yukon."  

Still, the words "Cold Locker" will be printed on the packaging. Additionally, they have reduced the number of available models. A 120-quart model and a wheeled 50-quart model were previously available. The 50-quart and 70-quart sizes are currently available, but neither has wheels.

These are useful dimensions, though the absence of a 120-quart option may disappoint those seeking a cooler large enough to store an entire family's worth of perishables or those in search of a massive cooler to bring to a party or tailgate.

Features of the Igloo Yukon Cooler

Don't be fooled by the Igloo brand name; this cooler has many of the same convenient features offered by other well-known premium cooler manufacturers. To challenge the established hierarchy of coolers, Igloo created this model. As a result, you can expect to see many of the same characteristics as in Mammoth and K2.

Igloo Yukon Cooler Review

The Igloo Yukon Coolers stand out from the crowd thanks to their thick insulation, which plays a significant role in the ice retention statistics we'll look at later. The body is insulated with at least 2 inches of foam and the top with at least 3 inches. Indeed, this is among the thickest available. Roto-molded construction allows for this insulation to be produced as a single unit.

Igloo Yukon Cooler Review

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The Igloo Stable Grip Integrated Handles are another great feature. The Stable Grip Handles are a great alternative to the rope handles used by most other brands because of their larger size, which is especially helpful for those who wear gloves or have particularly large hands. Not only that, but it can also serve as a tie-down loop anchor.

Igloo Yukon Cooler Review

Also, the large, tethered drain plug is a nice addition. It's simple to screw on and take off, and it drains water from the cooler quickly and easily. The rubber gasket, which is also quite large, does a great job of sealing the lid to the body. Maximizing cooling efficiency relies on this.

Igloo Yukon Cooler Review

And the latches are meant to exert some pressure, so that the lid and the body remain snug. Igloo opted for a style that was a little bit different. These latches have a hole in the center that hooks onto the attached steel pin on the body of the cooler, unlike most brands which rely on the "T" part of the latch to do the holding.

Igloo Yukon Cooler Review

Additionally, this cooler is constructed entirely out of steel. All of the hardware, from pins to rods, is made of steel. This guarantees durability and protection from rust and corrosion.

Igloo Yukon Cooler Review

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While it has many other useful functions, we'll be focusing on two of our favorites: the fish ruler and bottle opener. There have probably been times when you needed to measure something outside but didn't have a tape measure on hand, just like we have.  

No longer should you be concerned The ruler is prominently displayed on the lid of the Igloo Yukon Cooler. Plus, it goes without saying that a bottle opener is always a welcome addition. To compete in today's market, a cooler must have these features.

Yukon Ice Igloo: A Cooler Way of Life

The Igloo Yukon Cooler needs to excel at arguably the most important metric, ice life, if it is going to be able to compete with other premium cooler brands.

Igloo claims that the ice in their Yukon Coolers will last for up to 7 days. These figures are comparable to those offered by many of the market's most well-known premium cooler brands.

However, how reliable are they

As we can see, Igloo has figured out the secret to keeping ice for a long time by using rotomolded construction, thick insulation, a thick gasket, and high-quality components. However, manufacturers tend to exaggerate the amount of time ice will last in a cooler by assuming a series of ideal conditions that almost never occur in real life. ) You can't use a cooler like this in the real world.

Therefore, we subjected our coolers to rigorous field testing. We don't fill them all the way with ice, we leave them out in the sun, and we occasionally open them.

The following was gleaned from the findings:

Igloo Yukon Cooler Review

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Those raw ice totals are truly staggering. You'll find that the 70-quart model has a half-full ice life of nearly a full week (similar to Igloo's numbers).

Also, it stands to reason that a larger cooler can effectively store more ice than a smaller one can. This has less to do with the cooler's specific features and more to do with ice capacity and heat transfer elements.

It Looks Cooler in an Igloo in the Yukon

The design of the Igloo Yukon Coolers is extremely conservative, but it has stood the test of time. You won't find any flashy colors or unique designs, but you will find a sturdy looking ice chest. The integrated side handles are our favorite design element. The Igloo Yukon stands out from the crowd because it lacks the side rope handles found on most other coolers.

In addition, the "T-latch" style latch is replaced by a unique design. This, together with the handles and the "bling" of the stainless steel hardware, makes for an elegant appearance that will garner compliments wherever you go.

Igloo Yukon Cooler Review Shopping

However, you're not exactly spoiled for color options. The 50-quart and 70-quart sizes are available in white and tan, respectively. It's not a huge deal if Igloo doesn't offer a wider variety of colors, but it would be nice if they did.

Cost of an Igloo Yukon Cooler

An inexpensive price tag is one of the first things that comes to mind when most people consider Igloo. Igloo is well-known because of the high quality of its coolers and the low cost at which it sells them.

The Yukon, however, is unique.

Unfortunately, there's no getting around the fact that the asking price is rather steep. What you see will be consistent with what you've seen from other high-end cooler manufacturers. But this isn't your average Igloo Cooler. When compared to other high-end coolers, this one can hold its own and even outperforms many of them in terms of durability, ice retention, and convenience features.

The Igloo Yukon Cooler, therefore, will be more expensive than other similar products. Still, the price is reasonable given the features offered.

Contrast: Yukon Igloo vs. Yeti

In most situations, comparing an Igloo Cooler to a Yeti Cooler is not a good idea, but in this one, it works perfectly.

In comparison to an Igloo Cooler, the ice retention time in a Yeti cooler is typically much longer, and the cooler is generally more durable. Furthermore, the price of a Yeti is significantly higher.

In this case, however, the Igloo is on equal footing with the best that Yeti has to offer and shares many of the same characteristics.

What Yeti still has going for it over the Igloo Yukon is a wider selection of available sizes, a wider palette of color options, and a wider selection of optional extras. It's also widely believed to be some kind of Yeti. Although Igloo is a fantastic business, their standard coolers don't exactly project that image.

However, the Igloo Yukon has a longer ice life than a Yeti of comparable size. In terms of durability and overall quality, they are virtually identical. Finally, if you're looking for an expensive place to stay, the Igloo Yukon is still significantly less costly than the Yeti.

It's a toss-up between the Yukon and the Igloo, but if you're not set on a particular size or color that Igloo doesn't offer, the Yukon's lower price tag is compelling.

Please find below a brief overview of the Igloo Yukon Coolers that we hoped would be of use to you. Here, you'll find our evaluations of various criteria.

Igloo Yukon Cooler Review

Both 50 and 70 quarts of storage space are available.
Plastic and steel are used in the construction.
Extremely expensive
Fish scale built right in, Roto-molded body, lid with raised surface, drain plug with extra room, lids that lock, Cool Riser technology, self-stopping hinge all standard.
Pros:  Outstanding cooling capacity; Superior strength and durability; Bold appearance; Reputable track record
Cons: Extremely costly, cumbersome, and heavy

Performance as an Insulator Superior Mobility and Longevity Appealing to the Eye Cost As a Whole, This Gets a

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Review of the Igloo Yukon Cooler When it comes to Igloo coolers, the Yukon is your best bet, as it promises to keep ice for up to 7 days. It is made of durable rotomolded plastic and loaded with features like reversible ski pads, wider gripped handles, cool riser technology, UV inhibitors, stainless steel hardware, dual lock lids, and more. It comes in two different sizes, 50 and 70 quarts, both of which are wheelless. White and beige are the available colors. The main components of this item are plastic and steel.

Thermal Resistance - 5 star

This cooler's best feature is its ability to keep ice frozen for an extended period of time. It has a massive protective effect against cold because the lid is nearly an inch thick and the body is two. Additionally, there is virtually no loss of cool air because the lid seals tightly. The substantial rubber gasket and reliable latch construction are responsible for this. As a result, and thanks to the cooler's riser technology, you can place it on a very hot surface without worrying about the temperature inside the cooler rising to the outside.

Even in the heat of summer, the 70-quart model of this ice maker will keep your ice frozen for at least six days. Even though it's smaller, the 50-quart container should last for several days.

Ability to Move and Last - 4 star

The Igloo Yukon Cooler can take all the punishment you can dish out and still keep its ice and drinks cold for days. Look at the International Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) sticker on the back window if you don't believe me. Extremely sturdy metal hardware means you won't have to worry about the handles or hinges breaking like you might with cheaper Igloo coolers. As an added bonus, there are fish scales and bottle openers constructed right into the design.

However, this has a drawback in that these coolers are very large and fairly heavy. Even the smallest sizes will likely require two people to transport. There are only two sizes available, by the way.

Allure to the Eyes - 4 star

I think you'll agree that these coolers are pretty in design. It has the look of a formidable opponent thanks to its sturdy build and high-quality hardware and hinges. The lid and threaded drain plug locks are also reinforced, adding to the premium quality. We have seen a lot of Igloo coolers, and this one is one of the toughest-looking and most aesthetically pleasing ones.

Cost –  Igloo Yukon Cooler Review

The price for these high-quality ice chests reflects their superior construction and design. You get a lot of cooler for the price, but you'll still pay more than you would for less premium brands like Yeti or Pelican.

As a Whole, This Gets a 4 star

Here at, we give the Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler a 4.4 out of 5. The Yukon Series succeeds in all categories as a highly efficient insulator housed in a sturdy casing with few weak spots. As a premium large ice chest, it has enough bells and whistles to please most shoppers, but it also comes with a hefty price tag that is on par with other name-brand alternatives. Those who are able to do so should spend their money on this one.

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