Overview of the Coleman Xtreme 70-Quart Five-Day Tent

The Coleman Xtreme is a non-rotomolded cooler with a single set of end handles that can fit most wine bottles or 2L soda bottles internally. It has four cupholders in the lid and a built-in fishing ruler.

Efficiency Evaluation

coleman xtreme 5-day 70qt cooler review - the coleman (top) is by far the cheapest cooler we tested.

The Coleman cooler (top) is by far the least expensive one we examined.

Jenna Ammerman credited

Despite having the thinnest walls of any cooler we tested, the Coleman's impressive insulation value didn't completely impress us. In contrast to models that received high scores and had impressive insulation testing values of 6 or 6, 5 days of temperatures below 40 degrees, the Coleman's 4 One day doesn't sound like much. The Coleman, however, still outperformed nearly half of the included units and came within a few hours of the 4 hour mark when we torture tested all of these coolers in our insulation tests. five-day median

Similar to this, the Coleman was able to keep beer at the ideal temperature of 50 degrees or lower for 4 hours. 8 days This performance falls just short of the 5 once more. 1-day typical Some helpful insulation tricks and tips, such as prechilling the cooler and its contents, using ice packs, and a 2:1 ice to food ratio, can probably improve this performance, but none of these were used by us during testing. The Coleman cooler performed better than some of the coolers with more impressive looks, despite the fact that it may not appear to be as impressive as many of the high-end models.

coleman xtreme 5-day 70qt cooler review - a comparison of results from our insulation testing of coolers 55...

Comparison of the outcomes of our insulation testing on coolers with capacities up to 55 quarts

Maggie Brandenburg is to be credited.


Unfortunately, the Coleman falls short here. The thin, flimsy hinges are the first obvious flaw. You can hear the screws ripping out of the plastic as the lid extends. Coleman's lid lacks the rubber seal that so many rivals have, so it is neither airtight nor leakproof. Although we encountered no problems with our unit during testing, the drain plug also lacks a rubber seal, and numerous user complaints imply that this plastic-on-plastic seal eventually has an expiration date. Additionally, the handles are attached by short plastic pegs that fit into tiny plastic holes, which results in a shaky connection when the handles are under heavy load and already bow alarmingly with this much effort.

The Coleman can be used as a seat even though it lacks the IGBC certification that so many other products we tested do. It is the only cooler we tested with a real weight restriction, 250 lbs. We had a 225-pound tester jump on each cooler to put that to the test, and the Coleman was no different. The Coleman appeared to have no problem serving as an impromptu trampoline, despite not having the same rock-solid feel that many rotomolded coolers have. If you take good care of the Coleman Xtreme, you might be able to extend its lifespan a little bit, but if you're rough with your gear, this cooler probably isn't for you.

coleman xtreme 5-day 70qt cooler review - thin walls and even thinner hinges aren't the coleman's best features.

The Coleman's weakest points are its thin walls and even thinner hinges.

Maggie Brandenburg, with thanks

Effortless Use

Coleman is a very straightforward design. There are no latches, dry bins, or other extras. It is simple to open and close with a push and pull lid. Coleman claims 70 quarts, but we measured 68, which is pretty darn close. The interior is quite roomy. The drain has a narrow channel to help drain the water, but there is a wide lip in front of the drain itself that prevents some of the water from draining without some help from tipping. When you walk out the door to your party or picnic, the plastic handles on the sides are simple to grab blindly and swing back into place when you let go.

Although the Coleman Xtreme excelled in this metric, it has some drawbacks. Consider how wet you want your sneakers to be as you carry this cooler down the beach or across the campground if it hasn't been properly drained beforehand due to the lack of a latch and rubber gasket. Additionally, the handles aren't sturdy enough for heavy loads or wide enough for two hands (if you grab a friend to help you lug it). The Coleman is easy; it's pretty basic and uncomplicated.

coleman xtreme 5-day 70qt cooler review - the coleman has one of the easiest opening drains among the models...

Among the models we tested, the Coleman's drain is one of the simplest to open.

Jenna Ammerman credited


Weighing in at just 11 pounds The Coleman is a startlingly light device at just 9 lbs. Of the personal models we tested, only one is lighter. Given that many of its competitors weigh three or four times as much even empty, this fact undoubtedly improves the Coleman's portability. This cooler's overall width makes it fairly easy for one person to carry it.

Beware, anyone carrying this cooler around tends to experience discomfort from the narrow plastic handles digging into their bent fingers. This is less obvious when the load is light. But if you decide to pack the Coleman to the brim with ice and soda, you might soon regret it. If you can manage to carry this 68-quart icebox by yourself while fully loaded, you might concur with our testers who believe that this cooler's height causes it to unceremoniously hit the bearer's knees or legs as they walk. Therefore, depending on how you pack your Coleman, you might have no trouble taking it for a stroll through the city park or you might struggle to simply load it into the trunk of a Subaru.

coleman xtreme 5-day 70qt cooler review - simple plastic handles aren't the most comfortable to use, but they...

Simple handles made of plastic aren't the most comfortable to hold, but they do the job.

Maggie Brandenburg, with thanks


The Coleman Xtreme doesn't provide much extra functionality beyond what is required, in contrast to the feature-filled frivolity of some of the other elaborate coolers we tested. There are several beverage holders molded into the lid, as well as measurements that run across the top so you can quickly determine whether your catch is a keeper. One of the few coolers in this review that does so is this one, which is significant because it also has a leash attachment for the drain plug.

Unlike many of the other coolers in this review, the Coleman does not have the niceties we might have liked, such as a dry bin or the capacity to handle dry ice. The goal of this cooler is to keep things straightforward and practical.

coleman xtreme 5-day 70qt cooler review - compared to the hinges found on the competition, the coleman's are...

The Coleman's hinges are relatively thin when compared to those used by the competition.

Ross Robinson, with thanks


Coleman truly excels in terms of value. By the numbers, it's not a particularly impressive cooler, and it's the only large model we tested whose price only has two digits. It's true that it won't keep ice for a 10-day river trip or withstand a hungry grizzly's gnawing, but it still performs about averagely and might be the perfect, straightforward solution for your lifestyle. Attempting to bring ice cream home from Arizona in August Do you need to keep some beer chilled for your upcoming outdoor party? There, the Coleman Xtreme can assist you.

coleman xtreme 5-day 70qt cooler review - lined up next to the much sturdier coolers we tested, the coleman...

The Coleman cooler (far left) doesn't look like much when compared to the significantly more durable coolers we tested, but it could save you hundreds.

Jenna Ammerman credited


When placed next to coolers costing many times as much as the Coleman Xtreme 5-Day 70qt, it is an unimpressive cooler. However, in the modern world, appearances are irrelevant. For less than $100, the Coleman is a simple-to-use, no-frills cooler with respectable insulation. Although it isn't a tank and might not be something you pass on to your kids someday, you can buy it for less money and fill it with the best picnic food and beverages.

coleman xtreme 5-day 70qt cooler review - the coleman has four beverage holders molded into its lid and makes...

The Coleman, which has four built-in beverage holders, is a practical and affordable camping buddy.

Jenna Ammerman is to blame.

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