Protect Your Liquid Gold: The Best Breast Milk Coolers for 2023

Are you a nursing mother constantly on the go, trying to balance work and life while ensuring your baby receives the best nutrition? Look no further, because we have the solution for you - the best breast milk coolers of 2023! These innovative products will not only keep your precious liquid gold fresh and safe but also make transportation a breeze. Whether you need a compact option for daily use or a spacious cooler for those long trips, we have curated a list of the top breast milk coolers to fit all lifestyles. Say goodbye to worrying about storage and hello to convenience and peace of mind. Join us as we explore the world of the best breast milk coolers on the market today!

10.4 ouncesCapacityFour 9-ounce bottles or six 4-ounce bottlesCold forUp to 8 hoursAdditional featuresFront pocket, heat-sealed lining

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For those looking for an affordable option, the MaxiCool cooler is a great choice. It can comfortably hold four tall, 9-ounce bottles, three wide-bodied bottles, or up to six short 4-ounce bottles. The included ice pack keeps the bottles cool, and its slim profile allows it to fit easily into most diaper bags. The front pocket adds convenience and serves as a handy spot for smaller items. The heat-sealed lining makes cleaning a breeze in case of any leaks. Additionally, J.L. Childress offers coordinating items such as changing pads, smaller coolers, and a diaper bag organizer set, providing added functionality to their line of products.

Types of Breast Milk Coolers

There are three types of breast milk coolers, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Some specialized flasks can cool your breast milk and maintain a chilled temperature.

The majority of breast milk coolers are cooler bags. They function similarly to standard cooler bags used for carrying lunch.

Depending on the specific bag, you can either freeze the bag itself or use ice packs to keep your breast milk chilled.

A third option is a compact refrigerator that can be plugged into your car, functioning like a kitchen refrigerator.

Pocketbook Breastmilk Cooler

Pippy Sips

• $114.99

Breast Milk Cooler and Transport Set

Sarah Wells breastmilk cooler bag

Sarah Wells

• $34.99

Cold Gold Breastmilk Cooler Bag

This beautiful breast milk storage bag is available in various color patterns. If the bright mosaic design isn't your taste, you can choose from black and white, gray and white, or the berry bloom pattern. You're sure to find one that you love.

The Sarah Wells brand not only considered aesthetics when designing this cooler bag but also functionality. It comes with several extra features, including a baby photo/ID sleeve, an adjustable and detachable handle, and an additional pocket for valves and membranes.

Reviewers say: "I appreciate the different patterns available for this bag. It doesn't stand out as a milk bag, so it can be used as a mini lunch bag or drink cooler when the kids are older." - Taylor Dugan

Momcozy breastmilk cooler bag e1670870046434


• $26.99

Grab & Go Double Bottle Bag

Itzy Ritzy breastmilk cooler bag

Itzy Ritzy

• $34.99

Chill Like a Boss Bottle Bag

PackIt breastmilk cooler bag


• $24.99

Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler for Breastmilk and Formula

MOMIGO breastmilk cooler bag


• $32.98

Breast Pump Bag Backpack and Cooler

Need more space? How about a bag that can double as both a lunchbox and hold up to six bottles? Or one that can accommodate your pump parts in one section and your bottles filled with liquid gold in another? That's exactly what the MOMIGO breast pump bag backpack and cooler can do.

One review praises how much this bag has helped her as a breastfeeding/pumping mom when she has to travel: "I've taken this bag through a dozen different airports (it fits upright under most airplane seats, which is important after I had one storage cup leak), had to leave it in a car on a hundred-degree day for over an hour, had to keep it in a corner of someone's office for an entire day, and had to go two days without access to a freezer to chill the milk and refreeze my ice pack overnight. Throughout all of these situations, as long as I start with a solidly frozen ice pack, the milk stays cool." - Squirrelyone


• $200

Roadie 24 Hard Cooler

Ceres Chill

• .98

Best-looking Breast Milk Cooler Bag

Itzy Ritzy Chill Like A Boss Bottle Bag

The appearance of your milk container may not be the most important aspect, but this stylish bag adds a trendy touch to your daily routine. Depending on the design you choose, you can enjoy high-quality vegan leather, quilted details, upscale fabrics like herringbone suiting, or trendy patterns like florals and animal prints. Parents appreciate the large, easy-to-grab zipper pulls that are visually appealing and made of premium, heavy, and gold-colored materials, giving the bag a luxurious appearance. The bag as a whole is attractive.

This bag is designed to hold three tall bottles, making it ideal for working moms who pump two or three times during the workday. It also includes an interior pocket for holding an ice pack. The wide top flap stays open once unzipped. The bag has a square shape and sits stably on a countertop without tipping over. The webbing handle on the top can be snapped open and shut with premium hardware, allowing you to hang or strap it wherever you need. This bag coordinates with and fits inside both the popular Itzy Ritzy's Boss Backpack and the Mini Diaper Bag.

Note: This bag does not come with an ice pack, so you will need to purchase one separately.


  • Size: 8 x 3.75 x 12 inches
  • Capacity: Three 4-9 ounce bottles
  • Color options: 10

Best Small Breast Milk Cooler Bag

Medela Breast Milk Cooler Set

If you need to transport a smaller amount of milk, this compact and streamlined bag from Medela may be the perfect choice. It has a resemblance to a soft-sided lunch box and can be used as one after it is done serving as a bottle holder. The bag is small enough to fit inside Medela Freestyle Flex and Pump In Style breast pump bags, as well as most diaper bags. However, it is also perfectly sized to hold four five-ounce Medela bottles, or any bottles that are of standard size or shape. It comes with a contoured freezer pack that snugly fits next to the bottles, keeping them cold and safe.

Note: While the bag can accommodate many bottle brands, the ice pack is specifically designed for Medela bottles.

Moms say:

"The Medela cooler is amazing! I've used it for three kids."

"My little Medela cooler fits into our mini fridge in the office, but a taller cooler wouldn't fit."

"I loved the Medela cooler bag and the 'bottle-shaped/contoured' ice pack."


  • Size: 5.5 x 6.75 x 6.75 inches
  • Capacity: Four 5-ounce bottles
  • Color options: 1

Best Freezable Breast Milk Cooler Bag

PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler

Managing your reusable ice pack and ensuring it is frozen and packed into your cooler bag every day can be a hassle, and it's easy to forget. However, this innovative tote has freezeable gel built into its walls. At the end of the day, simply remove your bottles, collapse the bag flat, place it in your freezer, and it will be ready to go in the morning.

Time-strapped moms appreciate the convenience of skipping a step. They also like that this cooler bag features a transparent window where they can place a picture of their baby, which can help with let-down when pumping. The PackIt bag can hold up to four five-ounce bottles, providing enough space for a full day of feeding or pumping.

Note: The mesh handle at the top does not unfasten, so you won't be able to clip this bag to other bags.

Moms say:

"PackIt bags are the best! I freeze the bag overnight and use it all day the next day!"

"I use a PackIt bottle cooler, and it keeps my milk cool until I get home. I work 8-9 hour days as well."

"I use a PackIt cooler bag. I try to remember to freeze it every night when I'm home, but if not, I'll just put it in the fridge at work, so it's cold, and then keep it at my desk from lunchtime until it's time to leave."


  • Size: 5.5 x 8 x 6.5 inches (unfolded); 8 x 6.5 x 2 inches (folded)
  • Capacity: Four 5-ounce bottles
  • Color options: 4

Best Breast Milk Cooler Bag for Travel

Momcozy Insulated Baby Bottle Bag

When traveling with breast milk, you need a bag that is easy to use and has ample space. The Momcozy bag offers the capacity you need. If you use relatively slim bottles like Dr. Brown's Options, this bag can keep up to six eight-ounce bottles cold and safe. Traveling moms appreciate the padded handle, which makes carrying the bag through airports comfortable. Additionally, the bag features a buckle on one side, allowing it to be attached to a stroller or a larger bag, reducing the number of items to carry.

If you are traveling with a significant amount of milk, this bag is large enough to hold all the milk your twins need for daycare.

Note: This bag does not come with an ice pack, so you will need to purchase one separately.

Moms say:

"I have a Momcozy cooler and use ice packs when on work travel. It keeps it cold for 6 to 8 hours."

"I flew for the first time with breast milk two weeks ago. I wanted to bring 30oz of frozen milk with me, so I had to make sure it stayed frozen. The total trip time was about 8 hours from leaving our house to arriving at the destination. I invested in a small soft-sided cooler and heavy-duty ice packs which I placed on the top, bottom, and sides of the milk bags. They stayed mostly frozen; there was some minor thawing in some bags, but I did some reading and as long as it doesn't turn to liquid, you can keep it frozen."


  • Size: 7.8 x 6.3 x 11.8 inches
  • Capacity: Four 4-9 ounce slim bottles or four 4-9 ounce wide bottles
  • Color options: 1

6 Best Breast Milk Coolers

If you're in need of a breast milk cooler, here are the top options that you should consider. Make sure to rotate your phone to landscape mode if you're browsing on mobile.

Sarah Wells Cold Goldsarah wells cooler✅ This cooler is durable and made from high-quality materials. It also comes in a variety of cute patterns.Check Price(Use the code EPUMP for 15% off)
Medela Breast Milk Coolermedela breast milk cooler✅ This cooler includes a contoured ice pack that effectively keeps bottles cold. It even has a slot for a picture of your baby.Check Price
Ceres Chillceres chill✅ This unique cooler allows you to pump directly into it and feed your baby from it as well.Check Price(Use the code EPUMP for 15% off)
PackIT Freezable Coolerpackit cooler✅ This cooler itself freezes and serves as the ice pack.Check Price
FlexiFreeze Pocketbookflexifreeze pocketbook✅ This small and discreet cooler is perfect for transporting a few bags of milk.Check Price
Idaho Jonesidaho jones breast milk cooler✅ This cooler is ideal for larger bottles and has internal pockets to keep bottles upright.Check Price

1. Sarah Wells Cold Gold

Plaid Sarah Wells Breastmilk cooler on a white background The Sarah Wells Cold Gold is a larger and stylish breast milk cooler.


  • This cooler is durable and made from high-quality materials.
  • It comes with an ice pack.
  • There are various cute patterns to choose from.


  • The size of this cooler might be too big for some breast pump bags, although it can fit a lot of breast milk.
  • It is priced higher compared to other options.
You can get 15% off Sarah Wells bags with the code EPUMP.

2. Medela Breastmilk Cooler

Medela breast milk cooler on a white background The Medela breast milk cooler is a practical option for bringing milk home from work. It is insulated, can hold four 5oz bottles, and comes with an ice pack.


  • This cooler fulfills all your needs.
  • It has a slot where you can insert a business card or a picture of your baby to differentiate it from other coolers.
  • The contoured ice pack effectively keeps bottles cold.


  • In terms of design, it is basic and functional.
  • It cannot accommodate bottles larger than 5oz.

3. Ceres Chill

Ceres Chill Breastmilk Chiller on a white background The Ceres Chill is a multi-functional breast milk cooler. It serves as a cooler, a container for pumping, and a baby bottle.

You can directly pump into this cooler, whether you're single or double pumping. Additionally, it allows you to feed your baby directly from the container and safely store milk for up to 20 hours. The main container can hold up to 12 oz of milk.


  • It simplifies your process by combining cooling, pumping, and feeding into a single accessory.
  • The use of ice for cooling makes it easy to refill while on the go or when traveling.


  • It may take some time to familiarize yourself with all the parts and how they work together. However, it is well-designed and each piece serves multiple functions. You can find more information here.
If you're interested in the Ceres Chill, you can purchase it on Amazon or directly from the manufacturer with a 15% discount using the code EPUMP.

4. PackIT Freezable Breast Milk/Formula Bottle Cooler

Black and white polka dot cooler on a white background The PackIT breast milk cooler eliminates the need for a separate ice pack as the bag itself serves as the ice pack. Simply flatten the cooler and place it in the freezer for 12 hours.

This cooler can accommodate 4-6 small breast milk bottles depending on their width.


  • You don't need to worry about a separate ice pack as the entire bag acts as one (which can be convenient when going through TSA).
  • It can fit around 10-15 frozen breast milk bags that are frozen flat.
  • The pattern of the cooler is very appealing.


  • Since the entire bag is frozen, the outer side might feel cold to the touch.

5. FlexiFreeze Pocketbook

Breast milk cooler for freezer bags on a white background The FlexiFreeze Pocketbook is a compact breast milk cooler that's perfect for transporting a few bags of milk. It offers a convenient solution for carrying breast milk home from work without the need for a large bag or cooler.


  • It is small and compact, making it suitable for transporting a few bags of milk.
  • No additional ice pack is required as you can freeze the entire cooler.


  • You can only transport a few bags at a time, and it may not accommodate most bottles.
  • Some bags may be too wide for the pocketbook, so it is recommended to use Lansinoh bags.

6. Idaho Jones

Idaho Jones Breastmilk Cooler For a more versatile option, consider the Idaho Jones Lysia cooler. It can accommodate larger bottles, including 8oz Dr. Brown's bottles. Use the code EPUMP10 for a 10% discount.


  • It is suitable for larger bottles.
  • When you need to transport a substantial amount of breast milk, it can hold up to 60 oz if you fill six 8oz bottles to the top.
  • It features internal pockets to keep breast milk bottles upright.
  • The cooler comes with two ice packs.


  • It is on the larger side, which may not be ideal for daily use or when bringing it back and forth to work.

Best Breastmilk Cooler Bags for All Lifestyles

Medela breastmilk cooler bag


• Price: $22.99

So Convenient! A Must-Have for Back to Work and Travel

I highly recommend the milk cooler. It eliminates the hassle of pouring milk into bags that often flop over mid-pour. With this cooler, you can save your milk from spilling all over your car or countertops while pouring. Once you're in a more controlled environment, you can divide the milk into bags. I absolutely love it!

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Protect Your Liquid Gold

Pumping or expressing breast milk requires significant time, energy, and emotional investment. There's nothing worse than spilling this precious resource or discovering that it has warmed up too quickly, rendering it unusable.

Before selecting a breast milk cooler, consider your budget, the duration of your expressing or pumping journey, and how you plan to use the cooler. This seemingly small decision can make a world of difference, so take your time and choose wisely.

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In conclusion, the year 2023 has brought us an incredible selection of the best breast milk coolers on the market. From the compact and convenient Pocketbook Breastmilk Cooler to the high-performance Roadie 24 Hard Cooler, there is a cooler to fit every lifestyle and need. Whether you're a working mom or a frequent traveler, these coolers are a must-have to protect your liquid gold and make your life easier. So, why wait? Invest in one of these amazing breast milk cooler bags today and experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with knowing your precious breast milk is safely stored and ready to go whenever and wherever you need it.

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