Pure Water Technology of Pennsylvania: Water Filtration Systems, 5 Good Reasons to Stop Using Water Bottles

If you get your water from a 5-gallon jug, the source of your drinking water at work may be more problematic than you realize. Given that the human body is composed of about 70% water, both the quality and quantity of water consumed each day are very important. There is a method that will help your business's finances and overall health.  

What distinguishes a water purification system from a 5-gallon jug?

In a typical office setting, a 5-gallon jug is frequently used. It gets its name because it holds 5 gallons of water and sits atop a water dispenser. Although 5-gallon jugs are still frequently used, there are much more effective substitutes. At Pure Water Technology, we are aware of the persistent problems with office water, particularly with the 5-gallon water jugs. Along with taking action to find solutions that would supply cleaner, fresher water for commercial businesses, we have also made it our mission to offer top-notch customer service to make the process of getting access to water even simpler. The most efficient way to provide workplaces with fresh, clean, oxygenated drinking water is through our bottleless water purification coolers. Your 5-gallon water jug may seem fine to you, or you may not have given the source of your drinking water much thought at all. Learn more about the 5-gallon jug's five different truths and discover why you should replace it as soon as possible.

1) Five-gallon jugs are unclean

Have you ever given the 5-gallon commercial water jug and dispenser some thought regarding their cleanliness? The jugs and their dispensers are not properly maintained and cleaned as frequently as they should be. Usually, the water bottles are placed in the dispenser's reservoir. This area is frequently overlooked and never cleaned, which encourages the development of algae and mold. The end result is typically a green, slimy fungus that is consumed. Having mold or algae in your food can be bad for your health. The water bottles also become very dirty from being stored or shipped, and if they are not cleaned before use, you run the risk of those contaminants and particles contaminating your drinking water. An advanced water filtration system, like those we provide at Pure Water Technology, uses reverse osmosis and carbon filtration. Chlorine and additional chemicals are removed by the carbon filtration. Lead, mercury, arsenic, and other heavy metals as well as other dissolved solids are eliminated by the reverse osmosis process. Activated oxygen is injected after carbon filtration and reverse osmosis to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and parasites. This Auto Tank Sanitization process (ATS) ensures that the water is clean and has a good flavor. Our cutting-edge systems will send you a message when the filter needs to be replaced, and our knowledgeable service team is only a phone call away, so you don't have to deal with the hassle. There is no longer a justification for consuming contaminated water thanks to Pure Water Technology's water purification systems' accessibility and convenience.  

With its touch-dispense faucet, the 5-gallon water jug also aids in the spread of bacteria and viruses. Finding a solution that lessens the spread of germs is crucial in a time when society is highly concerned with this issue. Touchless dispense activation is an option for all of Pure Water Technology's water purification systems. Another way to promote health in your office is to simply change the water supply. Our units have been designed with an antimicrobial agent to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.  

2) 5 gal. jugs are not environmentally friendly.

Although most 5-gallon jugs can be recycled to cut down on plastic waste, the pollution that is released during their manufacturing and delivery processes is bad for the environment. There are much more effective, environmentally friendly ways to get your water. Pure Water Technology strives to support a healthier future for the Earth by significantly reducing office waste with our bottleless products that use the water already present in your building. Your business can help the environment by using our commercial water purification systems and implementing more environmentally friendly drinking water practices. Your company can assist in preserving our environment.  

3) Five-gallon jugs are challenging to replace.

Even though you may not think this task is risky, replacing a 5-gallon water jug used for commercial purposes frequently results in injuries. A person changing the water cooler runs the risk of suffering hand, back, and neck injuries. The weight of a full five gallon water cooler bottle is approximately 43 pounds, according to Argonne National Laboratory. This weight, in addition to the bottle's awkward shape and the distance it must be transported, can be dangerous. In addition to the unneeded risks, it is also inconvenient. The difficulty an employee encounters when replacing the jug or arranging for an outside vendor to visit the location regularly detracts from productive, revenue-generating tasks. According to Kitchen Fact, "it is recommended to plan to have a standard proportion for a facility or home that houses five to ten people." every month, three five-gallon water jugs Thirty to fifty people working in an office setting can be guaranteed fifty five-gallon water jugs per month with water deliveries. "It is clear that a 5-gallon water jug is not worthwhile in terms of time and effort." Businesses could save time and avoid liability with one of Pure Water Technology's water cooler solutions, like the PW90. Your staff won't need to set aside time to routinely replace your source of water because solutions like the PW90 are installed by our skilled team and connected to the water system already in place in your building. Our clients have access to our highly skilled service technicians, who are factory certified for all the equipment and ready to complete any necessary servicing, sometimes even on the same day, for Pure Water Technology systems. Our systems are much more practical than those offered by water jug suppliers, and our customer support is excellent.

4) Storage space is taken up by 5-gallon jugs.

If you have ever been around a 5-gallon jug, you are aware of their size. The dimensions of a 5-gallon water bottle or jug can vary depending on the manufacturer, but according to Quirk Brain, they are typically in the range of 11 inches in diameter and 19 2/3 inches in height. You could compare a 5-gallon jug to a medium-sized dog. Most offices purchase 5-gallon jugs in bulk to reduce costs when it comes to providing the jugs, but this results in an excess of storage. An office with 30 to 50 people could consume up to 50 5-gallon water bottles in a month, as we previously learned. In this instance, the extra supply of water jugs will occupy a sizable amount of storage space. It is inconvenient and wasteful to store the water jugs in this area. That space could be put to better use for the business, like expanding offices that staff members could use. Solutions offered by Pure Water Technology actively conserve space. Our systems are made to easily fit into any office, and since they are linked to the building's existing water system, additional storage space is not required.  

5) The price of 5-gallon jugs is excessive.

Most people won't see a good return on their investment when purchasing 5-gallon water jugs. In the end, the money you spend on the product isn't worth it, especially in light of all the risks you face as a customer. A 5-gallon jug's potential additional costs might not be bearable from an economic standpoint. Your spending can quickly increase and become excessive due to the price of the water jugs themselves and any potential delivery fees. With Pure Water Technology, we promise that our water purification systems will be profitable for you. After installation, our customers can easily access healthy, delicious water at a reasonable price. Unlike most water jug companies, Pure Water Technology will handle any necessary servicing or cleaning as part of the purchase of one of our products.

5 Gallon Jug vs Water Purification System

What should I use at work in place of my 5-gallon jug?

A water purification system is the best way to get great-tasting, clean water in your office. Presently, Pure Water Technology provides more than six different commercial water purification systems, each of which caters to a different set of specific office requirements. To enhance your water drinking experience, each of our systems uses cutting-edge, bottleless, and touchless technology. If your office is currently using a 5-gallon water bottle or another source of drinking water that you are dissatisfied with, get in touch with us for a completely free trial that carries no obligations so you can see for yourself what makes Pure Water Technology stand out from the competition. Today, take the next steps toward bettering your office with the assistance of our team.  

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