Review of the ICEMULE Pro Soft-Sided Backpack Cooler

Backpack coolers like the ICEMULE Pro are convenient, and we recommend several models. The overall form is astonishingly basic, functioning essentially as an insulated dry bag with backpack straps.

ICEMULE Coolers was kind enough to send Man Makes Fire a review unit of the ICEMULE Pro in the 23-liter Large size for an in-depth examination. Here's what we picked up:

More than 24 hours of ice can be stored in the ICEMULE Pro, and it is portable and economical. Yes, we think very highly of it.

The ICEMULE Pro's simplicity is one of its selling points. In fact, as we were testing the best soft-sided coolers this year, we found ourselves reaching for the ICEMULE Pro to take out on day trips more often than most of the other coolers — and we attribute some of this preference to the durable simplicity of its overall design and construction

All right, let's dissect this thing What's so great about the ICEMULE Pro backpack cooler

Though it requires both hands to close, the roll top is simple to use.

The Pro is constructed out of ICEMULE's exterior fabric, MuleSkinET, and its interior fabric, MuleSkinEV. Incredibly sturdy on both layers The exterior MuleSkinET has a similar feel to that of an inflatable raft, while the interior layer has a textured surface and a slightly rubbery (but not rubber) feel. Regardless, the materials are sturdy while still being somewhat pliable.

Even though the roll-top closure on dry bags works well, the first time you use them, you may need to be more forceful than you'd think because the lack of insulation makes the bag colder than it otherwise would be. Keep in mind that the cooler's side walls are insulated as well, so you'll have to bend and roll some of that, too, as you close the lid. It's not difficult, but you'll need both hands to roll it up and join the ends.

The straps of the backpack can be adjusted to your comfort. We're big fans of sternum straps, which run across your chest horizontally and allow you to secure the system.

ICEMULE has equipped you with a few shoulder and back pads. Insulation and protection from the contents are maximized when you load up on ice and cans and bottles.

ICEMULE Professional Sizing Choices

The ICEMULE Pro is a soft-sided backpack cooler that comes in three different sizes: large (23 liters), extra-large (33 liters), and extra-extra-large (40 liters). The guy modeling the Large ICEMULE Pro in these photos is roughly 6 feet tall and weighs 220 pounds.

The Large's capacity is 18 cans when filled with ice. With ice, the X-Large can store 24 cans, while the XX-Large can store 36 cans. The Large is sufficient for most of us, but if you're planning on having a raucous party, you might want to upgrade.

You can get free shipping on most ICEMULE Pro purchases at

Cooler, ICEMULE Pro Soft-Sided, Insulated, Insulated, and Molded, with IM Airvalve

It's simple to adjust the length of the padded shoulder straps on the backpack.

ICEMULE's IM Airvalve built-in air valve is an innovative addition. You can inflate the cooler's insulation by opening this valve. A cooler's ability to retain ice can be improved by adding air, which also allows you to pack more tightly around your food.

Truth be told, we don't make heavy use of this feature because we mostly employ the cooler as a day tripper cooler. The contents are meant to be consumed immediately, not preserved for later use.

The IM Airvalve, on the other hand, allows air to be squeezed out of the sidewalls, resulting in a minimally rounded, "flat" shape. You can put the cooler pretty much anywhere, which is convenient if you don't have a lot of spare room.

Even better, the ICEMULE Pro can be stored under the back seat of a pickup, making it readily accessible at any time. The ICEMULE Pro's ability to fit under or behind a seat is just one more reason why we love the design of this soft cooler.

Professional Ice Retention with ICEMULE

The insulation and additional padding ensure your back is safe, even when carrying heavy loads like beer and soda.

If you use a reasonable amount of ice in relation to the contents, along with pre-chilled beverages, ICEMULE claims that the ICEMULE Pro can keep ice for more than 24 hours. After a day of field testing in temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, we found that the ICEMULE Pro was able to easily retain ice well into the next day, despite our frequent opening and closing of the cooler and gradual depletion of its contents. We dumped an entire 10 lb. bag of ice over 12 cans, with plenty of room to spare, and even used some of the ice water to wash our hands, because of the weather.

It has been too cool for us to try out the ICEMULE Pro. You should a) bring more ice than food and drinks if you're going hiking on a day where the temperature is expected to reach 90 degrees or higher, and b) plan on keeping your drinks cold for the duration of the outing. The outcomes will be cool and drinkable the following morning, but they may not be ice cold. Also, the gray ICEMULE Pro has a better chance of reflecting some of the sun's rays, so it may be a good choice if you plan to use it in bright sunlight.

Check out the OtterBox Trooper LT 30 and the YETI Hopper Backflip 24 if ice retention is your top priority when shopping for a backpack cooler. Both are large, multiday ice retention backpack coolers, but at a much higher price and with a larger profile when not in use.

Review of the ICEMULE Pro Backpack Cooler: Unquestionably Superb

Normal use in temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees was put to the test, and one can was all that was left by midday on day two, along with some ice.

All things considered, the ICEMULE Pro soft-sided backpack cooler is top-notch. It is easy to use, long-lasting, and highly efficient for day trips. The ICEMULE Pro is a favorite of ours because it is built to last and has a simple design that begs to be packed and taken on the road. In addition, the cost-benefit analysis is excellent. Profoundly suggested

Prepare Yourself:

If you spend over $50 on ICEMULE coolers at, you'll get free shipping!

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