Review of the nICE Cooler, a Low-Cost, Wheeled, Roto-Moulded Cooler

nICE Cooler Review

Affordable and durable, nICE coolers are roto-molded creations that feature wheel swaps. They are safe from bears, do well at keeping ice, and have a sleek design, making them a top contender for your next cooler.

In all candor, I will say that there are many excellent roto-moulded coolers available. There are only two main features that set nICE coolers apart from the rest of the market. Both the low cost and the adaptability of the wheels play a role.

Another factor could be the cooler's vibrant hues, which set it apart from the sea of boring white and tan alternatives.

We will analyze the nICE coolers' pricing, features (such as wheels), and overall quality and performance to see how they measure up to the competition.

By the time you finish reading this, you should have a good idea of whether or not a nICE cooler is right for you.

Among roto-moulded coolers, nICE models are among the cheapest available.

They are significantly less expensive than similarly popular brands such as Yeti, RTIC, Orca, and Pelican by as much as 50%.

However, they are not the most budget-friendly roto-moulded cooler available. While Walmart's own Ozark Trail brand is often the lowest price option, nICE coolers aren't much more expensive and offer features that Walmart's own brand does not.

Below, you'll find a comparison of nICE and Yeti coolers that demonstrates how much money you can save by going with the former. To view the current price on Amazon or Walmart, click on the appropriate link below.

Coolers by YETI

Yeti 35 (28 8-Quart):

Yeti 65 (57 2-Quart):

Yeti 75 (74 8-Quart):

Yeti 110 (96 4-Quart):

But the question still stands: Are these coolers of sufficient quality to provide excellent value, or are they just a low-cost substitute that can't hold its own against the competition?

These coolers are incredibly well made and up to par with what one would expect from a root-moulded product.

Polyurethane foam (the same stuff that goes into a Yeti cooler) is pressure injected into thick walls of durable polyethylene plastic.

Different thicknesses of wall are used, from 1 Its thickness of 0.75 to 2.0 inches is what makes ice last for days. The thickness of the insulation is standard for coolers.

The quality seems fine, despite the fact that it was manufactured in China rather than the United States. Most people probably aren't too bothered by the fact that neither Yeti coolers nor many of the best wheeled coolers are made in the USA.

There is no cost to you if anything goes wrong with your nICE cooler during its 5-year warranty period.

nICE is also improving their cooler designs with each new generation (the G3 series), demonstrating their dedication to innovation. They don't appear to be the type of company to put out a cooler for a few months before disappearing (as was the case with Palm coolers).

There is no reason to worry about the product's durability or construction, so let's move on to the features and see if this is the best cooler for you.

The wheels on nICE coolers are removable and replaceable, making them unique in the market.

This feature is exclusive to their G3 models, but despite its exclusivity, the G3 models are selling for the same price as their predecessor, the G2, which lacked wheels.

The cooler's standard wheels are small and stubby, so it doesn't really stand out from the ground. Fantastic for rolling your cooler over smooth surfaces or shorter distances over rougher terrain.

These wheels are a great addition to your cooler and add no extra weight or cost. In comparison, the Yeti Tundra Haul wheeled cooler costs $50 more than the comparable-sized Yeti 65 model that lacks wheels.

  • Standard Tires
  • Adaptable Tires
  • Inflatable Wheels for the Beach

However, larger, protruding multi-terrain wheels and even larger, great-for-rolling-along-the-sand inflatable beach wheels are also available for purchase.

In contrast to the single-purpose inflatable wheels, the multi-terrain wheels can be useful for a variety of outdoor activities, such as camping or pulling a heavy cooler over longer distances.

If you need a roto-moulded cooler that can roll over most surfaces, nICE coolers are an excellent choice.

What Is Dry Ice?

High-quality ice retention and extended ice life are made possible by the thick walls of nICE coolers.

The ice test results showed that the nICE cooler kept its ice for just over 5 days, but it was not as effective as the more expensive Orca, TechniIce, or Engel models.

This ice test also involved filling the cooler to its maximum capacity with ice, which is not something you would normally do. You probably won't fill it all the way with ice. This cooler has an ice retention time of roughly 3–4 days.

We've covered the wheels, but there are plenty of other great nICE cooler features worth discussing.

The nICE cooler has a rubber gasket in the lid that prevents warm air from escaping and keeps frozen items frozen for longer. This can cause a pressure difference inside the cooler, making it difficult to open.

This is a common problem among high-end coolers. NICE has installed a pressure-relief valve to prevent further damage.

The air pressure in the cooler can be maintained by pressing this valve before opening it. In turn, this makes lifting the lid a breeze.

This is a feature only a few cooler brands offer, but it's definitely one of the best ones there is.

The pull-down rubber anchor latches on nICE coolers rely on the elasticity of the rubber to keep the lid securely closed.

The cooler's contents will stay iced for longer and the lid will stay closed in the event of a spill thanks to this feature.

Padlock holes for securing the lid to the body of the cooler are located on its front. This safeguards the contents of your cooler and also makes it resistant to bears.

A bottle opener/metal plate is attached to the cooler's main body. You won't need to carry around a separate bottle opener because you'll always have access to this one.

As was previously mentioned, when locked, nICE coolers are guaranteed to be bear proof. If your cooler is locked, a bear won't be able to get inside it, even if it wanders into your campsite.

While most of us could do without this, campers in bear country will find that the bear is much less likely to stick around their site and pose a threat to themselves and their families.

A high-quality rubber gasket is installed inside the cooler's lid. When the lid is on, it creates a vacuum that keeps the cold air in and the warm air out. If the cooler tips over, this reduces the likelihood of leaks.

Since many roto-molded coolers do, in fact, leak some water when tipped over, I can't say with certainty that this one is leak proof.

The hinges on cheaper coolers, such as the Coleman Xtreme, are made of flimsy plastic and can break with minimal force.

Instead, nICE chillers have sturdy stainless steel hinges. One hinge can be found on the 20-quart size, while two can be found on the larger containers.

Extreme durability and inconceivable fragility characterize these.

Most roto-molded coolers don’t have any inbuilt cup holders and it’s something I absolutely love about the cheaper coolers

So, I was pleased to find that nICE coolers have two built-in cup holders in the lid. The cup holders are conveniently placed on the side, and they're made so that any water can easily drain away in the event of rain or condensation.

To my knowledge, only Ozark Trail coolers have this feature.

Like the tie down points on the Yeti, nICE coolers are located on the side of the cooler. The cooler's lid will remain accessible even if it's tied down to a vehicle, van, or boat.

Your cooler won't be able to jiggle around while you're on the go thanks to this.

To the best of my knowledge, nICE does not produce any tie down straps that are compatible with this cooler; as a result, you will need to purchase straps from a different manufacturer. If you're in the market for tie down straps, the Yeti brand is highly recommended.

The nICE cooler has rubber feet on the bottom that prevent it from sliding around and leaving marks.

Your cooler won't be moving around the car's floor thanks to these non-slip feet.

These non-slip feet are great because they prevent the cooler from moving around in the car and because my children can jump on it without me worrying that it will slide out from under them.

You can rest assured that you will never misplace the drain plug because it is chained to the cooler's main body.

This is a fantastic addition, and I wish it were standard in all coolers.

I assumed the answer would be obvious, but it's not. The newest nICE coolers are notoriously hard to track down in stores.

They don't offer online sales of the coolers, and there's no indication of where else you can buy them.

That leaves you with two great options: Amazon or Walmart. Amazon, at this writing, carried a selection of smaller models and many older models, while Walmart carried a selection of larger models.

If you're interested in purchasing a nICE cooler, I've included links to relevant product pages on Amazon and Walmart below. If you decide to make a purchase after clicking on one of the article's links (thank you in advance! ), your click will result in a small commission for the site.

26-Quart nICE:

50-Quart nICE: $199 Pricing starts at (details here)

75-Quart nICE: $249 Priced at (for specifics, click here)

110-Quart nICE: $299 99 (details here)

Here are some alternatives to nICE coolers to check out if you're interested in purchasing one but still want to do some research before buying.

Ozark Trail, sold exclusively at Walmart, is a popular brand of cooler that competes directly with nICE in terms of price and features.

They are the only other roto-molded cooler on the market with built-in cup holders, and they are a little cheaper than nICE.

Even though most Ozark Trail coolers don't come with wheels, you can easily turn them into wheeled coolers by purchasing a very reasonably priced wheel kit.

If you're in the market for a low-priced roto-molded cooler, give this one some serious thought.

Review of the Ozark Trail Cooler

Walmart carries Ozark Trail ice chests.

To keep your food and drinks cold for less money, look no further than RTIC Coolers. When compared to nICE coolers, their price is a bit higher, but their quality is noticeably better.

Better ice retention and a more aesthetically pleasing design are yours to enjoy. They look the most like the best-selling YETI brand on the market.

These ice chests are a huge hit.

Visit Amazon for RTIC Coolers.

Among high-end coolers, the most reasonably priced option is the American-made Lifetime cooler.

They are bear proof like nICE coolers, but with additional features like grip or slide feet and cam style latches that I find simpler to operate.

Explore My Review of the Lifetime Cooler

Visit Walmart to pick up a Lifetime Cooler.

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