Should You Buy An IcyBreeze Air Conditioner/Cooler? A Global Traveler's

You can't deny that you're curious about it after seeing it on Shark Tank or reading about it on Amazon. The functionality is intriguing, the design is novel, and we all wonder if this is really the only thing you'll need to stay cool this summer.

In this comprehensive review, I'll address that and any other concerns you may have about this lightweight air conditioner.

This air conditioner and cooler is called IcyBreeze. It can hold a lot of drinks and ice thanks to its 38-quart capacity.

Polyethylene, the most common plastic in use today, is used to create the IcyBreeze. There is no need to worry about the IcyBreeze's longevity because it is so strong and difficult to damage.

If you only use it as a cooler, the ice inside can keep things cool for up to 7 days at 90 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the product's website. Not convinced, but the fact remains that an IcyBreeze will help you get through even the hottest of days.

IcyBreeze Cooler/Air Conditioner Review

If you just need a cooler, though, this isn't the best option. Neither the price nor the weight (21 pounds) are justified. The fact that it can also function as a portable air conditioner explains some of the higher cost.

The unit's versatility, however, is what makes it truly remarkable, and it will revolutionize your summer camping and travel experiences.

The Mechanisms at Work

The cooler function of the IcyBreeze is straightforward: you place ice and beverages inside, and the ice melts slowly to cool the beverages. However, the AC component of this device is where things really start to heat up.

You should know that the IcyBreeze produces cold air using only ice and water, and not Freon or any other chemicals. There are three fan speeds available (low, medium, and high), and your device's runtime will vary depending on your preference.

On the low setting, the battery can last for up to six hours, while on the high setting, it will drain in about two. 5 hours)

IcyBreeze Cooler/Air Conditioner Review

The system works by bringing in ambient air and cooling it by dragging it through a radiator. You can use IcyBreeze for a long time because it can be powered on continuously. You'll need to refill the ice, though, and how often you do so will depend on your preferences.

The cold air is released from a vent at the top of this cooler. The cold air can be directed in different ways thanks to its adjustable grill. Moreover, the IcyBreeze's flexi hose at the top is just the beginning of the fun. It's not attached to the vent, so you can take it and put it wherever you like.

This is helpful when you need to control the flow of air, such as when you're trying to cool off but don't want the air to blow directly in your face.

When the ice in your IcyBreeze melts, what do you do with the gallons of water inside? The cooler is easy to clean because it has a drain hose at the bottom.

The IcyBreeze is completely safe to empty outside because it only uses water and ice (no Freon). In addition, it's much more convenient to transport when it's devoid of the water that would otherwise weigh it down.

I almost neglected to highlight the elements that make this unit so transportable. The IcyBreeze features two large wheels and a drag handle. Because the wheels are on the opposite side of the IcyBreeze from the handle, you'll need to lift the device slightly to move it.

The IcyBreeze is convenient to carry because its lightweight design eliminates the need to bend over to drag it.

The cooler has convenient carry handles, making it simple to transport from place to place.

How Effective Is It?

Yes, indeed However, I find it intriguing that opinions on the IcyBreeze are decidedly split: some people absolutely vouch for it, while others say it's completely useless and not worth the money. In the following paragraphs, you'll see why the critics are totally wrong.

The IcyBreeze appears to carry out its duties as a cooler admirably.

This device's air conditioning function allows it to emit air that is roughly 20 degrees Celsius (or 35 degrees Fahrenheit) cooler than the ambient temperature. Really, that's quite remarkable, considering how effectively it can cool a smaller room in just a few hours of operation.

Also, your drinks inside the cooler will stay frosty even as the air temperature drops. This is one of the best multipurpose coolers available, so that's a plus in my book.

This makes the IcyBreeze an excellent choice for outdoor activities like barbecuing and camping. It's also great to have in your RV because it's more energy efficient and uses less power than a standard portable air conditioner.

This is an excellent selection for trips on the water or in the car, as well as for trips to the beach. In my opinion, the product is well worth the cost due to its efficiency and adaptability.

What Is Its Purpose?

Using an IcyBreeze is simple; just fill it with 2 quarts of water, place your ice and drinks inside, and switch on the fan.

However, some people manage to screw it up and then whine about it.

However, there is one common mistake that people make, and as a result, they complain that their IcyBreeze is useless and a waste of money. The ice

Regular ice cubes won't melt properly in here, so save those for your beverage. You'll have to refill the cooler frequently because the smaller ones melt quickly. And then you'll be disappointed and regret buying it.

Large blocks of ice placed inside the IcyBreeze will ensure that it maintains its cooling effect for an extended period of time. These will melt at a much more gradual rate than regular ice cubes, allowing your air conditioner to keep cool for much longer.

Issue resolved For the long haul, that is how it was designed to function.

Keep in mind that until water is added, the IcyBreeze will not function as an air conditioner. It's only useful for cooling things down without it.

Mixing ice and water yields water with the ideal freezing point (I learned this in high school chemistry), making it an excellent method for rapidly chilling beverages.

Create Your Own Giant Ice Cubes

If you can't find large blocks of ice to purchase, you can make your own by freezing several large plastic water bottles. You can then easily place it in a cooler. When the ice in the bottle finally melts, you'll have a refreshing glass of water to enjoy.

A Tupperware container is another option; fill it with water, place it in the freezer, and you'll have a massive ice cube that won't melt for hours. Of course, you'll need to do some advance preparation, but I'm assuming that's nothing new if you're going camping or on a picnic.

Then Again, You Could Always Buy Some Icy Blocks

IcyBreeze Cooler/Air Conditioner Review

In addition, you can purchase an IcyBlock from the company itself. The IcyBreeze cooler has enough room for three of these ice packs, each of which can hold a gallon of water. However, most people can get by with just what they have lying around the house. But the Icy Blocks were designed with this cooler in mind, so they fit perfectly.

When and Where to Apply It

The power source that comes with your IcyBreeze will determine how effective it is. An automobile adapter, a standard wall charger operating off of 110 volts, and a smart charger are the three options.

I will also list and provide links to all three variations of IcyBreeze "packages" available on Amazon, as they all contain slightly different extras.

IcyBreeze Cooler/Air Conditioner Review

Consider that the smart charger kit provides the most bang for your buck. The battery is rechargeable, but it will only charge in the smart charger. Sorry to hear that But you'll be able to use your IcyBreeze wirelessly, so you can take it to the beach and have cold drinks all day. And if you find the ocean too hot, it can help you cool off a little.

Worse yet, the IcyBreeze cannot be powered on by the smart charger; it can only charge the battery. You'll need a 110-volt outlet for that. That's something I don't like: if the battery dies, your cooler won't work again until you charge it, unless you have a backup charger on hand.

Furthermore, a completely dead battery takes about 5 hours to charge, which is rather slow. It has a capacity of 10000 mAh, which is comparable to that of a modern iPad Pro.

Picnics and camping trips where a car is nearby are fine for using the car lighter adapter. This is also the best portable air conditioner for an RV, so consider it if you need one.

If you're only going to be using it at home or close to an electrical socket, then the standard power supply will suffice. You'll need the standard power supply and the smart charger and battery pack to get the most out of your IcyBreeze and take it with you anywhere.

You shouldn't expect to find any IcyBreeze add-ons for sale on Amazon. Only the IcyBreeze bundles (of which there are three, with varying add-ons) are for sale.

Batteries, chargers, and other add-ons are the only things for sale. ) over at the IcyBreeze homepage.

Cooling IcyBreeze Bundle

IcyBreeze Cooler/Air Conditioner Review

This is the least expensive possibility.

The cooler has a 12V power cord that can only be used with a car lighter.

The rechargeable battery and other power sources are not included in this package.

Frost Bundle IcyBreeze

IcyBreeze Cooler/Air Conditioner Review

The Frost bundle includes a rechargeable battery and smart charger and costs $40 more than the Chill bundle.  

From what I can tell, a working power supply is included in this package as well.

Blizzard Bundle with Chilly Winds

IcyBreeze Cooler/Air Conditioner Review

Included in this premium IcyBreeze bundle are the cooler itself, a smart charger, a car lighter adapter, and a standard 110V power supply.

This is the best option if you plan on taking your air conditioner with you wherever you go.

But this is the most expensive choice, so it may not work for some people.

IcyBreeze Concluding Remarks

The IcyBreeze is a fascinating invention. It's great for me because it can cool me down in the summer without having to rely on the ineffective fans I've been using in the past and it can also keep my drinks cold.

There's no denying this product's effectiveness and adaptability; it's a fantastic choice for anyone in the market for a product that can be used both indoors and out.

However, if you're on the fence about purchasing this item, the price is the only thing standing in your way. It's not cheap, especially if you want all the extras that come with the Blizzard package.

Another consideration is the cost of running an IcyBreeze, which is significantly less energy-intensive than a central air conditioner or even a standard portable air conditioner. It's a one-of-a-kind item that will help you save a ton of cash if you put it to use around the house, so I think the asking price is fair.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for an outdoor air conditioner that can also serve as a cooler, I highly recommend checking out the IcyBreeze.

An improved Lithium battery-operated option is the Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner.

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