The 2022 Top Picks for Electrically Powered Refrigerators

Over the past few years, the best portable refrigerators and electric coolers have revolutionized outdoor living. They'll genuinely alter how you pack and put together your camp meals. To assist you in selecting the ideal electric cooler for you, we tested some of the best products currently available.

Bid adieu to icky water at the bottom of coolers and bags of ice that are incredibly hard. It's time to add an electric cooler to your kit if you're ready for a significant upgrade to your camp kitchen.

These portable refrigerators can be powered by a car battery, portable power units, solar panels, and other sources. You can fill your iceless cooler to the brim with food and beverages to keep the temperature constant indefinitely.

Some of the electric coolers we suggest even have dual zones, enabling you to keep drinks and frozen foods separately at the right temperatures.

This thorough buyer's guide will assist you in locating the ideal electric cooler for your unique requirements. You can navigate through the recommendations using the links below, or you can scroll down to see all the excellent choices we chose for this list.

Read our buying guide and FAQ sections at the end of the article if you're having trouble deciding. These will assist you in learning how to compare the numerous features of electric coolers to choose the one that will work the best in your specific situation.

Check out our article on the seven things to understand before purchasing an electric cooler for more information.

The Dometic CFX3 55 IM Powered Cooler is the best overall.

Dometic's CFX3 55 IM Powered Cooler; (image courtesy of Drew Martin)

It is not surprising that Dometic is highly ranked on this list. The company is well-liked by campers, RV owners, and other experts on living on the go. It also appears in everything from RVs to megayachts as a global brand. If you decided to stop reading right here and purchase a Dometic Powered Cooler, we wouldn't hold it against you.

The best electric cooler is the CFX3 55 IM ($1,200), which strikes a good balance between capacity, cost, and portability. It has strong handles and a durable construction, just like all Dometic products. Considering its large capacity, which can hold 50 soda cans, this cooler is surprisingly lightweight.

But Dometic's energy efficiency is what makes people love it most. To keep things cool and use as little energy as possible, the cooler has a powerful compressor that can freeze down to -7 degrees Fahrenheit and a powerful insulation factor.

Seiji Ishii, a GearJunkie reviewer, explained that the electric cooler can produce ice. Learn more about his CFX3 review.

Another fantastic benefit of the Dometic product line is how fully it has embraced the 21st century. In addition to having a stylish, high-resolution display, the electric cooler is Bluetooth-enabled and app-compatible.

You can manage the cooler's temperature and track its historical power usage by downloading the Dometic app to your phone. However, all these great features come with a hefty price tag, so if you're looking for something more reasonably priced, you might want to scroll down.

  • Size: 27 3″ x 16″ x 15 7″
  • Dimensions: 36 L
  • Weight: 37 pounds
  • Minimum temperature is -7 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Lightweight
  • Handles that are practical and cozy
  • Decent insulation
  • Controls that are compatible with apps

Price comparisons at REI and Amazon

National Luna 50L Dual Control Legacy Fridge/Freezer is the best refrigerator/freezer cooler.

The National Luna 50L Dual Control Legacy Fridge/Freezer is shown in the photo below.

Bryon Dorr, editor of overland and motoring, has used a number of 12V refrigerators while traveling across the country. His most effective setup to date is from National Luna.

The 50L National Luna Legacy Dual Control ($1,295) is attractive, small for its capacity, dependable (it has been in operation for over 30 years), and incredibly efficient. The three organizer baskets that come with this refrigerator/freezer are Dorr's favorite feature. They make loading the fridge before and after a trip simple and make it incredibly easy to find food at the bottom of the refrigerator.

The National Luna's dimpled aluminum skin feels, looks, and is premium. The onboard proprietary compressor not only quickly and efficiently cools the refrigerator/freezer, but it also has an eight-year warranty.

Additionally, this dual control cooler has an automatic AC/DC power switch. That means it functions equally well when plugged in on your patio for your upcoming barbecue and when used in your car.

  • 28" by 15" by 20"
  • 38 - capacity 11 L (right zone), 3 L (left zone).
  • Weight: 54 7 lbs
  • Range of temperatures: 68 to -1 degrees Fahrenheit (left zone), 68 to -11 degrees Fahrenheit (right zone).
  • Very effective
  • Organizer bins are fantastic.
  • Durable
  • Good looks
  • Expensive
  • Two latches as opposed to one
  • Sometimes difficult to locate in stock
Price check at Equipt

The ARB Zero Portable Fridge & Freezer is the most durable electric cooler.

ARB Zero Portable Fridge & Freezer

It's a beast of a cooler, the ARB Zero Portable Fridge Freezer ($1,742). It has roughly the same dimensions, weight, and capacity as the Dometic but costs significantly more. For those who bring a variety of foods, the added adaptability is priceless.

First off, compared to the Dometic Dual Zone, this cooler is over half a foot taller, providing deeper storage for items like tall wine bottles. Second, the ARB actually comes with three baskets while the Dometic only has two.

The freezer section of the ARB has its own lid inside to keep your food insulated when you open the fridge section, so don't worry about the single-lid design of the ARB.

Last but not least, the various baskets and compartments can be removed to free up more space if you decide to forgo the fridge/freezer combination and only use one temperature zone. This creates a single, larger space with a total capacity of 69 L.

Although this is still a little bit smaller than Dometic's storage capacity, the product's versatility might be a key factor. This ARB Zero will be capable of handling heavy items like your Thanksgiving turkey if you need to store them.

We also adore the touchscreen, built-in cup holders, integrated handles, and incredibly sturdy frame of the device. The steel case has sturdy corner molding to prevent damage to the electric cooler and your treats inside during a jarring ride. The portable fridge's anti-condensation technology prevents food from becoming wet.

When you don't have access to another power source, the ARB Zero Freezer Fridge Power Pack is the ideal add-on accessory to keep your cooler running. The Power Pack seamlessly integrates with the electric cooler by connecting to it. Additionally, it can significantly increase the amount of time that your cooler can run. Read our complete ARB Zero Freezer Fridge Power Pack review.

The ARB Zero Portable Fridge Freezer might be the right choice for you if you're looking to invest in a reliable electric cooler that will hold up to numerous wild adventures.

  • Dimensions: 33" x 21" x 25"
  • Volume: 69 L
  • Weight: 62 9 lbs
  • Range of temperatures: -8 to 50 °F
  • Versatile
  • Dual zones
  • Tall shelving
  • Very robust
  • Power supply that matches (not included)

Visit Amazon to see the cost

Dometic CFX3 75 Dual Zone Powered Cooler is the best large electric cooler.

Dometic CFX3 75 Dual Zone Powered Cooler

Dometic's CFX3 75 Dual Zone Powered Cooler ($1,400) is a powerhouse and the 55's bigger brother. The relatively unassuming Dometic CFX3 55 is considerably bigger, heavier, and more expensive than this electric cooler, but thanks to its added features, it's a favorite among users for more challenging expeditions.

The Dometic CFX3 75 Dual Zone, as its name suggests, has two storage compartments so you can simultaneously cool and freeze. You can customize the cooler to suit your unique needs by adjusting the temperature of either compartment, which can be set to any level. With a 75L capacity, this electric food cooler can hold 113 soda cans.

The cooler's simplicity of use and superior insulation rating are both praised by reviewers. This high-performance travel cooler makes car camping more comfortable and, dare we say, luxurious. However, given its large size and the likelihood that it will live in your trunk, it might not be the most convenient choice for accessing snacks on a road trip.

Dometic coolers have a dependable three-stage dynamic battery protection system that will safeguard your food for the duration of your adventure if you're looking for a cooler that can last.

  • Size: 35 1″ x 19 5″ x 18 6″
  • Dimensions: 75 L
  • : 61 pounds
  • Minimum temperature is -7 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Large storage capacity considering its weight
  • Fridge/freezer combo with two zones
  • Dependable and robust
  • Controls that are compatible with apps

Price comparisons at REI and Amazon

Favorite Cheap Cooler on Amazon: Kohree Portable Refrigerator

Kohree Portable Refrigerator

Amazon is your best option if you're looking for an affordable electric cooler that works well. There, you can purchase functional portable refrigerators for about a third of what name-brand models cost. But be aware that they typically won't have the effectiveness and durability of our top options.

If affordability is your top priority, consider the Kohree Portable Refrigerator ($259). This item is still more expensive than regular ice coolers. But it will still keep food and beverages cold for a fraction of the cost of refrigerators from name brands.

The electric cooler can be powered by any power from a solar panel or power plant, as well as 12 V (in a car), 24 V (in a truck), 110/240 V (in a wall socket). This adaptability makes it simple to maintain cold temperatures throughout your entire trip, from packing to driving to snacking outside.

This electric cooler can reduce the interior temperature from 77 to -4 degrees F in just 60 minutes using an aluminum evaporator. Reviewers adore how quiet the electric cooler is, and if you have more time to prepare, the cooler also has an "eco" mode that consumes less energy.

The portable refrigerator from Kohree has a touchscreen control panel and battery protection. The unit has a recessed area for the included carrying handle. Its compact and uniform design may be especially useful if you have a small car or want to fit the cooler between seats in order to keep your kids content while driving.

  • Size: 22 4″ x 12 6″ x 13 8″
  • Dimensions: 25 L
  • Weight: 27 3 lbs
  • Range of temperatures: -7 6 to 50 degrees F.
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Environmental mode
  • Handle that is integrated
  • Limited capacity
  • Possibly too short for tall bottles
  • Unstable or inaccurate temperature controls

Check Amazon for Price

Among the Best

MT35F-P Engel Platinum

Engel Platinum MT35F-P

The Engel Platinum Electric Cooler ($1,150) might be what you need if you're looking for a more compact and energy-efficient appliance. According to the manufacturer, this small cooler is well known for its low power draw, which uses about 40% less energy than a conventional compressor.

The auto-switching system between AC or DC power sources is another fantastic feature of all Engel power systems. You don't need to manually adjust the power input because the cooler can automatically detect the difference.

When compared to other electric coolers with comparable capacities, the unit is surprisingly heavy. This is primarily because it is made of sturdy stainless steel. It doesn't have wheels, so some people might find its bulky frame problematic.

This cooler's thin metal handles that protrude far from its sides are another potential drawback. These handles make it more difficult to pack the electric cooler effectively into a small space and make it more uncomfortable to carry.

The Engel Platinum's temperature range represents one last potential drawback. If you're looking for a sub-zero freezer, look elsewhere because the minimum temperature is the highest on this list by multiple degrees. Still, this effective electric cooler is a great option for those who are concerned about their energy consumption.

  • Size: 25 5″ x 14 3″ x 16″
  • Volume: 32 L
  • 48 lbs. in weight
  • Temperature range: 5 degrees minimum 0 °F
  • Minimal power draw
  • Auto-switching mechanism
  • three-year guarantee
  • Curable
  • For its small capacity, it is quite heavy.
  • Does not provide minimum temperatures below zero
  • Slender handles
  • Quite expensive
Verify Cost at Engel Coolers

The electric cooler GoSun Chill

GoSun Chill Electric Cooler

None of these gadgets is more environmentally friendly than the GoSun Chill Electric Cooler (9), even though any of them could be powered by a sustainable source like a solar panel and battery bank. For those who desire modern luxury but also want to live sustainably, this is the ideal product.

The battery in your car, an AC adapter, or another power source can all be used to recharge this electric cooler. It can also be plugged into the PowerBank of the electric cooler, which in an emergency can revive a flat phone battery.

The PowerBank is powerful enough to keep the internal temperature of the electric cooler at 40 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 hours or 10 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 hours on an 80 degree day.

The GoSun Chill Electric Cooler can be purchased in a bundle with either the Flexible Solar Panels or the Solar Table, which is a table that doubles as a solar panel. With these extras, you can keep your food and beverages cold wherever you are without having to worry about running down your car's battery.

This electric cooler's stylish, entertaining design, practical wheels, and telescoping handle are just a few more outstanding features. Check out the GoSun Chillest "Solar" Cooler for people who like what GoSun has to offer but prefer a dual-zone option. It has 45 L of storage space split between two fridge or freezer areas.

  • Size: 23 5″ x 19″ x 16″
  • Volume: 40 L
  • Weight: 30 2 lbs
  • Range of temperatures: -4 to 68 F
  • Excellent integration with solar table (not included)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Thanks to the handle and wheels, this is the most portable cooler here.

Price comparisons at Amazon and GoSun

Portable refrigerator by Whynter FM-45G

Whynter FM-45G Portable Refrigerator

The Whynter Portable Refrigerator ($595) is a highly effective cooler with a lot going for it at its relatively low price point. The unit has a very impressive temperature range, sharing the lowest minimum temperature on this list with the much more expensive ARB Zero. Not only is it the lowest we've ever seen, but it's also about as low as an electric cooler can go.

The secondary "Fast Freeze" mode on the Whynter electric cooler increases power and lowers the temperature as quickly as possible. With just one degree of temperature control variation Of all the coolers we reviewed, it has one of the best control ratings at 6 degrees F.

Other outstanding features include its robust design, detachable storage baskets, and practical drain plug for simple cleaning. Although the handles don't seem as comfortable as those on many other electric coolers, you could buy the Transit Bag accessory, which has better handles and pockets for more storage. For hunters and others who spend time in the woods, the portable refrigerator is also available in a camouflage pattern.

  • Size: 16 5″ x 23 5″ x 20 5″
  • Volume: 42 L
  • 45 lbs. in weight
  • Range of temperatures: -8 to 50 °F
  • Affordable
  • Has a mode called "Fast Freeze"
  • Excellent temperature control and minimum range
  • Tiny handles
  • Not particularly fashionable

Price comparisons at Walmart and Amazon

Portable refrigerator with two zones, ICECO VL60

ICECO VL60 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator

You'll enjoy what the ICECO VL60 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator (9) has to offer if you like the concept of a dual-zone electric cooler but don't want to pay the prices of the Dometic or ARB options. The majority of reviews for all of ICECO's electric coolers are favorable.

Two zones in this roomy cooler each have the capacity to reach any temperature within the cooler's operating range. Additionally, the ICECO features two cooling settings, MAX and ECO, for fast freezing when necessary and energy efficiency when not.

We especially appreciate how well-built ICECO coolers are. For effective insulation, the metal shell has thick walls, good seals, and steel fasteners.

This electric cooler has a 5-year warranty on the compressor, so you can be sure it will be a wise investment. The electric cooler also includes wired baskets for food organization and an interior LED light so you can always find what you're looking for, even in the dark.

This cooler has a few minor potential drawbacks that you should be aware of before purchasing it. The handles, specifically, don't appear to be as wide and comfortable as some of the others on this list. If you intend to carry the cooler for any distance, its heavy weight may present a challenge.

Furthermore, many of our other recommendations achieve sub-zero temperatures, whereas this electric cooler only offers a minimum temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit. However, given its low price, we felt compelled to highlight the ICECO Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator's durability and functionality.

  • Size: 31 2″ x 19 4″ x 18 8″
  • Dimensions: 60 L
  • Weight: 65 7 lbs
  • Range of temperatures: 0 to 50 degrees F
  • LED interior lighting
  • Cooling modes MAX and ECO
  • Does not provide minimum temperatures below zero.
  • A thin handle's potential discomfort

Price comparisons at Walmart and Amazon

Why You Should Believe in Us

As you can see from all the included links, in addition to standard ice chests, soft and hard shells, and even backpack coolers, we've reviewed a good number of electric coolers. We are experts in outdoor products and strive to give you the most accurate information on the equipment you require.

Over the course of three years, we examined five models for this guide. Additionally, we looked into the top-selling, best-rated, and most favorable electric coolers available. You can read the in-depth product reviews we've already written about some of these items to learn even more about why we endorse each of these electric coolers.

How to Choose the Best Electric Cooler, a Buyer's Guide

Size and Volume

As you can see from our list of suggestions, there are many different sizes of electric coolers. In general, the cooler will have more capacity the larger it is. But bigger doesn't always mean better. Size will increase the weight and space it takes up in your car.

For every liter of storage capacity, electric coolers typically weigh one pound. When comparing coolers to determine which offers the best portability to capacity ratio, keep this in mind.

Think about the number of people in your group and your typical trip length when selecting the appropriate size for your electric cooler. You might select a smaller cooler for weekend trips that are brief. Even a short trip could necessitate a larger cooler with plenty of storage space if you have a large family.

Temperature Zones: Number

Your cooler becomes more versatile with multiple temperature zones, but they usually come at a price. You'll need an electric cooler with dual zones if you intend to bring both chilled and frozen food. On this list, dual-zone portable refrigerators are available from Dometic, ARB, National Luna, and ICECO.

People who travel with medications that need to be refrigerated may also require dual zones. This enables prescriptions to be kept at the proper temperature regardless of what else is in the cooler. According to your needs, you can use either zone as a fridge or freezer since they both have the same temperature range.

Transportability and Weight

Size and portability go hand in hand with many electric coolers. Larger electric coolers would need to be placed in the trunk, whereas smaller units are easier to transport or store (such as between the bucket seats of a van so your kids can access snacks during a road trip).

Remember that the weights listed in these product specifications pertain to the coolers' empty weights as you read them. It is a lot if it seems that way. These tiny portable refrigerators can weigh a lot because they have more moving parts than straightforward ice coolers.

Drinks and food can easily increase the weight listed to a level that makes it difficult to carry. Therefore, think about how you'll load it and whether you need to frequently remove your refrigerator from the car while it's in use.

Shelves and Structure

Some electric coolers have various compartments divided by baskets and shelving. Having your food and beverages organized can help you know where everything is at all times. Baskets and shelves are essential for organizing food, even in an electric cooler without multiple zones.

For instance, our top pick, the smaller Dometic Portable Cooler, has a detachable basket. This makes it simple to reach bulky items kept at the cooler's bottom.

The single basket can also be moved back and forth based on where you decide to keep tall objects. If this storage system strikes you as a crucial component for your subsequent electric cooler, pay close attention to the offerings from Dometic, ARB, and National Luna.

person putting milk into ICECO VL60 electric cooler

Temperature regulation

While maintaining your electric cooler at a specific temperature down to the degree may not be necessary, you'll want the accuracy of setting it within a few degrees. Your decision of which electric cooler to buy should take good temperature control for wine, ice cream, and medications into consideration.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the cooler's temperature may vary by a few degrees depending on where the cooling system and thermostat are placed. The Kohree Portable Refrigerator, for instance, has a standard deviation of just 4 degrees.

Despite receiving four out of five stars from Amazon customers, some reviewers noted that the temperature varied by more than six degrees from the setting. ARB, Dometic, and National Luna coolers, which cost more but are of higher quality, will provide more accurate temperature control.

Cooling System

The cooler's temperature range capability is connected to temperature control. The two most popular types of electric coolers are compressor coolers and thermoelectric coolers. Because they offer a wider range of temperatures, all of the coolers on this list are compressor coolers.

Thermoelectric coolers depend on the ambient temperature for their cooling system, which has a typical cooling capacity of 40 degrees below the outside temperature. Contrarily, compressor coolers can maintain sub-freezing temperatures regardless of the surrounding temperature.

Thermoelectric coolers have the advantage of using less power, which reduces costs, but at a significant loss of functionality.


From a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, electric coolers are offered at an astounding variety of prices. We've found that you get what you pay for.

Prices for similar features and sizes vary between top brands by only a few hundred dollars. A cooler's price will increase if it has features like improved durability and weather resistance.

On the cheap end of the spectrum, a plethora of Amazon products are available for a small portion of the cost of name brands. Although these coolers will work for the occasional weekend camper, they are typically much less durable and have inconsistent cooling capabilities.

It makes sense to spend more money on a cooler if you want something extremely durable that will last through some difficult times. ARB, National Luna, and Dometic are some of our favorite long-term investments.

Our suggestion for an inexpensive and practical cooler is the Kohree Portable Refrigerator if you're searching for a low-cost option without extras or frills.

Kohree Portable Refrigerator in grass filled with food and drinks


Durability is a final feature that you shouldn't ignore. Many different materials, such as ABS plastic, metal composites, and steel casing, are used to make electric coolers. If you're going to spend a lot of money on an electric cooler, make sure it will be a wise purchase.

Depending on where you intend to take the cooler, you'll need a certain level of durability. You'll need something durable if, for instance, it will be kept in the truck bed while you go on an off-road excursion.

In this instance, the extreme corner moldings on the ARB Zero were created specifically for you. Additionally, if you live in a rainy area or intend to store it outdoors, ARB's Element is a completely weatherproof electric cooler that might make sense.


Briefly, yes. A wise purchase would be electric coolers. They keep your food fresh while you're driving, and the bottom won't be a soggy mess from melted ice.

You don't have to worry about your ice cream melting because these electric coolers can reach and maintain sub-zero temperatures. Additionally, you can use your electric cooler as a standard home fridge and freezer if you have enough power, say from a sustainable source like a solar panel and power bank.

One caution: An electric cooler may not be worthwhile if you plan to use it exclusively for drinks and snacks during a day at the beach. To find the best brands of conventional ice coolers in this situation, you should read our reviews of the best coolers and the best soft coolers. Visit our review of the best backpack coolers if you're a hiker looking for extremely portable soft coolers.

These coolers have significantly altered how we camp. You can even prepare and freeze your game meat in the field for hunters and anglers.

The additional cost of an electric cooler is worthwhile if you want something that can make ice, last for several days, and spare you the expense and hassle of dealing with conventional ice chests and wasted food.

couple drinking beers at picnic table next to ICECO electric cooler

You could put ice in the majority of electric coolers, but why would you need to? These electric coolers can produce ice for you and keep temperatures below freezing on their own.

We don't advise trying to use an electric cooler as a regular cooler without power by adding ice to it. Its cooling components, which enable it to serve as a refrigerator, are bulky and heavy. When ice is added, there is less room for food or drinks, and it is much heavier than a conventional ice chest.

Dometic, one of the top brands of electric coolers, provides a wide variety of sizes and options. If you are unable to pay for the relatively high prices of Dometic products, there are many other fantastic brands to pick from.

Engel, ARB, and National Luna are a few additional highly regarded brands. We adore GoSun's commitment to sustainability as well. ARB electric coolers are a great brand to buy if you can afford them because of their incredible durability.

If you leave an electric cooler plugged in while not driving, it will undoubtedly drain your battery. Quality electric coolers, on the other hand, have built-in battery monitoring and will shut off before completely draining your battery and making it impossible to start your car.

It could drain a car battery in a few hours to a few days, depending on the power draw, cooler size, and temperature. The cooler will then shut off, possibly ruining your food.

Consequently, you ought to prepare to keep your cooler plugged in while driving. But if you're stopped, it's a good idea to have a backup power supply in case your car battery dies.

A sizable battery bank or solar power system with batteries (we adore the Generark system) (is an effective way to add more energy to your cooler.

A sizable battery bank, such as the Ecoflow Delta Pro, which is powering our tester's RV in the photo (Sean McCoy), can run an electric cooler for days.

It depends Though not always, some electric coolers may be waterproof. Many electric coolers have exposed electric elements, despite the fact that they do have a tight seal for insulation purposes that would keep the rain out.

For instance, the Kohree Portable Refrigerator has a USB port for charging your smartphone or other small electronics on the unit's top. I shouldn't have left this out in the rain. Even Dometic electric coolers are only splashproof, and the manufacturer does not advise leaving the coolers out in the rain or other persistent wet conditions.

Check out the completely weatherproof ARB Element if you're looking for a waterproof cooler that you can leave outside with confidence. This cooler is comparable to the ARB Zero that we previously reviewed, but it differs noticeably in a few key ways.

This electric cooler has an electronic locking system to safeguard your food in addition to being very durable. When comparing coolers of the same capacity, it costs a little bit more than the Zero, making it by far the most expensive model on this list. This electric cooler would be pricey, but necessary if you need to be able to keep food in the bed of your trunk or outside a tent.

Yes, electric coolers can function as refrigerators. These devices are frequently referred to as portable refrigerators. People who live in vans or truck campers frequently choose the Dometic CFX3 75 Dual Zone Powered Cooler. Because they are compact and can even serve as seating, these items are excellent for small spaces.

Dometic manufactures refrigerators for a variety of applications, including yachts, RVs, and airplanes.

Just make sure you have a sufficient power source if you intend to leave it plugged in constantly. In the event that an electric cooler is left plugged in overnight, the battery may eventually cause it to shut off. Consider purchasing a backup power bank, solar panel, or additional battery for continuous use.

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