The Best Coleman 48-Quart Pressure Cooker: A Review

A plastic cooler called the Coleman Performance 48-Quart has CO2-filled walls for insulation. It has two plastic handles and a 13" internal height, which makes it suitable for most standard wine bottles and 2L soda bottles. There is a drain with a leashed plug in it.

Efficiency Evaluation

coleman performance 48-quart cooler review - the coleman 48 is an inexpensive option that's a good size for a...

The Coleman 48 is a reasonably priced option that is a suitable size for a full day of sightseeing around the area where your family lives.

Maggie Brandenburg, with thanks


The Coleman 48 is not our top recommendation if you're looking for a cooler to keep your food safely chilled all weekend. In our insulation tests, it only offered 2 3 days of below-freezing (F) temperatures Without ever opening it, which you undoubtedly would have to do on a camping trip or fishing excursion. For a further few hours, it maintained below-freezing temperatures, bringing a total of 2 temperatures for 6 days of refreshing beverages Although it falls short of Coleman's 3-day claims for this model, there are other ways to increase the life of your ice besides the methods we tested during our insulation tests. However, this cooler falls short of the robust insulation offered by rotomolded and models with thick insulation. The walls of the Coleman 48 are insulated with carbon dioxide and are made of plain plastic (not rotomolded). Additionally, there is no seal around the lid to keep cool air inside for a longer period of time.

coleman performance 48-quart cooler review - without latches or a seal, the coleman 48 is easy to open but not...

The Coleman 48 has no latches or a seal, making it simple to open but not particularly insulating. This model insulates the walls with carbon dioxide gas rather than foam.

Maggie Brandenburg, with thanks


The Coleman 48 falls short in yet another category. This lightweight plastic cooler is not only inferior to the many durable, tough models it competes with in this test, but it also falls short on its own. The lid's complete lack of a seal makes it simple for air to enter and water to leak out. No part of this cooler is designed to be pulled on, and sitting on the lid emits a loud whoosh of air. The cooler's body is only joined to the lid by a single plastic piece that appears to be about to snap off with even light pressure. The hinges are made of thin plastic and are screwed into the lid. Although we didn't really apply much pressure to the open lid, we are confident that we can fairly easily rip it off the cooler's body without exerting too much force. The handles are attached to the ends by movable pegs, allowing the handles to flip back and forth. Although they are very easy to use, they are not particularly strong or durable. We have serious concerns about their capacity to withstand extraordinarily heavy loads or prolonged UV exposure. And even though we didn't break anything while testing this cooler, we were still more gentle with it than most because we believe it to be much more delicate than most of the others we tested. Additionally, we read online user testimonials describing the exact same harm to other people's coolers that we feared would occur to ours.

coleman performance 48-quart cooler review - the plastic hinges on the coleman 48 aren't well attached, aren't...

When the Coleman 48 cooler is opened, its plastic hinges, which are poorly attached, weak, and creak menacingly, easily pull alarmingly far away from the body of the cooler.

Maggie Brandenburg, with thanks

Easy of Use

The Coleman 48 is uncomplicated and easy to use thanks to its straightforward, no-frills design. The lid can be opened by lifting it up after being pressed shut and using no latches at all. We were able to stretch the plastic hinges enough to make the lid stay open for easier loading and unloading, despite the fact that it initially wouldn't stay open for us. Thanks to the indented lid, the interior is low and wide and has a maximum internal height of about 13 inches. Due to this, it is simple to fit most standard-sized wine or 2L soda bottles standing up. Additionally, we found that it has a capacity that is closer to 49 quarts than the 49 quarts that are stated, making it a comfortable medium-sized model. Although the Coleman 48 has a drain that can be opened with just one hand, the drain is not very good. It is too high up for the cooler to be drained without completely toppling over. Nearly an inch of meltwater remained in the bottom after it stopped draining when left on a flat surface.


At just 7 The Coleman 48 is one of the lighter coolers we tested, weighing only 3 pounds. Of course, it stops being so light once its 49 quarts of internal space are filled with heavy food, drinks, and ice. Although this moderately sized cooler can be carried by one person alone, it can quickly become too heavy for them to do anything more than simply lift it into and out of the car. Two people can carry it together for a brief distance using the straightforward plastic handles on either end. However, they're too skinny and too narrow for you to fit more than one hand at a time comfortably (unless they're stacked on top of each other). In addition, their hard plastic spindles start to irritate your fingers quickly. However, a cooler this size is not intended to be used excessively, and its starting weight is remarkably low.

coleman performance 48-quart cooler review - though the flip-flopping design of the handles makes them easy to...

Even though the handles' flip-flopping design makes them simple to grasp, their loose plastic peg attachments render them flimsy when carrying heavy loads, and their narrow width and thickness make them uncomfortable when traveling over long distances.

Maggie Brandenburg, with thanks


As we've already mentioned, the Coleman 48 is a fairly basic model. Although it lacks some of the features offered by other models, the drain plug is attached to the unit by a plastic leash, so you won't have to worry about losing it while emptying the meltwater. But this might be appealing to you if you like how simple an elementary design is. If not, you can adorn your ice chest with a variety of Coleman accessories and coolers (some of which we've tested).

coleman performance 48-quart cooler review - an indented lid allows the coleman 48 to accommodate most...

The Coleman 48 can hold most standard-sized wine bottles and 2L soda bottles thanks to an indented lid.

Maggie Brandenburg, with thanks


The Coleman 48 is very reasonably priced compared to the majority of the other models we tested, making it an extremely alluring option. The Coleman 48 is a good option for short-term cooling if you're looking for a cooler to get you through one day's worth of meals on a budget and you don't need something sturdy and robust or full of features. This medium-sized ice chest is not one we'd suggest if you're looking for a tough camping cooler to bring on adventures in the woods or extended weekends at the lake, despite its alluring price.


For needs that are simple, the Coleman 48 provides a simple solution. It's not a particularly durable option that can withstand punishment while keeping your food chilled for a week, but it is a reasonably priced large option that can easily get you through a hot summer day at the park and transport your ice cream home without letting it melt.

coleman performance 48-quart cooler review - though it's not rugged or exceptionally insulatory, the coleman 48...

The Coleman 48 is still a helpful size for infrequent, short-term use even though it isn't particularly durable or insulating.

Authorized by: Maggie Brandenburg

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