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Updated by Brandon F in 2022 on February 8

Mammoth Coolers have been around for a while (since 2006), and they are frequently mentioned when people are debating which premium coolers are the best. New hard-sided cooler models, the Mammoth Ranger and the Mammoth Cruiser, have taken the place of the original model, the Discovery Series. Additionally, Mammoth provides a variety of accessories and drinkware.

The Mammoth coolers (Ranger and Cruiser) will be the main focus of our attention. We will discuss their features, ice performance, appearance, price, and finally assign them a rating using our proprietary scoring methodology.

However, here are a few of our favorite Mammoth Coolers before we continue.

Ice Retention for More Than 8 Days


Great for large boats, elk hunting, catering, Mammoth Ranger 125 Cooler, Insulated Hard Ice Chest with 125 Quart Capacity, Holds 104 Cans, Tan

White Mammoth Ranger 65 Cooler, 65 Quart Insulated Hard Ice Chest, Holds 54 Cans, Perfect for Float Trips

Suitable for On-The-Go Recreational Activities, Mammoth Coolers Cruiser Series Insulated Hard Ice Chest (Cruiser 30, Tan) Features Durable Double-Walled Rotomolded Construction

White Mammoth Ranger 45 Cooler, a 45-quart insulated hard ice chest that can hold 48 cans and is ideal for camping and beach days.

Cruiser 25, Tan, by Mammoth Coolers, Insulated Hard Ice Chest with Sturdy Double-Walled Rotomolded Construction, Ideal for On-the-Go Recreation

Volume of Storage (Quarts)

Ice Life (Hours) Tested


Ice Retention for More Than 8 Days


Great for large boats, elk hunting, catering, Mammoth Ranger 125 Cooler, Insulated Hard Ice Chest with 125 Quart Capacity, Holds 104 Cans, Tan

Volume of Storage (Quarts)

Ice Life (Hours) Tested

Good Value


White Mammoth Ranger 65 Cooler, 65 Quart Insulated Hard Ice Chest, Holds 54 Cans, Perfect for Float Trips

Volume of Storage (Quarts)

Ice Life (Hours) Tested


Suitable for On-The-Go Recreational Activities, Mammoth Coolers Cruiser Series Insulated Hard Ice Chest (Cruiser 30, Tan) Features Durable Double-Walled Rotomolded Construction

Volume of Storage (Quarts)

Ice Life (Hours) Tested


White Mammoth Ranger 45 Cooler, a 45-quart insulated hard ice chest that can hold 48 cans and is ideal for camping and beach days.

(Quarts) of Storage

Ice Life (Hours) Tested


Cruiser 25, Tan, by Mammoth Coolers, Insulated Hard Ice Chest with Sturdy Double-Walled Rotomolded Construction, Ideal for On-the-Go Recreation

Volume of Storage (Quarts)

Ice Life (Hours) Tested

Mammoth Cooler - New Features and Design

We are happy to announce that many of Mammoth's coolers now feature updated designs. Mammoth provided a sample for us to test out. In this section, we've added some of our most recent observations regarding the revised layout. We go into more detail about the various metrics later on in the review.

mammoth cooler new design

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In addition to changing the shape of their coolers, Mammoth has also added some fun new prints. The eye-catching camo print is visible in our test cooler above. If you don't want to use camouflage, you can also choose from more conventional, cooler colors.

mammoth cooler cup holders

On their most recent designs, Mammoth has included a ton of fantastic features that have come to be expected from them, as well as some new ones that weren't present in their earlier models. We appreciate that their most recent coolers have four cup holders. And as you can see, their smaller 15-quart models also have this feature, so it doesn't just apply to their larger models.

mammoth cooler gasket

Additionally, the cooler's interior has understated redesigns near the gasket area. The "features" section will cover the gasket and its sealing abilities later. However, as you can see from our ice tests, their high-quality gasket and robust latch system together can produce some impressive ice retention.

mammoth cooler new hinges

Although the latches and hinge system initially appear to be a little obstinate, there is no denying that it offers an excellent bite. This type of design helps to reduce the likelihood of your cooler lid coming undone while you're using it, which is the last thing you want to happen.

mammoth cooler ice life results

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Our test on the new 15-quart model's ice retention was very successful. For more than 60 hours, we had ice life. Depending on how much ice you use and the environment your cooler is in, this value may change. However, ice retention for more than two hours on a small cooler is nothing to laugh at. You should anticipate that these ice numbers will be a little lower in outdoor settings where you will probably be opening the cooler more frequently. In contrast to their previous generation models, their updated models did show some potential advancements.

We simply wanted to share some useful information regarding the most recent developments coming from Mammoth. The various features, models, and performances of each Mammoth Cooler line are covered in more detail below.

Lineup of Mammoth Coolers

The Ranger Series and the Cruiser Series have taken the place of the now-retired Discovery Series, as was previously mentioned. Both models have specific applications that cater to various outdoor enthusiasts' groups.

Bighorn Cruiser Cooler Series

mammoth cruiser series lineup

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The smaller of the two ice chest collections is the Mammoth Cruiser Series. Its primary goal is to serve as the go-to personal cooler for people who don't require a lot of storage space but don't want to forgo a significant amount of ice life. The Cruiser 15, Cruiser 20, Cruiser 25, and Cruiser 30 are the 4 sizes that are offered.

Mammoth notes that a number of uses for the Cruiser Coolers are desired, including picnics, baseball games, lunches, and quick camping excursions. In other words, locations where you might not require a lot of storage space but still desire a portable, user-friendly device.

The Mammoth Cruiser Coolers come in a variety of sizes, but they all follow a very similar design philosophy. All of these models come with overhead carrying handles, which you will undoubtedly notice right away. We go into more detail in the feature section below. Few brands offer this many sizes with overhead carrying handles, so this is pretty unique.

Series of Mammoth Ranger Coolers

mammoth ranger series lineup

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The Mammoth Ranger Coolers category includes the larger models. The sizes of these ice chests are Ranger 25, Ranger 45, Ranger 65, and Ranger 125.

According to Mammoth, these larger models are made for activities like camping, fishing, elk hunting, catering, and more. Alternatively put, applications that typically demand higher levels of ice life and storage capacity

Additionally, you may have noticed that the Mammoth Ranger Coolers have side rope handles rather than the overhead carrying handles that are typically found on larger coolers. Additionally, you may have noticed that there are "25" models for both the Ranger and the Cruiser series. They will have comparable storage capacities but different handle arrangements.

Overall, we are pleased with the wide range of sizes available. In the lower end, in particular, this is accurate. There are four different sizes of hard-sided coolers that hold 30 quarts or less. This provides consumers looking for small, portable coolers with many options.

However, we do wish that Mammoth had responded to their larger sizes in a similar manner. Only two of their models have a capacity of at least 50 quarts. We believe that sizes like 75 quarts and 100 quarts would be welcome additions to the Ranger Series.

A Word on Size

mammoth cooler sizes

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Typically, a cooler's name will include a number that denotes the cooler's storage capacity in either quarts or liters. The Mammoth Ranger 45, for instance, would have 45 quarts of storage space. As a result of how simple it is to learn and use, we always appreciate it when cooler brands adhere to this naming convention.

Although the Ranger Series is affected, the Cruiser Series will not adhere to this. The actual storage volume for Mammoth Rangers will be slightly less than the model name suggests due to the design requirements. As an illustration, the Mammoth Cruiser 25 has only about 22 quarts of storage space.

Although many people might not find this to be significant, it was crucial that we at least bring it up.

Features of Mammoth Coolers

You will discover a very simple design approach regardless of the Mammoth Cooler size and model you choose. Mammoth places more emphasis on creating a robust cooler that can maintain ice for extended periods of time rather than trying to impress the user with dozens of features (that they may or may not use). The rest is just incidental.

mammoth cooler thick walls

Every Mammoth Cooler features rotomolded construction, as one might anticipate. But Mammoth takes it a step further by creating double-sided rotomolded walls. In other words, rotomolded material is used for both the internal and external walls.

There is a substantial layer of foam insulation inside these walls. This is how Mammoth's remarkable ice retention works (we'll test it in the section after this). The smaller Cruiser Series has roughly half the wall thickness of the Ranger Series in order to reduce size and weight. This has an effect on ice life but also makes the finished product much lighter.

mammoth cooler rubber gasket

A robust rubber gasket is another essential element of a cooler that lasts for a long time. This place has that, thanks to the substantial freezer-grade gasket. The deep channel and thick rubber work together to reduce the amount of cold air that can escape while the cooler lid is closed.

mammoth cooler t latches

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But without a strong latch to keep it in place, a great gasket is useless. Mammoth has continued to use the tried-and-true T-Latch design (with a twist). Instead of the lid being secured by the bottom of the "T," there is a hole drilled through the latch's middle. To ensure a tight fit, this hole is then forced through the steel rod on the cooler's body.  

Both the conventional T-latch and the latch used by Mammoth appear to last for several years without experiencing any problems from a longevity standpoint. And if the latch does tear or crack with time, it can be easily replaced with just a screwdriver.

You will discover that every component on Mammoth Coolers is made to last. This is especially true for the hinge system, which is made of extra thick stainless steel. According to Mammoth, their hinges are made to last a lifetime. That's really impressive.

mammoth cooler accessories

A high-flow drain port and substantial rubber non-skid feet are additional features. We always prefer coolers with rubber feet because they lessen the chance that the bottom of the cooler will scratch the surface of your boat, truck bed, table, etc. during movement

The handles of the Ranger and Cruiser Series differ most noticeably from one another, aside from size and wall thickness.

mammoth cooler handle designs

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A swing-up overhead carrying handle is used by the more compact Mammoth Cruiser Series. Smaller coolers frequently have these handles, which are made to be held by one person while being carried.

Side-carrying rope handles are included with the larger Ranger Series coolers. This enables it, and is frequently recommended. (be carried by two people as opposed to one) Both handle types will have rubber grip handles for more traction.

If you choose a 25-quart model, you will have some flexibility. The 25-quart versions of the Mammoth Ranger and Mammoth Cruiser both feature their renowned handle style.

There aren't many additional features (aside from the cup holders on the lid) beyond these. Mammoth has chosen to adopt a very cautious stance. Mammoth has determined that they do not require all of the gimmicks found in other models from other brands, including things like pressure release valves, molded fish scales, built-in bottle openers, and even internal lights. They chose a sturdy, ice-capable cooler. Just like that. Furthermore, they support this with an impressive lifetime warranty.

Ice Life Mammoth Coolers

One of the main elements that determines whether a premium cooler is worthwhile to purchase is always the ice life. Mammoth bills itself as "the best cooler since the ice age," so it needs to retain ice well to live up to that claim.

We discussed the design elements that enable this, including the extremely thick insulation walls, the thick rubber gasket, and the high-quality latch system.

But how do these translate into figures for ice retention?

Mammoth claims that the lifespan of their ice chests is between two and ten days. They claim that their larger coolers, like the Ranger 125, can last a week or more while their smaller coolers, like the Cruiser 15 and Cruiser 20, only last two to three days.

This vast range is However, a lot of factors affect ice life, so this is not surprising. Numerous factors, including the size of the cooler, the amount of ice, the weather, how often you open it, and others, come into play.

To determine how accurate these numbers are, we ran some internal tests. To be more specific, we put about a third of ice in our ice chests, leave them outside in the hot Texas sun, and occasionally open them. This provides a more accurate depiction of actual usage.

The chart below displays the findings we made:

mammoth cooler ice life

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Overall, we are happy with the outcomes. Our more "real-life" test, which involved leaving the cooler outside and occasionally opening it, is probably the reason why we weren't able to reach the numbers that Mammoth advertised. We have no doubt that the ice life would increase significantly if we were to completely fill these ice chests, leave them inside, and never open them.

However, even with our more difficult weather, the largest sizes of ice still have a potential life of over a week. And when compared to comparable-sized coolers on the market, the smallest sizes performed quite well.

The additional wall thickness found in the Ranger Series is beneficial. The increased ice life you will experience in the Ranger 25 compared to the Cruiser 25 is a good illustration of this. Despite having storage capacities that are very similar to those of the Cruiser 25, the Ranger 25 should have an ice life of about 10 hours longer.

Mammoth Coolers Beauty

Mammoth Coolers' design philosophy is very restrained. So, it doesn't surprise us that they didn't focus much on creating a cooler with lots of decorative features. One of the ugliest premium coolers we've tested is the Mammoth Cooler.

Little is found in the way of curves or sharp edges. A square box with curved edges is all that Mammoth Coolers really are. The only exception is the "Mammoth" logo engraved on the body of the ice chest's face.

mammoth cooler color options 25 quart

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Additionally, the color options available to you are quite constrained. Unlike the Mammoth Ranger, which is only available in white and tan, the Mammoth Cruiser has three color options: white, tan, and seafoam.

Some special "Mossy Oak Edition" models will have partially camouflaged walls. These additional options are certainly appreciated. But overall, the color options available to you are still quite limited.

Regarding unique decals, colors, etc. we were unable to locate any options on Mammoth's website. We also appreciate it when cooler producers offer customization options, and we hope Mammoth decides to follow suit in the future.

Price of Mammoth Coolers

Mammoth Coolers are meant to be a purchase, not a purchase. Their lifetime warranty, thick rotomolded walls, and high-quality components are proof of that. But it costs money to get the same level of ice retention and durability that they enjoy.

As you might anticipate, Mammoth Coolers are in the higher price range. Simply put, this is the cost you must pay to use a cooler that performs at a higher level.

Mammoth coolers are reasonably priced when compared to other premium coolers. In other words, more expensive models will be available (Yeti, Pelican, specific Orca models, etc.). ) as well as slightly more affordable models (RTIC, nICE, etc. ) However, the prices are generally comparable enough to allow for a useful comparison.

The Mammoth Cruisers' price will also be slightly reduced. This is probably due to the thinner insulation on the wall.

In any case, we believe the current asking prices are reasonable given the quality of ice chest you will receive with a Mammoth.

Versus Mammoth Coolers Yeti

For well over a decade, Mammoth and Yeti have both been in the premium cooler industry. Both are capable of providing durable coolers in a range of sizes. But which of the two is better?

When it comes to size selection, Mammoth is one of the few cooler brands that can say it can almost compete with Yeti. This is especially true of their smaller hard-sided coolers. Additionally, they will function just as well as a Yeti in terms of ice life and toughness. Additionally, their lifetime warranty is simply fantastic.

Mammoth's feature set is constrained, though. Additionally, there aren't many color options available. In addition, Mammoth doesn't offer nearly as many product categories. There is currently no soft-sided cooler available, and their drinkware selection is limited.

Yeti has a solid reputation as a fierce competitor, and its ice life is sufficient for the needs of the majority of people. The variety of sizes, colors, and products seems to go on forever. However, the asking price is astronomically high and will usually exceed most people's means.

Which is superior?

The slight cost advantage that Mammoth offers if you're looking for a hard-sided cooler (especially a smaller one) puts them slightly ahead of Yeti. But aside from this, Yeti will offer a wider range of products to meet your needs.

Regardless of the brand you choose, you will have a cooler that will last for a very long time.

Review of the Mammoth Cooler

Mammoth Ranger 65 Cooler, Insulated Hard Ice Chest with 65 Quart Capacity, Holds 54 Cans, Great for Float Trips, White

Order from Amazon

Pros: Exceptionally tough, impressive ice life, and lifetime warranty

Cons: Few features, limited color options, and a high price.

Features include built-in cup holders, a double-wall rotomolded construction, a freezer-grade gasket, a stainless steel hinge system, a high-flow drain system, and non-skid feet.

Our attention was initially drawn to Mammoth Coolers by their now-discontinued Discovery Series, and they haven't let up with their new Cruiser and Ranger Series Coolers. While the Ranger is available in larger sizes and is better suited for group settings, the Cruiser Series is targeted at people who want a small but powerful cooler. But whichever series and model you choose, you will undoubtedly appreciate excellent construction and impressive ice life. In the Cruiser Series, they are available in 15, 20, 25, and 30-quart sizes, while the Ranger Series offers 25, 45, 65, and 125-quart options.

Insulating capacity Mammoth Cooler Review

You'll notice that the walls of these coolers are especially thick. This is because the construction is high-quality double-layered rotomolded and then injected with a thick layer of insulation foam. The Ranger Series, which boasts twice the thickness of the Cruiser Series, has particularly thick foam. A thick, freezer-grade rubber gasket and a T-Latch system with a powerful clamping force are also included.

The larger models will display better numbers for ice life. This is due to both the larger cooler's overall size and its thicker insulation. But the petite models are also no slouches. The largest sizes' potential ice life in typical outdoor settings ranges from 25 hours to an impressive 190ish hours. This level of ice life is competitive in the industry and sufficient for the needs of the majority of people.

The most recent models may also provide a slight improvement in ice performance. But whether you choose an outdated model or a modern model, the ice life should not let you down.   

Mobility and Robustness - Mammoth Cooler Review

The build quality shows that Mammoth Coolers has spent many years honing their craft. The quality stainless steel hardware and the thick walls discussed above combine to create an incredibly durable cooler that should last for years. With a fantastic lifetime warranty, Mammoth stands behind its hard-sided coolers.

The features are a little lacking. The common ones mentioned above have built-in cup holders on the lid and non-skid plugs. However, aside from this, there aren't many noteworthy specialty features.

It's important to note that the Ranger Series uses side rope handles, while the smaller Cruiser Series has an overhead carrying handle. We value the nice rubber grip that both handles have.

Attractiveness - Mammoth Cooler Review

With their coolers, Mammoth plays it very safe, so there aren't many striking aesthetic features. With the exception of the logo incorporated into the face, there are no significant curves, and the color is monotonous and offers very few options. The Mossy Oak Collection is the lone notable exception to this rule, with its attractive two-tone camo/solid color design. But you might be a little let down if you were hoping for some "cooler bling." However, their most recent models have made an effort to broaden the range of available colors and patterns.

Cost –  Mammoth Cooler Review

These ice chests will be very expensive. This is not surprising given the high cost of rotomolded construction and high-quality hardware. Performance-wise, the price is more than reasonable because you will receive a sturdy cooler that can keep ice for several days. And we appreciate the lifetime warranty that these hard-sided coolers come with.

Overall Score - Mammoth Cooler Review

The Ranger and the Cruiser are two of Mammoth's cooler series that we consider to be successes. They are incredibly resistant to damage, and depending on the model and environmental factors, their ice life can last for at least a week. However, even though their strategy is very simple Consequently, you won't have a lot of options for features or colors. This is a good option for people who want to spend money on a high-quality ice chest but aren't overly concerned with tons of fancy features or eye-catching colors.

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