The Finest Cooler You Can Buy Is a Bison.

Bison Coolers, formerly known as Brute, is among the industry's foremost ice chest producers. They're a little bit of a underdog when it comes to size. However, they have a very devoted following. The Bison coolers vs. Yeti debate is heated on online forums, with people arguing passionately on both sides.

Bison Coolers takes a new approach to the market for ice chests. They aren't aiming for a specific audience. They don't stock dozens of variations of each model. They are not following the rules at all. And that's precisely what makes them so popular. Underdog bison. This is not a major corporation. They are a small, family-owned company. Customers are engaged in conversation. They put their own goods to good use. They don't just make bigger or smaller versions of the same ice chest design. The allure is blatant. When you back Bison, you back the American dream, the company says. Customers' confidence in a business speaks volumes. Bison coolers are the best cooler you can buy for the money in 2020 because they are high-quality, American-made products that actually work.  

Bison's Chillest Lineup

Both hard-sided ice chests and soft-sided coolers are available from Bison Coolers, and both are briefly described below.  

Bison, 20 quart Bison, 50 quart Buffalo - 75 qt Bison, 125 qt Buffalo SnackPak Capacity
21 cans
32 lbs ice Capacity
42 cans
65 lbs ice
63 cans
96 lbs ice
104 cans
160 pound ice
12 or 24 can Colors
Shades of white, tan, gray, red, olive, and blue
Colors: white, tan, gray, red, olive, and blue
White, tan, gray, red, olive, and blue
Colors: white, tan, gray, red, olive, and blue
Colors: Tan, Blue, Black, and Pink
20lbs Weight
34lbs Weight
39lbs Weight
60lbs Weight
3lbs Ideal For
The beach, road trips, and camping
Ideal For
Outside activities like camping, fishing, hunting, and picnicking
Ideal For
Outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, camping, and picnicking Ideal For
Camping gear, weapons, and a spare refrigerator Ideal For

Critique of Bison Coolers

Their rotomolded coolers appear to be sturdy and well-constructed. They're in the traditional square shape with a big X in the middle. Rotomolded coolers aren't assembled from parts that are then glued together, eliminating potential weak points and leaks. It's made of a single piece of durable plastic about 2 inches thick, providing exceptional ice life. To be continued...  

Although this is purely cosmetic, the cooler's flat shape makes it convenient to transport in a truck or store away during the colder months. We prefer the Bison cooler because of its low profile compared to other brands, which tend to have lids with a large lip that protrudes far beyond the body of the cooler.  

The four large rubber feet on the bottom of the cooler help keep it from moving around during transport, and the attention to detail in the construction of this cooler is evident. Footwork is also useful.

Bison Coolers Come in a Variety of Sizes

Since this article was last revised in 2020, Bison has released four sizes of Hard-sided Bison Coolers, with capacities ranging from 20 to 125 quarts. The 20-quart cooler can store, with ice, 21 12-ounce cans, making it ideal for day trips, picnics, and road trips. Both the 50 and 75 quart sizes are perfect for weekend fishing trips, picnics with the family, and other outdoor activities. The 125-quart ice chest is the largest cooler available and is ideal for hunters, fishermen, and anyone else who needs a lot of storage space. A cooler of this size is often used as a makeshift refrigerator in the event of a prolonged blackout. The full dimensions of the coolers are provided below.

Bison's 50- and 75-quart models are our go-to suggestions because of their adaptability. Most SUVs can accommodate the 75-quart size, but if it's too big, the 50-quart will do the trick. If you plan on going on extended fishing or hunting trips, you should definitely look into the 125 quart Bison cooler.  

Bison 75 Quart Cooler

Insulation and Ice Preservation in Bison Coolers

The insulation in the first generation of Bison coolers was not quite as thick as that used by rival brands. The standard for lids is 2 inches, so that's what they went with. The sides, however, were only 1 5/8 inches in height. Therefore, their ice retention wasn't as good as that of their rivals.

The latest, second-generation Bison coolers have 2 inches of insulation, which is 7 days longer than the competition. This is more in line with other commercially available refrigerators. There are many variables that can affect ice life, but in most cases, you can count on it lasting longer than 6 days.

Bison Coolers are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your personality. However, the lids of the coolers, even the darker ones, are always white. By reflecting the sun's rays, your Bison cooler will be able to keep its contents at a frosty 32 degrees even on the hottest summer day.  


Even though these are substantial coolers, nearly all of them are manageable for a single person to carry. There are two options here. The first is to use the rails underneath the lid as a handhold. You can trust that these will not break in your hand.

Rope grabs are another option. These things can get quite heavy when loaded with a lot of food. Rope handles make these items significantly more comfortable to hold. The handle itself consists of merely a tube. Although we've seen more ergonomic ones, this one is built to last. Ropes must be sturdy and soft to accommodate the weight of these rotomolded coolers.  

You can get the Bison Hauler, a wheel kit for your Bison cooler, to make moving your food and drinks around much simpler. Coolers get really heavy when they are loaded down with ice, drinks, food, and whatever you caught that day. The Hauler is a fantastic vehicle for traveling to and from the park, the beach, and the wharf.

The Advantages of Bison Coolers

Bison has everything we need in a high-end cooler, which is to say, everything. Airtightness is maintained by a large rubber lid gasket, similar to that found on a chest freezer, and odors are contained so as not to attract wildlife.

Pull/stretch the rubber latch, and then lock it into place; this is how most rotomolded coolers close. These, alas, are extremely irritating to employ. The way they shut deteriorates the rubber over time, and you frequently bang your knuckles on the door as a result. While the rubber used in bison cooler latches is also flexible and durable, the cantilevered design makes them much easier to open and also increases their lifespan.  

Bison also excelled in a couple other respects. A fisherman will appreciate the built-in ruler on the container's lid. Whether or not your catch is legal will become clear the moment it enters the boat.  

The drain was another modification they made to the cooler. If you want the ice to last as long as possible, you should drain any liquid from the cooler. Ice melts more quickly when it's suspended in liquid. If it's tilted, you can drain it from either side thanks to the dual drains that Bison installed. They're oversized on purpose so water can drain quickly.

Cooler Add-Ons for Bisons

The coolers themselves had a few simple, well-designed features, and additional, optional features could be purchased separately. Most of the interest in Bison Cooler models stems from the fact that you can customize them with a wide variety of accessories. A few of our favorites are listed below.

Carrier of Bison

Having enough food for a week's worth of meals on hand is awesome. But it's a pain to lug around by hand Not fantastic The hauler is functionally equivalent to the red wagon you used to own as a child. Built from the same rotomolded plastic as the cooler, it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The large wheels make it possible to drag it through mud, across rocks, and along any path you can walk on. Since the cart's deck isn't lipped, you'll need to secure it with straps whenever you make a steep ascent. You can't buy a more convenient way to transport your food for the price.

Superior Sectionalizer

While not the only manufacturer of such a product, Bison is certainly in good company. the most sought after extras It's cheap and improves the cooler's utility greatly. When inserted, it will not leak because of the way the walls are formed. The fact that Bison is one of the few manufacturers to offer dual drains significantly boosts the effectiveness of this partition. The ice will last longer if you drain your meats and other perishables. However, if you intend to serve drinks from one side, you should maintain a steady flood in that area. Since the ice is drawing heat from your beverages, it will melt more quickly.

Steel-Reinforced Safety Belt

Remember the Coleman cooler? You should secure it if you plan on leaving it in the back of the truck while you go fishing. Making a rotomolded cooler is simple. easily identifiable, and you don't want it to fall into the wrong The metal security strap looks like a tie down but is much stronger. It looks like a simple nylon strap from afar. However, once inside, you'll find a stainless steel wire that's nearly impossible to cut. The stainless lock is keyed, making your cooler the safest in the parking lot.

Logos for Traction Covers

Want to give your cooler a unique look? Several visuals can be found: Some are elementary American flags, fish, and the state flag of Texas are just some of the camouflage patterns that can be purchased. You can view all of the freshly-made graphics that Bison has added so far right here.

The SoftPak Review of Bison Coolers

Bison's soft cooler offering is called a "Softpak." It’s compact, lightweight, and portable like many affordable coolers on the market The insulation isn't as thick as in their roto-molded coolers, but it still does a great job of keeping things cool.


  • Exterior made of tear-proof 1000-denier vinyl
  • Zipper that won't leak
  • Protected from UV rays
  • One inch of insulation will keep ice for 24 hours.
  • Capacity: 12 cans or 24 cans
  • There are 4 color choices available (black, blue, pink, and tan).
  • Waterproof Molle sacks
  • Logo imprinting is an option.

The Bison SoftPak is primarily intended for liquids. You can choose between 12 and 24 can capacities. The insulation is protected by thick vinyl and is of superior quality to anything else available at this price. The Polar Bear is the only other soft cooler that could be considered competitive, but its exterior is canvas rather than vinyl like the Bison's. The Bison SoftPak is one of the few remaining soft coolers manufactured in the United States, making it a truly one-of-a-kind commodity.

Put in enough ice for at least 24 hours of use. We find this to be very impressive. If you can keep ice for 24 hours, that's great, because we have no idea how long beer can stay fresh for. You should buy these Bison Coolers because they are the softest coolers you'll ever own.  

The Bison SoftPak cooler is the most aesthetically pleasing option we've tested. The vinyl appears to be of high quality, and it comes in a variety of hues. You can now pack a few beers in your roto-molded ice chest and head to the lake for the day thanks to this handy accessory.

Extra Awesome Opinions

Check out our comprehensive cooler reviews guide for a comprehensive look at all of the available options, including how these Bison Coolers compare to the competition. You're sure to find something you like among our many models and excellent options.

The Verdict on Bison Ice Chests

Bison Coolers was a perfect fit for us in every way. Their ice retention is comparable to other brands, their specifications are spot on, and the quality of construction is excellent. That, plus the fact that you can customize your cooler with a wide variety of accessories, makes Bison Coolers an obvious favorite.  

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