The Pros, Cons, and Comparison to YETI in Our Frosted Frog Cooler Review

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another post We're examining the Frosted Frog coolers today.  

Now, before we even begin this Frosty Frog cooler review, let me just say that the Frosted Frog website's "About Us" page is the best one I have ever read on a coolers website. Really, you ought to visit and take a look.

frosted Frog coolers Basically, the frog-world is used to frame everything. Jeremiah Archibald, the company's founder, was once a tiny tadpole who later grew up playing on floating lily pads or other similar objects. One day, however, as he was working from his parents' old tractor that lacked air conditioning He reasoned that having a cooler box would help him keep his food and beverages cool.

Because he had been such a good boy (in his words, he hadn't been drinking Croak Light and smoking milkweed like the other teenage frogs), his mother decided to help him out by saving up her money to buy one for him.

They proceeded to the store to purchase coolers, but were shocked to discover that they were all either extremely expensive, of low quality, or both. Jerry then made the decision to devote his typical lifespan of 10 years (remember, he's a frog) to ) to creating an excellent cooler that is reasonably priced for other frogs to enjoy

If you think about it, Jeremiah Archibald's beginnings aren't particularly noteworthy. Most cooler businesses have a similar backstory. The creators set out to create it because they were unable to find something of high quality and affordability. However, I have never read a story with such originality and humor.

There is only an About Us page, and nobody even reads it. For them to go above and beyond what is required of them on something so obscure says a lot about them and their commitment to doing so. To me, that is a plus.

I believe we can move on to the actual Frosty Frog ice chest review now that I've finished gushing about Frosted Frog. They aren't perfect, as it turns out, but we'll discuss that in more detail later.

Are you prepared for our exploration? Okay, let's move on.

Review of a Frosted Frog Cooler

Like their "About Us" page, Frosted Frog coolers aren't particularly distinctive. Their coolers perform the majority of the fundamental functions that other coolers perform, just as their About Us page says the same things that other About Us pages say.

However, quality and availability are the two factors that set Frosted Frog Coolers apart from their rivals.

They went ahead and created an accessible "About Us" page, meaning that most readers will find it amusing and well-written (with the possible exception of frog haters).

The same is true of their coolers. They are of high quality and widely available due to their reasonable prices, enabling the majority of people to own coolers.

All things considered, a close examination of the Frosted Frog coolers' appearances should reveal an eerie resemblance to those of the Driftsun, or Milee (Seavilis), Fatboy, Vibe Elements, and Big Frig coolers.

I couldn't help but think that if I simply covered the Frosted Frog brand logo with any of the logos of the brands I've just mentioned, I could go and fool anyone into thinking that the cooler I was carrying was a Vibe Elements or Big Frig cooler.

Thermik and nICE coolers have a design that is similar to Frosted Frog coolers, though not quite identical.

All things considered, these coolers continue to be quite functional and good. They're also half as expensive as Yeti, so I'll take them.

The general construction is what you'd anticipate from a quality rotomolded cooler. It has no seams so it's made to last.

The T-latches are made of rubber and fit snugly, and the gasket on top is freezer grade. You have three inches of commercial-grade insulation inside, which improves ice retention.

This cooler's ice retention in particular is quite impressive. If you don't open the cooler too frequently and don't leave it out in the sun, it will happily keep your ice icy for at least 5 days, and sometimes up to 7 days (see more advice here).

When we tried it ourselves, the cooler still had ice after five days.

4 half stars

Military-grade nylon rope is located on the sides to aid in moving the cooler. These have a sturdy rubber grip handle and are of comparable quality to those on high-end coolers.

For those who want to be able to tie their cooler down on the back of their pickup truck or boat, there are also molded tie-down slots with lock plates.

frosted Frog ice chest

You can find a pressure release vibe close to the lid. I'm glad Frosted Frog chose to include it in their coolers because it's yet another standard feature on many high-end cooler models.

When you try to open the lid of your cooler after a while and the pressure differential makes it difficult, pressure release valves are useful. By allowing some air into the cooler, the valve equalizes the atmospheric pressure inside and outside of it and makes it simpler to open.

The drain plug is located on the cooler's side and is secured with a metal tether to prevent loss. It's really tight when fully closed, preventing unpleasant leaks, and at 2 12 inches wide, it's wide enough to allow you to quickly drain the majority of the water.

When you drive on a rocky road or ride in a boat in rough waters, the cooler won't slide around because of the anti-skid rubber feet on the bottom, which also protect your floor.

There are two bottle openers, as opposed to the typical one found on other coolers, as a small addition for those who want a little extra.

45QT Frosted Frog Cooler

Unavailable products There were none found There were none found

Frosted Frog 70 QT Wheeled Cooler

There were none found There were none found There were none found

Available colors and sizes

There are 5 sizes available: 2 wheeled coolers with additional capacities and 3 primary sizes. The two wheeled coolers have capacities of 70 and 110 quarts while the three main sizes are 20, 45, and 75 quarts. They're doing pretty well on the size variety front for a relative underdog.

20 QT Frosted Frog

  • 14 pounds 3 lbs
  • L 21 for the external dimensions 22″ x W 12 2″x 14 33″
  • Internal Dimensions = L 14 45″ x W 8 11″x 9 84″
  • Accommodates 30 - 12 oz cans.
  • Price right now: Check Amazon

45 QT Frosted Frog

  • Lbs. = 23 1 lbs;
  • L 27 External Dimensions 05″ x W 16 1″x 16 3″;
  • L 21 Internal Dimensions 45″ x W 11 02″x 11 3″; 
  • Holds 64 12 oz. cans maximum
  • Check Amazon for the most recent price

75 QT Frosted Frog

  • Size = 31 9 lbs
  • L 33 for the external dimensions 94″ x W 18 18″x 17 95″
  • L 28 Internal Dimensions 19″ x W 12 2″x 12 99″
  • Accommodates 105 12 oz. cans.
  • Price right now: Check Amazon

Frosted Frog Wheeled 70 QT

  • 37 lbs. in weight
  • L 33 for the external dimensions 94″ x W 18 18″x 17 95″
  • L 28 Internal Dimensions 19″ x W 12 2″x 12 99″
  • 100 12 oz cans maximum per slot
  • Price right now: Check Amazon

Wheeled 110 QT Frosted Frog

  • Weight is 50 pounds.
  • L 37 for the external dimensions 5″ x W 19 5″x 19 5″
  • L 31 Internal Dimensions 5″ x W 14″x 14″
  • Accommodates 150 12 oz. cans.
  • Price right now: Check Amazon

The variety of colors that Frosted Frog Coolers offers is where they really excel in terms of variety. They have 14 different color options for coolers, including white, cool gray, mint green, ocean blue, original green, pink, sand, black, black camo, desert camo, olive green camo, orange camo, and red camo.

That's some variety, eh? Additionally, they have five different camouflage patterns, so if you love camo, this is a good option. Here are some illustrations:


The 5-year warranty offered by Frosted Frog Coolers is another feature I adore. Their willingness to back up their claims and provide a 5-year guarantee speaks volumes about the caliber of their goods.

YETI vs. Frosted Frog Coolers

Let's talk about the Frosted Frog vs YETI coolers Even though I've only been singing Frosted Frog's praises, I must admit that we're a little let down by the fact that it resembles so many other coolers we've previously reviewed.

Don't get me wrong, Frosted Frog did a good job producing an ordinary cooler at a reasonable price, which is why they're becoming more and more well-liked. With their 5-year warranty, they also clearly want to offer good customer service. I find that impressive.

However, from the viewpoint of a cooler geek, seeing something you've already seen a dozen times isn't particularly breathtaking. And in that crucial area, Yeti triumphs over Frosted Frog.

frosted frog vs yeti coolers

Yeti has always been the outgoing type. While others follow, they've always aimed to produce products that are leaders in the industry. Many of the contemporary cooler designs we see today are merely copies of Yeti's original creations. Because of this, Yeti is somewhat unique (although many other coolers are just as good as YETI, it should be noted).

Ice retention and Insulation

Now, when it comes to insulation, Frosted Frog coolers have 3-inch insulation, just like Yeti, but the difference is that Frosted Frog coolers' insulation gets thinner in the corners and on the lid while Yeti's insulation is the same thickness all the way around.

Because Yeti has longer periods of ice retention than Frosted Frog, this has an impact on insulation. Despite this, I believe that Frosted Frog's ice retention times are still more than sufficient for the majority of people.

Frosted Frog vs. YETI: Sizes and Colors

When it comes to size diversity, Yeti completely dominates Frosted Frog. While Yeti offers a variety of sizes for its coolers (16 at the time of writing this article), Frosted Frog only offers five sizes (many comparable brands offer just three), and Yeti even offers wheeled coolers, which are relatively uncommon but a great convenience when they are available.

Frosted Frog does well enough with colors that Yeti doesn't significantly outperform it here.

Price Levels

Frosted Frog coolers will provide you with excellent value for your money because Yeti is also more expensive. Consider the 20-quart cooler, which has a manufacturer-suggested retail price of about $139. 99 It functions adequately and is less expensive than a Yeti Roadie.

If you're on a tight budget and okay with purchasing a cooler that looks generic, I'd recommend giving Frosted Frog a try. Other than that, it functions well and is of good quality.

On the other hand, Yeti is a fantastic option if you're searching for a premium, well-respected brand, want something that stands out in the market, and don't mind spending a little extra money while you're at it.

Worth Considering Are Other Coolers Like Frosted Frog

Why not conduct some additional research to learn about other viable options if you're still not convinced? Here are some suggested, reasonably priced coolers that are similar to them.

You've probably never heard much about Driftsun but have used it at least once. The business takes pride in producing a large selection of coolers and other beach-related goods without overemphasizing its brand name.

If you're looking for something with utility but without a brand name that doubles the price, you should check them out.

Visit Amazon to look at Driftsun Coolers >>

A quality line of vibrant coolers with an Alaskan Peninsula theme are available from the new brand Kenai. You should read our review of it since we also did one. It's a fantastic design for consumers who are concerned about their budgets.

Visit Amazon to look at Kenai Coolers.

rtic cooler

Compared to Frosted Frog, RTIC Coolers is a more well-known and slightly more expensive brand. However, despite offering the same features as Yeti, their coolers are still about 40% less expensive.  

The fact that RTIC has improved their product over the years as customers have continued to purchase those may be their best quality. Simply put, RTIC coolers have been thoroughly field-tested, and after selling millions of them, their fan base has significantly increased.  

RTIC is a good choice if you want something high-end but affordable.

View the RTIC coolers here >>

Frosted Frog Coolers Stores

We advise you to buy your coolers from Amazon, especially if you're dealing with newer brands. This is so that you can benefit from the security of "no questions asked" returns and quick shipping provided by Amazon.

Additionally, you can view rankings and read sincere product reviews written by other customers.

Review of the Frosted Frog Cooler: Evaluation and Verdict

Frosted Frog Coolers is a fantastic company with reasonably priced goods. They're a great option if you don't mind that they're not made in the US (they're made in China) and want affordability and quality.

Before making a purchase, I would suggest comparing them to comparable models like Big Frig, Driftsun, and Melee/Seavilis and comparing prices. Never hurts to save a few dollars.

Thank you for reading my review of the Frosted Frog cooler. Until then, keep it calm.

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