The Top 10 Electric Coolers of 2022 (Small, Medium, and Large Sized Models)

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When traveling for a long time, an electric cooler keeps food cold and beverages cool by functioning similarly to a portable refrigerator. For cross-country trips, truckers, or ardent campers who spend a lot of time outside, these compact units are perfect. The majority of devices are simple to connect to a car's DC port, but some are solar-powered, work with an auxiliary power supply, or require an AC port.

best electric cooler On long drives or camping trips, electric coolers keep food and beverages cold.

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To prevent frozen foods from melting, some compressor coolers have two cooling modes: a fridge and a freezer. On the carefully curated list of various compressor and electric cooler models below, there is something for everyone, whether it's for work, a long drive, a boat trip, or a camping trip. Our guide also discusses the various types of coolers and their ideal applications.  

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Regular coolers and electric coolers are different in many ways. To find the best thermoelectric coolers and compression coolers for your specific needs, we've covered a few key points below.

Electric Cooler Types

The thermoelectric (or electric) cooler and compressor cooler models are two of the main types of electric coolers, and we go into more detail about each of them below.

Thermal Efficient Coolers

Thermoelectric coolers, which are also known as electric coolers, are powered by an AC adapter or a DC power port. Some models don't include an AC to DC adapter for the car, but more expensive models frequently do.  

Additionally, many large-capacity units can be powered by external batteries or solar-powered batteries. These electric cooler units circulate air using fans and an electric current to keep the interior cool. The fact that they don't use refrigerants is an advantage.  

They don't keep items as cool as a compressor cooler, and the electric cooler's fan needs to be kept clear of objects so it doesn't overheat. For car camping, where it can be turned off occasionally to save energy, this model works best.  

Reciprocating Coolers

A compressor cooler uses refrigerant to maintain a constant temperature and functions similarly to a refrigerator. When operating a cooler like this overnight or continuously, some customers use an external battery or another type of backup battery.

Additionally, some of these compressor models can be powered by solar panels. It is simple to plug it into a car's DC port while the engine is running if it isn't being used constantly. Unplugging it when the car is off will help keep the battery from being drained.

The following factors

Here are a few additional considerations to make when selecting the ideal cooler for your requirements.


Compressor coolers cool more quickly than thermoelectric coolers. It's essential to wait for the cooler to cool down inside the house for a few hours before plugging it in and loading it with food and beverages when keeping a cooler in a garage in summer heat that reaches 100° F or higher. To maximize energy consumption and temperature control of the device, some users even advise pre-chilling large capacity coolers with ice packs.


The best way to supplement an electric cooler's interior temperature is no longer thought to be melting ice. The best option is to use an ice pack, which eliminates the need to remove the drain plug from an ice chest or cooler and allows water to stay inside.

Prevailing temperature

The majority of coolers have an ambient temperature range between 35 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit from the outside temperature. For instance, if it is 100° F outside, the cooler will only operate at 60° F. It can get down to zero degrees in colder weather. A cooler's minimum and maximum temperatures are always influenced by the temperature outside.  

Top Picks for the Best Electric Coolers in 2022 by Thomas

These are the top models of compressor and electric coolers that we recommend for keeping food and beverages chilled while you're away from home.

Koolatron Thermoelectric Cooler | Buy Now: The Best Thermoelectric Cooler

Mobicool MT35W Thermoelectric Cooler: The Best Cooler for Ambient Temperature | Order Now

YAPASPT Soft Cooler Bag Is The Best Compact Cooler | Purchase

NewAir 48 Quart Electric Cooler Is The Best Solar Electric Cooler | Purchase

Knox Lifestyle Electric Cooler is the Best Cooler for Car Batteries | Buy Now

The Koolatron Thermoelectric 52 Quart Iceless Electric Cooler is one of the best large electric coolers.

Coleman 40 Quart Portable Electric Cooler Is The Best Electric Mini Fridge Cooler | Buy Now

Change Moore Compressor Cooler for the Best Iceless Cooler | Purchase Now

Best Electric Cooler for Energy Efficiency: Ivation Electric Cooler | Buy Now

The Wagan EL6206 12V 6 Quart Thermoelectric Cooler is the best bucket seat electric cooler.

View every cooler on our list below and learn why thousands of satisfied customers selected it.

*Prices in this article were those displayed in US dollars on Amazon. as of May 2022, com (USA).

1. Thermoelectric coolers from Koolatron are the best.

best electric cooler

This Koolatron cooler, even when unplugged, can keep things cool for longer than three days, unlike most thermoelectric coolers. To keep fish and bait cool, you can use this device on a boat or by directly plugging it into a car's DC port or cigarette lighter.  

A lockable handle to keep items secure, a compartment to conveniently store the cord, and an energy-efficient fan are some of its useful features.  

One client who uses this cooler in their truck said it was "easier than refilling ice in a standard cooler." "Has little room but can store food for a week at a time." Cools a room temperature water bottle in a few hours, making it as cold as if it were in a refrigerator at home. My Freightliner does not drain my battery when I keep it plugged in every day for a week at a time. ”


Specifications: 24 liters.

DC adapter (AC adapter sold separately) as a power source

Maximum number of cans: 31

Maximum temperature (as specified by the manufacturer): 36° F below ambient temperature

BUY NOW from Amazon for US$101.04 (Was US$109.95)

2. Mobicool Electric Cooler, the Best Cooler for Ambient Temperature

best electric cooler

When attempting to maintain items in coolers at an ideal and secure temperature, the outside temperature is always a factor to consider. Food and beverages can be kept chilled with this Mobicool portable cooler between 34 and 43 degrees Fahrenheit.

Two separate compartments and a small area to hold a large bottle of wine or water are included in this large capacity cooler. Additionally, it has a handle and wheels for easier portability.


One reviewer said they "really love the option to power this from 12V DC or plug on the additional transformer to a wall socket." I recently took this on a 12-hour road trip, and it worked well. It becomes cold enough to keep beverages and fruit chilled. ”


Specifications: 34 liters.

AC or DC power adapters as a power source

Contains 48 cans.

Maximum temperature (as specified by the manufacturer): 43° F for warming or 34° F below ambient

Buy now at Amazon for US$125.99.

3. YAPASPT Soft Electric Coolers, the Best Compact Electric Cooler

best electric cooler

A portable electric cooler like this YAPASPT soft-bodied bag can be used by campers or cross-country drivers with smaller vehicles. Although small, it has a capacity of 25 liters for food or beverages and draws very little power from a car's battery.  

It has a large main pocket and a smaller front pocket for snacks and other small items. It connects to a DC port. The small cooler can sustain a constant temperature of 50° F and the shoulder strap can safely support up to 50 pounds.  


One buyer stated, "I have had this for over a year." I utilize it daily in my work truck. Despite being kicked and thrown around all day, it still maintains the cold. If it ever fails, I would purchase again. ”


Specifications: 25 liters.

DC power draw is the source of power; an AC adapter is not included.

34 cans can fit in this.

Maximum temperature, according to the manufacturer, is 60° F below ambient when plugged in and maintains a 50° F temperature without ice.

Buy now at Amazon for US$124.99.

4. NewAir Solar Panel Portable Electric Coolers: The Best Cooler with Solar Panels

best electric cooler

Few compressor-powered cooler models have all the features and bells and whistles that this NewAir solar panel model has. Thanks to its thick walls, two drain plugs, cutting board, and spacious area that keeps drinks organized, it's unquestionably one of the best electric coolers available.  

The freezer section functions similarly to a mini-fridge and can store ice chests, meat, or ice cream. It has a bottle opener, USB port, and functional interior lighting.


One reviewer stated, "I bought this unit to run off of solar panels for when I am camping in remote locations." "In general, it's been a good purchase, and I'd suggest it to others." My 300W panel has never caused me to run out of power. ”


Specifications: 45 liters.

Power sources include external batteries, AC or DC ports, and solar panels.

More than 55 cans can fit in the refrigerator and freezer.

Maximum temperature: -68° F below ambient temperature, according to the manufacturer.

Buy now at Amazon for US$549.99.

5. Knox is the Best Electric Car Battery Cooler Contemporary Electric Coolers

best electric cooler

This large Knox Lifestyle cooler, which has a capacity of 48 quarts, has more storage space than most comparable electric coolers on the market. It has two compartments that can also be removed to store larger items, keeping food cool in them.

It has a heating function that goes up to 130° F and plugs into a car's cigarette lighter to keep soups warm during chilly winter drives. Some customers added ice packs to the containers in the summer to keep the food even colder.  


One customer gushed, "The cooler was perfect for keeping snacks and drinks cool and fresh." It easily fits on the back seat, is plugged into the vehicle's outlet, and operates invisibly. ”


Specifications: 45 liters.

Power: ports for AC or DC

A 60-can capacity

Maximum temperature: Can maintain a temperature of 40° F for cold foods or 130° F for warm foods, according to the manufacturer.

BUY NOW: 189 USD (Was: 208.60 USD), Amazon

6. Koolatron Thermoelectric Coolers: The Best Large Electric Coolers

best electric cooler

This Koolatron thermoelectric iceless cooler is a powerful and versatile choice among large electric coolers. You don't have to leave this electric cooler plugged in all night because it plugs into a car's battery, which is more important.  

Additionally, it can keep food warm to a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and the magnetic door seals shut to maintain internal temperatures. For a much lower cost, it has the same functionality as more expensive models.  


One customer said, "We took this [cross-country] in the car." "Great results" Lugged it in at night after bringing it to the hotel room. We did observe some of the items at the very bottom, such as some milk that had partially frozen. To control that, we turned some things. Larger than most of what we've seen ”


Specifications: 49 liters.

DC port for power

Capacity for 80 cans

Maximum temperature: Can maintain a temperature of 40° F for cold foods and 140° F for warm foods, according to the manufacturer.

BUY NOW: $231.88 USD from Amazon

7. Coleman Thermoelectric Coolers: The Best Mini Fridge

best electric cooler

This Coleman portable refrigerator outperforms many similarly priced electric coolers on the market in terms of cooling performance. This small refrigerator has a door that can be mounted on either the right or left side and can be used either way.  

It can keep things at a temperature of about 20° F below ambient and is big enough to hold a few gallons of milk. Some knowledgeable users pair this device with a heat sink to lessen the possibility of overheating on warm days.


One reviewer said it "works like a charm." "Keep that vent/blower clear." Runs the pre-chill in the house when it reaches 30° F To continuously monitor the temperature, I had to purchase a thermometer. However, I fully trust it now. ”


Specifications: 40 liters.

DC adapter power (AC source sold separately)

Capacity for 44 cans

Maximum temperature (as specified by the manufacturer): 40° F cooler than ambient

Purchase now at Amazon for US$125.91 (Was US$154.99)

8. Change Moore Electric Coolers Are The Best Iceless Electric Coolers

best electric cooler

This Change Moore fridge freezer can keep drinks cold without the use of ice, unlike a conventional cooler. Its large capacity, quick cooling time, and freezing ability are what make this electric cooler valuable.  

There is a divider to separate out food and beverages that need to be served at different temperatures, and the temperature control can keep items chilled and frozen. The apparatus will turn off automatically when a car's battery is low.


One customer claimed, "I keep this fridge freezer running all the time." "Works incredibly well." I fill empty space in the fridge and freezer compartments with Igloo ice packs, which may help the appliance function more effectively by maintaining the freezer side's temperature at zero. ”


Specifications: 40 liters.

AC and DC ports for power

57 cans can fit inside.

Lowest temperature this cooler can withstand, according to the manufacturer, is -7 degrees. 6° F

Buy now at Amazon for US$349.90.

9. Ivation Thermoelectric Cooler, the Best Thermoelectric Coolers for Energy Efficiency

best electric cooler

We included this Ivation product on our list of the top electric coolers because of its cooling performance and capacity to maintain an interior temperature of up to 130° F. Depending on the surrounding temperature, it can keep things cold up to 40° F, which isn't cold enough to freeze ice chests but is sufficient to preserve the majority of foods.

It has wheels that make it easier to move it over short distances even though some customers thought the handle was a little too short to help with transportation.


One customer said, "I've had this cooler/warmer for two weeks and have used it in the car and on a boat." "I like the two plug-in choices." Additionally, you can conceal the cords. Keeps everything cool ”


Specifications: 45 liters.

Electricity: AC and DC adapters

A 60-can capacity

Maximum temperature: Can maintain a temperature of 40° F for cold foods or 130° F for warm foods, according to the manufacturer.

Buy now at Amazon for US$189.99.

Best Bucket Seats Electric Cooler—Wagan Thermoelectric Cooler

best electric cooler

This small cooler from Wagan uses very little energy in comparison to larger electric coolers, whose cooling mechanisms can consume too much power from smaller vehicles. It effectively keeps beverages chilled, and its front bucket seats can accommodate two beverages.  

This portable cooler is the only one that is the ideal size to keep lunch and drinks chilled on a hot day or to store a few cans of soda for an outing, even though it has a smaller storage capacity than some of the other options on our list.


One customer remarked, "The first thing you'll notice is how light this cooler is." "Considering you're probably going to put a six-pack in there, that's a big pro," The additional strap makes it easy to transport the cooler as well. With a straightforward warm/off/cool slider, it's also easy to use. ”


Specifications: 3 74 liters

Source of power: DC port

9 cans of capacity

Maximum temperature (as specified by the manufacturer): 36° F below ambient

Buy now at Amazon for US.45

Disclaimer: Although the majority of the thermoelectric coolers on this list can achieve the specified temperature, some customers noted that the stated temperature varies depending on how full each ice chest is.

Summary of the Top Electric Coolers

The solar-powered NewAir portable compressor unit (US$549.99, Amazon) will undoubtedly be a great choice for avid campers who like to set up their tents in remote locations and need a large capacity electric cooler that can power itself. The Knox Lifestyle electric cooler's versatility will appeal to truckers and families who want to be able to keep food both warm and cold.

We sincerely hope that our evaluation of the top electric cooler was useful. Consult our other guides or go to the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform to find more vendors of related goods like electronic components, cabinet coolers, and transformer coolers.

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