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The Best Water Cooler Options

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A water cooler makes it simple to get a steady supply of cold, energizing water. This practical device is useful anywhere there are people who value on-demand access to liquid refreshment, including the workplace, private homes, and businesses.

There are many different types and styles of water coolers. To fit any space, there are units that are freestanding, wall-mounted, countertop-mounted, and plumbed in (point-of-use). However, these coolers don't just dispense ice-cold water. They can instantly dispense hot, cold, room temperature, or cool water.

Use the best water coolers listed below to stay refreshed, and use our shopping advice to help you pick the best one. Each of the top picks below was chosen following a careful examination of the market and careful product vetting.

The Best Water Cooler Options

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Water Cooler Types

Point-of-use and bottled water coolers are the two main varieties. Point-of-use water cooler dispensers disperse tap water that has typically been filtered by the cooler by connecting directly to the building's water supply. Bottled water dispensers draw from a sizable water jug that can be loaded from the top or the bottom.

Useful Point

Point-of-use water coolers are directly connected to the public water system. They are sometimes referred to as "bottleless" water coolers because they dispense tap water and don't need a water bottle.

Many point-of-use water coolers have a filtration system to get rid of impurities or enhance the flavor of the water. The main benefit of this kind of water cooler is that it always has access to water (provided there are no problems with the main water line, of course). These refrigerators can be freestanding, upright, or wall-mounted.

Access to the main water line of the building is necessary for a point-of-use water cooler. Some also need professional installation, which is an additional expense to take into account. Bottleless water coolers can save money over time because they don't need to have bottled water refilled on a regular basis, despite the fact that they may be more expensive to purchase and install. The main benefit of a point-of-use water cooler is convenience; users receive a steady supply of water without having to carry and swap out heavy water jugs.

Lower Loading

Water bottles serve as the source of water for bottom-loading water coolers. The water bottle is mounted in a covered compartment in the cooler's lower half. Unloading and loading bottles is much simpler thanks to the bottom-loading design. Simply shimmy the water jug into the compartment and attach it to the pump, as opposed to having to pick up and flip over a heavy bottle (as is the case with top-loading coolers).

Bottom-loading coolers can dispense mineral, distilled, and spring waters in addition to tap water because they use bottled water. The plastic refill jug is concealed from view in the lower compartment of bottom-loading water coolers, which makes them more aesthetically pleasing than top-loading coolers. Consider a bottom-loading cooler with a water level indicator to alert you when the water supply is nearly exhausted for the same reason.

Front Loading

Due to their low cost, top-loading water coolers are a popular choice. Water bottles are placed spout-down into the top of the water cooler as suggested by their name. The cooler can also dispense distilled, mineral, and spring water because the water it uses comes from a jug.

The biggest disadvantage of a top-loading water cooler is the burdensome process of loading and unloading the water bottle for some people. Even though some people might not enjoy seeing the exposed jug of a top-loading water cooler, it is at least simple to check the water level.


Designed to fit on a countertop, a countertop water cooler is a scaled-down version of a standard water cooler. Countertop water coolers can be point-of-use models or use bottles of water, just like standard water coolers.

Countertop water coolers are portable and perfect for kitchen counters, break rooms, office waiting rooms, and other locations with limited floor space. However, they can occupy a lot of counter space, which could be a problem if you have a small amount of tabletop space.

When selecting a water cooler, there are several additional factors to take into account. The ideal water cooler should be simple to use, simple to clean, and dispense water at the temperature you prefer, whether it is cold or hot. The ideal coolers should fit your needs and have a nice appearance. Here are some characteristics to think about when selecting a water cooler.


The capacity of point-of-use water coolers is unlimited; as long as water is flowing, the coolers will dispense it. With bottled water coolers, capacity is something to take into account. Most of these coolers can hold water jugs with a capacity of 2 to 5 gallons; the most popular sizes are 3- and 5-gallon bottles.

Consider how frequently you'll use a water cooler as you decide on the capacity that will meet your needs. Get a cooler with a larger capacity if it will be used frequently to prevent it from running out too soon. Get a cooler that can hold smaller bottles if it will only be used occasionally. Because stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria, it is best to avoid letting water sit for an extended period of time.

Energy Savings

The model determines how much energy a water cooler consumes. Compared to water coolers with hot and cold water storage tanks, those with on-demand cooling or heating typically use less energy. In order to keep the water temperature in the tank constant, coolers with storage typically use more standby energy.

The most energy-efficient options are water tanks with the Energy Star certification. An Energy Star-certified water cooler typically consumes 30% less energy than one without that certification, so over time, you'll conserve energy and pay less for electricity.

Water filtering

Filtering systems are installed in some water coolers, which can help clean the water and enhance its flavor. These coolers use reverse osmosis, activated carbon, or ion exchange filters to filter the water. When choosing a water cooler, don't forget that these systems' filters will occasionally need to be replaced, adding another expense to consider.

Point-of-use filters frequently have water filtration capabilities because these coolers use municipal tap water as their water source. Since most water bottles contain filtered water, filtration is less of an issue with bottled water coolers.

Settings for Water Temperature

Most coolers can dispense cold water, whether they are point-of-use or bottled. At the touch of a button, other devices can also deliver cool, room-temperature, and/or scalding hot water. The majority of cooler manufacturers will list the maximum temperatures for their products, and some may have programmable temperature controls.

A wise investment is a water cooler that can produce both hot and cold water. For those who frequently consume tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and instant foods, or who host guests or clients who do, having hot water available is convenient. Look for a cooler with a safety lock to prevent unintentional use of the hot water tap if you're thinking about buying one with one.

Sound Level

Another thing to think about is how loud a water cooler is. Due to the need for their electrical elements to cool or heat the water, they will all make some noise.

Depending on where the cooler will be placed in the house or office will determine how important noise level is. If the cooler will be in an office break room or a garage, noise level might not be a major issue. A quieter water cooler is ideal in areas with high traffic or close to desks at work.

Effortless Use

An easy-to-use water cooler is essential. To start pouring, some devices have spigots or buttons, while others are touchless. In public places like restaurants and gyms, a cooler with enough space below the spout to fill water pitchers and reusable water bottles is especially helpful.

Another crucial factor to think about is how simple the cooler is to install. This could result in an additional cost for the owner. The installation of bottled water coolers is typically simpler than that of point-of-use units, which typically call for professional plumbing Bottom-loading units are much simpler to load, so keep that in mind when looking for bottled water coolers.

To prevent the buildup of mineral deposits and to keep germs from flourishing, water coolers need to be cleaned occasionally. Maintaining the water's quality and flavor through proper cleaning Although cleaning most coolers only requires a little time, effort, and vinegar or bleach, not everyone will want to go through the trouble. Self-cleaning water coolers might then be a wise investment.

Extraordinary Qualities

Water coolers can be straightforward and uncomplicated, but they typically have at least a few bells and whistles. Safety locks are a crucial component to consider. Little ones can be kept from messing with water faucets and wasting water by using child safety locks. A hot-water safety lock is crucial if you're shopping for a cooler that dispenses hot water because it guards against unintentional burns.

Some water-cooler models also come with night lights, empty bottle notifications, and leak detection alarms. Self-cleaning water coolers may be worth the extra cost for busy homes or workplaces. Other useful features to take into consideration include refrigerator compartments, coffee dispensers, and carbonation options.

Our Favorites

For quick glasses of ice-cold water or hot mugs of tea, a water cooler is a useful device to have at home or at work. Our top picks offer quick access to hot or cold water and are simple to use:

The Best Water Cooler Options: Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler

Image: Amazon com

This Brio water cooler is suitable for both the home and the office thanks to its bottom-loading design and self-cleaning feature. It has a contemporary stainless steel housing that blends in with stainless kitchen appliances, and it can dispense cold, room temperature, and hot water.

A child safety lock is installed on the hot water dispenser to safeguard children from unintentional burns from hot water. The practical ozone self-cleaning feature of this cooler, which initiates a disinfectant cleaning cycle with the push of a button, is another benefit. The water bottle is concealed in the cooler's lower cabinet, but a digital display will alert you when it needs to be replaced because it is almost empty.

This Energy Star-certified cooler holds three or five five-gallon water bottles. The back panel has individual switches to control the hot water, cold water, and night light feature for even greater energy savings. Simply turn off features that aren't in use to conserve energy.

Product Specifications

  • Top-loading type
  • 3 or 5 gallons of capacity
  • Cold, hot, and room-temperature water temperatures


  • Beautiful design
  • Ozone self-cleaning feature
  • Approved by Energy Star
  • Option to turn off the nightlight, the hot water, and the cold water to save energy


Purchase the Brio Self Cleaning Water Cooler from Walmart and

The Best Water Cooler Options: Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser

Image: Amazon com

In order to save energy when the tri-temperature water cooler from Avalon is not heating or cooling water, each temperature toggle has an on/off switch. But this unit is Energy Star-approved even when operating at full capacity.

The water cooler has a child safety lock on the hot water button and can dispense cold, room temperature, and hot water. This cooler is simple to maintain thanks to its removable drip tray. Standard 3- or 5-gallon jugs are straightforward to load thanks to the practical bottom-loading design.

The empty-bottle indicator light will turn on when there is insufficient liquid in the container. Additionally, it has a built-in nightlight that is useful for dispenseing late-night glasses of water.

Product Specifics

  • Top-loading type
  • 3 or 5 gallons of capacity
  • Cold, hot, and room-temperature water temperatures


  • Energy-efficient architecture
  • Integrated nightlight
  • Bottle-empty indicator feature
  • Anti-microbial coatings are applied to surfaces with high contact.


  • Pushing buttons can be difficult.

Purchase the Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler from The Home Depot and

The Best Water Cooler Option: Primo Water Dispenser Top Loading Hot Cold Temp

Image: Walmart com

This Primo top-loading water cooler dispenser is a strong contender if you're looking for a straightforward water cooler that works. This affordable option offers instant access to hot or cold water at the push of a button. It has a traditional top-loading design that fits any compatible 3- or 5-gallon jug and has an office water cooler aesthetic. This affordable water cooler is a safe option to have in the office or at home thanks to a child safety lock.

The straightforward maintenance required for a basic water cooler is one advantage. A moveable dishwasher-safe drip tray, a spill-proof bottle holder with a leak guard, and a filterless design (which means no filters to clean or replace) are all included in this water cooler. Loading a bottle and making sure the drip tray is clean are all that are required for setup and maintenance.

Product Specifics

  • Top-loading type
  • 3 or 5 gallons are the available capacities.
  • Whether it's cold or hot, the water is


  • Easy setup
  • Low-maintenance
  • Drip pan that is dishwasher-safe


  • No option for water at room temperature

At Walmart, purchase the Primo water cooler.

The Best Water Cooler Option: Primo Deluxe Water Dispenser Hot Cold Room Temp

Image: Walmart com

This Primo mid-range water cooler achieves an excellent balance between a low cost and high-end features. This premium cooler is reasonably priced and has some features that are not present in budget water coolers.

Ice-cold, hot, and room temperature water can be dispensed from its convenient bottom-loading design. An internal stainless-steel reservoir aids in preventing the growth of bacteria and bad flavors.

This dispenser is an excellent option for any room, whether at home or at the office, thanks to its quiet operation and stylish stainless steel front. Safety and convenience are improved by a child safety feature, LED nightlight, and dishwasher-safe drip tray.

Product Specifics

  • Top-loading type
  • 3 or 5 gallons of capacity
  • Cold, hot, and room-temperature water temperatures


  • Attractive finish on the stainless steel
  • The LED nightlight
  • Energy-efficient labeled


  • There may be units with a faulty low bottle indicator.

At Wayfair, purchase the Primo Deluxe water cooler.

The Best Water Cooler Option: Brio Moderna Bottom Load Water Cooler Dispenser

Image: Amazon com

The Brio Moderna Bottom Load Water Cooler Dispenser stands out from the other choices on this list thanks to its adjustable temperature settings. You can select your preferred temperature for the cold and hot water spouts with this upgraded bottom-loading water cooler. You can dispense water as cold or hot as you need because the temperature ranges from a chilly 39 degrees Fahrenheit to an intense 174 degrees Fahrenheit.

This dispenser has a child safety lock on the hot water spout because the water is so hot. It fits a 3- or 5-gallon bottle, just like the majority of typical water coolers. You will be alerted when the bottle is running low by a low bottle notification feature, preventing you from going without fresh water.

This water cooler has a self-cleaning ozone feature that sanitizes the water tank and lines to keep the unit tidy. In addition to all of its practical features, this Energy-star certified appliance is made of stainless steel for added durability and a stylish appearance.

Product Specifics

  • Top-loading type
  • 3 or 5 gallons of capacity
  • Adjustable water temperatures range from cold to hot.


  • Temperature-controllable cold and hot water
  • Wide range of temperatures
  • Stylish and robust design
  • Auto-cleaning function


Purchase the Brio Moderna water cooler from Walmart and

The Best Water Cooler Options: Avalon A6 Touchless Bottom Loading Water Cooler

Image: Amazon com

If you'll be sharing the cooler with other users, this bottom-loading water cooler from Avalon is a hygienic, no-touch option. It has pouring spouts in the paddle style. Without turning spigots or pushing buttons, this cooler will dispense water when the paddles are lightly pressed. Although the hot water spout has a child safety lock, it must be depressed in order to turn on the hot water.

Ice cold or piping hot are the two temperature settings for this cooler. Either spout can be turned off on the back panel when not in use to save energy. A switch to turn on or off the night light is also located on the back panel. It's not surprising that this cooler has Energy Star approval given its energy-saving features.

The 3- or 5-gallon bottles can be loaded from the bottom, and there is an empty bottle indicator to let you know when the bottle needs to be refilled.

Product Specifics

  • Top-loading type
  • 3 or 5 gallons of capacity
  • Both cold and hot water temperatures


  • Touch-free style
  • Energy Star certified
  • Changing the filter indicator


  • No option for water at room temperature

The Home Depot and Amazon both sell the Avalon A6 water cooler.

The Best Water Cooler Option: Brio Top Loading Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser

Image: Amazon com

Consider a small countertop water cooler for spaces with little floor space. Small break rooms, dorm rooms, and offices are all excellent candidates for the Brio Top Loading Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser. Only measuring 20 5 by 17 Its footprint is just 5 by 15 inches, making it suitable for most spaces.

This water cooler is compact but has plenty of features. On demand, it dispenses water that is cold, hot, and room temperature. This countertop dispenser has a sizable dispensing area that can accommodate most cups, mugs, and water bottles, similar to that of most full-sized coolers. This unit is easier to clean thanks to a removable tray, and a child safety lock stops kids from playing with the hot water spout.

Product Specifics

  • Countertop type
  • Dimensions: 3 gallons
  • Cold, hot, and room-temperature water temperatures


  • Small footprint and compact dimensions
  • Top loading is simple to use
  • Ample dispensing space


  • The unit's back is not particularly appealing.

The Home Depot and Amazon both sell the Brio water cooler.

The Best Water Cooler Option: Avalon Countertop Bottleless Electric Water Cooler

Image: Amazon com

All you need is an existing sink water line that is compatible with the Avalon Countertop Bottleless Electric Water Cooler and a wrench to disconnect the water supply line. Because of its design, this countertop water cooler is perfect for gatherings like conferences and festivals where you might need water on demand but don't want to set up a permanent or large-scale water cooler. It's a great option for the home or office if you want a bottleless water cooler with simple installation procedures because it provides limitless filtered water.

This water cooler uses a dual filtration system to produce water that is cold, hot, and room temperature. The filters have sediment filters and carbon block filters to get rid of things like lead, chlorine, particulates, and bad tastes and odors.

Product Specs

  • Category: Point of Use
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Cold, hot, and room-temperature water temperatures


  • Simple to install
  • Bottleless
  • System with two filters


  • The attached cold water tap won't function after installation.

At Amazon and The Home Depot, you can purchase the Avalon Countertop Water Cooler.

Our Finding

The Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler is a great option for high-traffic areas because it is stylish, Energy Star certified, and self-cleaning. It's a bit pricey, though, so if you're looking for a more affordable option, think about the Primo Water Dispenser Top Loading Hot Cold Temp, which has a simple design for an incredibly low cost.

What We Looked for in the Best Water Coolers

A water cooler will probably be used frequently, whether at home or at the office, so you should pick the best one for your requirements and price range. To select our top picks, we looked into product specifications and consumer reviews. We chose water coolers that had good specifications and excellent in-use performance.

The best water coolers are easy to maintain and enjoyable to use. To ensure both convenience and safety, we selected water coolers with easy-to-use buttons or spigots, a variety of temperature settings, and hot water safety lock features. Coolers received bonus points for having extra features like night lights, adjustable temperatures, and a beautiful design.

We looked for features like detachable and dishwasher-safe drip trays, or even entire self-cleaning systems, because a good water cooler should also be simple to maintain. Finally, we included water coolers at various price points to cater to the majority of shoppers, so you can stay hydrated while staying within your price range.


A water cooler is simple to use once it is installed, and it only needs occasional upkeep such as cleaning and refilling. A water cooler will continue to dispense water for years with proper maintenance. The following are some frequently asked queries regarding selecting and caring for a water cooler.

How should I pick a water dispenser?

Picking a water dispenser that is the appropriate size, type (point-of-use or bottled), and has the appropriate water temperature options is something to think about.

The use of electricity by water dispensers is a question.

The model will determine how much electricity is used. Energy Star-certified water dispensers will assist in reducing the cost of electricity.

When can water in a water cooler be left alone?

It's best to switch out the water bottle approximately once per month for clean, fresh water.

Do I need to maintain my water cooler?

A water cooler should be cleaned as directed by the manufacturer to avoid bacteria, dirt, and mineral buildup.

What is the lifespan of a water cooler?

A water cooler can last more than ten years with proper care and upkeep.

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