What to Use to Clean a YETI Cooler (2020)

I love going away for the weekend.

It's much more enjoyable to pack for a trip than to unload everything after the adventure is complete.  

Especially now that your YETI needs a thorough cleaning and is a mess  

Here, I'm going to show you how to clean and freshen up your YETI cooler if it's just a little bit grubby. And I'm also going to demonstrate how to remove those stains if it's a big, old Tundra 75 that's a complete mess.  

By the end, you'll be able to clean a YETI cooler in no more than ten minutes, allowing you to unwind.

What You'll Need for YETI Cooler Cleaning

It all depends on how filthy or stained your YETI is. The majority of the following—which you probably already have lying around—will not be required.

  • Dish soap
  • Sponge that won't scratch
  • Bleach
  • A magic wand
  • Energy washer

How to Disinfect a YETI Cooler and Get Rid of Sticky Stains and Odors

Roadie 24 from YETI in Desert Tan

When you have the proper tools, cleaning a YETI cooler is a simple and quick task.

Naturally, there are different degrees of dirtiness when it comes to coolers: if you've been camping and your cooler has some dirt on it and a faint odor inside of it You won't need to take as drastic of measures as if you had quartered a deer and kept it in the cooler all night.

This guide is divided into the types of muck your YETI cooler may encounter.  

Step 1: Use a non-abrasive sponge, warm water, and dish soap.

Often, this is all you need if your YETI cooler is only moderately dirty. Particularly if your YETI has no stains-causing scratches

Treat your YETI like a large pot that needs cleaning after dinner when all you're up against is some dirt and a sticky interior. Fill the bottom of the cooler with warm water, add a few sprays of dish soap, and wash the entire cooler inside and out with a non-abrasive sponge. I clean mine in the bathtub, but an outdoor hose also works.

You don't want to scratch your cooler, so you should stay away from using steel wool or any other abrasive material. Although it might appear cleaner at first, the next time you go outside, it'll have much more dirt and grime.

Step 2: Soak in a 6:1 bleach solution.

Use this step only if your YETI has an unpleasant odor that won't go away with soap and water. If there is still a smell, I would wash the inside twice with soap and water before using bleach.

Six parts water should be added to one part bleach. This measurement doesn't need to be exact, but it's important to avoid using too much bleach because it's unnecessary and it could result in an overpowering bleachy odor.  

Your YETI should soak in the bleach and water mixture for at least an hour before being dumped out and rinsed. That ought to get rid of any off-putting odors in your cooler.  

Third step: apply a magic eraser

This is compatible with all YETI coolers, but it works particularly well with white YETI coolers.  

Pick up a standard Magic Eraser and work it into the stains and marks there. Stains that were resistant to the effects of soap, water, and bleach should be simple for you to remove. What's in those Magic Erasers, I don't know, but it's pretty amazing.  

Magic Erasers are the simplest way to remove stubborn stains from your Yeti, but they won't help you with smell.  

Magic Eraser Mr. Clean

Mr I've discovered that using Clean Magic Erasers makes it simple to remove stubborn stains from hard-sided coolers. They especially do wonders for white coolers. A Magic Eraser can easily remove dirt stains from deep scratches that readily absorb dirt.

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Use a pressure washer in step four.

This is by far the simplest method for cleaning your Yeti if you have access to a pressure washer or know someone who does.  

It's also the first action I'd take if I had just returned from a hunting or fishing trip with my YETI.  

Start blasting with your pressure washer after setting it to about 75% of its capacity. While the water isn't strong enough to damage the plastic on a YETI, it is undoubtedly sufficient to remove dirt and stains.  

However, a pressure washer won't get rid of odors, so you might want to proceed with the bleach soak described in step two.  

How to Clean a YETI the Best

For the majority of my trips, I simply wash my YETI with some soap and water; it only takes three minutes. I also don't require any special equipment.  

However, I went fishing with my YETI and some odd smells got trapped inside. All that was required was a small amount of bleach and some time spent soaking.  

Use a pressure washer on a seriously soiled, stained, or battered-looking YETI. After a few passes, you'll be surprised by how good it looks. I've witnessed individuals restore a white Yeti that was practically red from dirt and clay to like-new condition in five minutes.  

Additionally, if you don't have a pressure washer, simply clean the stains with soap and water before finishing with a Magic Eraser. It works like magic and can make even the dirtiest Yeti appear as though it was just purchased.  


Cleaning the interior of your YETI is best done with soap, water, and a sponge. If an odor still exists, you can also dilute bleach with water 6:1 and soak your YETI for a few hours. That will get rid of the smells and make your Yeti safe to use once more.

There is nothing you can do to remove the scuff marks, but you can use a Magic Eraser to remove the stain. That will make the scratches appear brand-new. However, when you take your YETI on another adventure, that troublesome area will be among the first places to turn discolored again.

Use a 6:1 water to bleach ratio to soak the interior of your YETI cooler. It should soak for at least an hour before being rinsed and washed in soap and water.

Yes, white YETI coolers can more easily show scuffs and dirt. But if you have a power washer, cleaning a YETI cooler should be relatively simple. To make your White YETI look brand new without a power washer, you can also use a Magic Eraser.

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