You Can Get These 13 Summer Essentials from Dollar Tree for Only One Buck!

13 Summer Essentials for a dollar at Dollar Tree


Even though spring has just begun, it's never too early to begin daydreaming about those hot summer nights. The barbecues in the backyard, with their sweet smoky aroma When you are gazing at the stars, a satin breeze will caress your skin. Summer can't come soon enough, and I adore a good deal. If you also have these two interests, we can discuss them.

Today, I visited a dollar store to look around. I wasn't particularly looking for anything, but since it had been a while, I figured I would check out what was new.

There are so many amazing things there. Be cautious because not everything at the dollar store is necessarily a good deal, but if you shop around, you might find something you like there.

I couldn't choose just ten, so these are my top 13 choices. ) of summer necessities that you can purchase for one dollar apiece at the dollar store.

(1) Scarves Dollar Tree Scarves

These clothing items are necessary. These lightweight scarves are ideal for dressing up an outfit as the seasons are still changing. When it gets dark out, they can also be used as a small pashmina. You can afford to buy them all because they are only $1 and come in so many adorable colors and styles.

2. Sneakers

Dollar Tree Flip Flops

The ideal summertime footwear is a flip flop. You can buy a pair in each color for each member of the family for just $1. Even some of them had beaded decorations. So cute Additionally, this is a great deal.

3. An ice chest and foam packing peanuts

dollar tree styrofoam cooler ice pack air conditioner

You can never have too many coolers. They are absolutely necessary for beach vacations and backyard barbecues. Although it's small, this one is the ideal size for a 12-pack of soda or other alcoholic beverages. I know someone who tried it and said it worked really well. It's also the ideal size to create a DIY styrofoam cooler air conditioning unit.

4. Patio partyware made of plastic

dollar tree patio party ware

Patio partyware made of plastic Say that five times quickly. The blue wine glasses (not shown but visible on the top shelf) are amazing, and this product is made of nice quality plastic. There is a good selection here, and the vibrant, fun colors are ideal for grilling outside.

5. A rib-eye steak

dollar tree ribeye steaks

Did you know that Dollar Tree sells ribeye steaks when we're talking about grilling? Although I haven't tried them, I imagine they'd be beneficial for marinating and grilling to help the meat become more tender. A good deal if you're preparing steaks for a large group. (PS: If you've tried them, please let me know how you liked them. )


6. Reusable K-Cup Filter dollar tree reusable k-cup filter

One of my favorite summertime activities is having a nice cup of coffee on the porch early in the morning while reading a good book before it gets too hot. The ideal K-cup filter for your Keurig is this reusable one. I regret not getting one right away. I might need to return and get one. Or two And perhaps some of those steaks...

Gardening Tools Dollar Tree gardening tools

If you enjoy gardening, you are aware that the equipment, pots, and accessories can quickly add up in cost. These inexpensive gardening tools from Dollar Tree are ideal. A wide variety of equipment, including nozzles, gloves, stands, pots, seed starters, and even seeds (4 packets for a dollar), was available. I am glad I stumbled upon it because I would never have thought to look at the dollar store for gardening supplies.

8. Pots that dangle

dollar tree hanging baskets

These hanging pots with the coconut liners are so beautiful, but I've always thought they're a bit pricey. No longer Each of these cost $1 (when purchased separately). For a lovely, lush appearance without going over budget, you could line your entire patio with these baskets.

9. Children's Outdoor Toys

dollar tree kids outdoor toys

Playing hard outside during the summer brings joy to parents everywhere. To keep your children from getting bored, make sure they have a ton of outdoor playthings. The dollar store has a wide variety of sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and kites, which were among my favorites as a child. These are fantastic for keeping the kids amused at block parties and barbecues, too.

10. Seasonings and Sauces for Grilling

dollar tree grilling spices and condiments

You didn't believe that I would continue to discuss grilling, did you? There is a huge selection of condiments, spices, and seasonings here. Perfect for encrusting chicken breast or fish, or seasoning fresh ground beef Remember that Dollar Tree also accepts manufacturer coupons, so if you find name-brand condiments (or anything else), you can use coupons on them as well for additional savings. For all the grilling festivities, be sure to stock up on ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and other condiments.

11. Items for garage sales dollar tree garage sale supplies

My absolute favorite time of year is the garage sale season. If you're holding a garage sale yourself, kindly send me your address so I can pick up all the materials you need for advertising at Dollar Tree. Everything from coin rolls to price tag stickers to sign-making supplies You don't have to spend all of your future profits on good materials.

12. Bright Flower Containers dollar tree flower pots

Are they not lovely? I adore the colorful accents that these flower pots add. You can buy these for a dollar each and use them for a variety of craft projects. They are nice quality ceramic, not just cheap plastic. I might need to get a few to put succulents on the windowsill in my kitchen.

13. Refills for Plug-In Air Fresheners

dollar tree air freshener refills glade airwick

Okay, I admit it; this isn't exactly a "summer" necessity, but the price was too good to refuse. These appear to fit in your plug-in oil warmers from Glade or Airwick. If they fit, the price is excellent, and I bought one to test it out.

I simply found these items on a recent trip and thought it would be helpful to share them because they are great items for summer. This post is in no way sponsored by Dollar Tree.

Searching for entertaining summer crafts for children Check out this article from Seasonal Family Fun.

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